How to Make Product Ads on Online Media

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How to Make Product Ads on Online Media
How to Make Product Ads on Online Media

How to Make Product Ads on Online Media

In line with the changing times, in making advertisements until now also continues to experience development, both in terms of technical manufacture, concepts, media placement and so forth. Advertising is getting richer with various forms of presentation, both for print media advertising, electronic media and outdoor advertising.

Indonesia is a country that has a large market potential. With a population of 250 million, smartphone users are also growing rapidly. According to the Emarketer digital marketing research institute, in 2018 alone the number of active smartphone users in Indonesia is already more than 100 million people. With this amount, it is estimated that Indonesia will become the fourth largest active smartphone user country in the world.

With the increasing number of smartphone users, this is opening up more opportunities for anyone to introduce and sell their products to a wider market.

About Online Advertising

Online advertising began to be known for the first time since the advertisement was sent via email sent in 1978 by Digital Equipment Corporation (now no longer functioning), for ARPANET users on the American west coast. While the first banner ads are known starting October 27, 1994 in the online magazine HotWire (Source: Hubspot Blog). Since then many developers have competed to create various types of advertisements that can be distributed in the online world.

Making product advertisements that are used for promotion in online media now more and more choices. A variety of formats and media can be chosen, from free to paid. Whatever form of online advertising, certainly all will be displayed using the internet as a medium for delivering promotional messages, both through desktop computers and using mobile devices.

The Process of Creating Product Ads

The process of making product advertisements, both offline and online is actually almost the same. Some of the processes that must be carried out include:

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1. Know the product to be advertised (Product Knowledge)

Knowing the ins and outs of the product that will be advertised is mandatory before making advertisements. To find out more about these products, you can use SWOT analysis, namely analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from the products and companies that will be advertised.

2. Determine the purpose of making ads

Different products will certainly have different advertising objectives. For news portal managers they advertise to get web traffic, online shop owners target for transactions on the site, for the target restaurants are many people who come and enjoy the culinary, and so forth.

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Determine the main purpose why you should make online advertising, its eligibility, and expected results.

From all the data obtained, there will be found a strong basis why and how to make ads. The deeper knowledge of the products sold and the more accurate the information obtained will certainly make it easier in the process of making advertisements.

3. Know the competitors and their target markets

Knowing the ins and outs of competitors and the market can be one of the capital to be able to enter the market effectively. To find out all of these things need to do in-depth research. From here it will be known of consumer behavior, market changes, competitors’ movements, and of course the position of your product or company in the market.

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Know everything about competitors’ positions in the market, how they advertise products in online media, how consumers respond to their advertisements, and so on. By knowing the performance of competitors’ ads, you can take strategic steps in designing a product ad. Try not to duplicate competitors’ ads, use unique and new methods.

4. Identify your product’s target market

The market is quite diverse and very broad you may not master all. For that, try to segment the market and determine the target market precisely. Market research here is absolutely necessary.

From the results of your research, hopes will be known; Who will be the buyer of your product or service? To whom will this ad be directed? What important steps must be prepared to create an ad?

Each market segment will have different behavior, and so will the behavior of each market segment.

Market segmentation can be done by classifying each segment based on several variables. Some variables that can be used to classify market segments are market segmentation based on geography, demographics, psychography and behavior.

5. Select the media channel to be used

There are many media channels that you can choose when you are going to promote on online media. Each channel has different characteristics. Different platforms usually also require different designs.

There are at least five choices of online advertising channels that you can choose from, namely:

  • Paid Search, (also called search campaigns) are paid advertisements that will be displayed on search engines. Paid search can be found on all search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask and Bing.
  • Paid Social, is paid online advertising on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Email Marketing, is sending commercial messages such as newsletters and promotions via email.
  • Remarketing, is an online advertisement displayed on a website or application. This type of ad can be through Google Ads or Bing ads.
  • Video Marketing, is a video ad that appears on platforms such as youtube, videmo, and others. Nowadays social media is also compatible with video marketing.