How to make money with Web Push Notifications

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How to make money with Web Push Notifications

How to make money with Web Push Notifications 1

Today we will talk about one topic that many bloggers do not discuss for some reason, especially because they are not aware of some monetization and traffic-generating options.

In this article, we will talk about WEB push notifications and how you can make money from them.

Web push notifications have become very popular since early 2018 or maybe a little earlier than that.

They can be very annoying and many websites have implemented them in the past 2 years. Depending on the website you visit, you will receive:

  • Notifications when new posts are published or something similar
  • Notification of discounts or sales when it is an eCommerce page
  • Ads that sometimes appear suddenly

Push notifications can be spam, of course, so before you leave strong comments about them, let me tell you that I intend this article to work for people who don’t have a typical blog that can be monetized with general options.

This applies to blogs that have a lot of traffic but for obvious reasons it cannot apply to ordinary advertisements such as:

  • Website streaming
  • Mp3 and Film Sites
  • Dating site
  • Gossip and clickbaity sites where Google or FB considers low-quality content
  • Download site
  • Anything that doesn’t follow the Adsense or Amazon rules
  • etc.

And for these types of sites, I recommend a number of alternatives that work with less conventional or annoying ad formats:

  • interstitial ads
  • pop-ups and pop-unders
  • native ads
  • redirects
  • etc.

So far customers have made around $ 7 to $ 25 USD per day since we installed the push notification script (not even a full month) and although there are a number of ups and downs, the more customers we get, the more potential is gained after a few weeks.

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For us, it represents almost $ 400 extra USD per month for sites that generate around $ 300 dollars per month with other types of advertising.

But as I said, push notifications can be used above other advertisements without disrupting the user experience so we end up with $ 300 + $ 400 = $ 700 per month, not just $ 400.

Another important thing to note is that push notifications tend to convert very well in level 3 countries where people use the majority of Android phones (think of countries like Egypt, Argentina, Venezuela, Ukraine, etc.) Although CPM and CPC is cheaper there, this is an easy way to make money from countries where other networks don’t work for you because of language constraints and the number of advertisers available.

As always, if you have a lot of level 1 English-speaking traffic, you might get better results, but at least you’re not limited to that.

Hopefully this article can be useful for those of you who want to increase income from Push Notification ads, don’t forget to optimize your income by using our push notification advertisements because you can increase your income with very low costs just by using our advertising services. always waiting for our latest article because maybe you can find new ideas for you to practice on your business.