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Affiliate courses were known in lots of countries for decades. However, it’s been known for a while now, that this method of creating wealth on Internet is terribly positive. One of the proof on how income can be generated from associate courses may be entries of some blogs. Our best instance in Poland is Michał Szafrański author of the blog jakoszczedzacpieniadze. pl.

In one of his entries, the blogger defined how it happened that he earned over 69,000 PLN in only 8 days with associate programs!How to skillfully use associates to earn and repeat Michał’s achievement?Below, we present you a guide, from that you will learn the basics of earning with assistance from MyLead companion program. That’s precisely what the blogger did, discussed at the very starting. He advertised his post via Facebook sponsored posts. Paid ads are just a part of the promotion strategies that we can use to promote our article. At the starting, which you can promote your posts also at no cost. You can promote your articles to your personal profile on Facebook.

If we have a fanpage associated with our website or blog, it may be worth using the choice to share a link with the affiliate software. Analogously, you could do it on other social networks, such as Google+, Twitter, ask FM, Youtube, Pinterest. In addition, when you have a mailing base, which you can send your readers data about the product you’re promoting. You are looking to consider what movements might be taken to make as many people as possible to read this text. Especially if it concerns a promotion or a product that has its limited time and after a while it won’t be possible to use.

As the offer expires, no fee can be charged for the purchase out of your link.

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