How to Make Money Blogging on the Social Web “Turning your Hobby, Pas…

Here are reasons why and 11 different ways adding case reports of methods to turn your hobby, ardour and expertise into cashOver 550 years ago printing was invented. It was called the “Gutenberg Press”. 10 Years ago an alternative printing press was created except it was online, easy to use and had global reach. That was a platform called “WordPress” Now each person can publishMaking money from new media running a blog is not a novel method but often a matrix of assorted opportunities and techniques. Blogging has developed abruptly because of the social web and in the past was driven by building email lists which took a lot of time.

With the advent of social media their advertising and marketing and growth have been supercharged. Global reach and affect at the speed of a tweet, a Facebook share or a viral video. To make cash from a blog in 2013 you do not have to be a Huffington Post. There are many ways to make a living out of running a blog that can increase your latest business and lifestyle that are within everyone’s reach. Let’s have a look at some of them.

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