How to interact with customers to fall in love with your business

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How to interact with customers to fall in love with your business

How to interact with customers to fall in love with your business

Walt Disney once said, “Do you can do well so customers want to come again and invite their friends.” Creating love between your business and customers can help improve marketing by word of mouth that is very meaningful.

Maintaining relationships and interactions with your customers is an important part of fostering a successful business. In times of automation and innovation today, maintaining customers is far more important. Whenever customers feel unhappy, they can tell them through social media or websites, and this negatively affects your business.

That is why it is more important than anything to create the best experience for customers and help develop harmonious company relations with them.

It’s quite clear now is the right time to establish relationships with customers in the right way. Here are some ways to make customers fall in love with your business.

Make customers fall in love with your business with the right interaction

Customers who feel happy when the problem is resolved to tell this experience to 4 to 6 people. This is a way to improve marketing by word of mouth about your business.

Talk to customers like people who represent your business. Sapa customers with their names, and tell your name at the beginning of the interaction.

Talk to customers like you do as an individual, not like a press release.

Appreciate customers

Consumers say they accept poor consumer services at least once a month and 58 percent of them tell others about this. Marketing by word of mouth like this can damage the company’s reputation in the long term.

It’s important to appreciate the customer’s mood when trying to solve the problems they have with your company.

Keeping patience be the key when giving customers time to express their problems. And in turn, creating opportunities for you to help solve problems and make them feel comfortable.

The more they feel comfortable, the more likely they share positive feedback that can help prevent similar problems occur again in the future.

Always listen to your customers

There are times when it’s easy to do a two-way dialogue with customers. Look carefully at what they say. When listening to customers, find out what changes to what your business needs to do from this feedback. Customers are the source of your business life.

Use the following method to collect feedback from customers:

  • Survey
  • Observation
  • Sales value
  • Customer Service
  • Social media
  • Community and group
  • Email and Forrmulir Web

Continue to satisfy customers

The main causes of customer reduction are poor interactions with customers who lead to dissatisfaction with service. Do anything to provide good service to customers. Quickly give an enthusiastic response, and prepare to offer special or discounts in hopes of increasing sales with more buying customers.

There is no reason to delay satisfying the audience, especially when they talk directly to you on the phone. Remember, 81 percent of companies with strong capabilities and competencies provide perfect experiences to customers outperform their competitors.

In addition to providing support, continue to constantly help satisfy customers in the long run. Do promotions in the form of discounts, giveaways, and contests. Distribute this offer via email, social media, and other marketing channels.

Customers as partners

As mentioned earlier, note the customer feedback seriously and follow upon request. What does it mean to listen if you don’t act? Make sure if you want feedback from customers and your business appreciates them as a partner.

Build Customer Trust

Whatever the size of your business, still let customers know about positive and negative changes to your products that affect them. Interaction with customers is done slowly when making changes to your product and service because the customer has been familiar with what you have before.

Here are some things that can be done to gain customer trust:

  • Research whether changes in companies can change public perceptions
  • Follow the method of how you communicate changes to your product and service.
  • Tell the customer if you make a change, you make a mistake, or you do something well. This makes customers have a transparent view of your company.
  • Find the value of feedback about your company’s change.
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Honestly on customers

Transparent becomes a must. Transparency is an important factor in building interaction, trust, satisfaction, and love from customers. What is meant by transparency?

  • Transparency means you are not afraid to accept feedback
  • Transparency means nothing hidden
  • Transparency means personal and persona employees blend
  • Transparency Beriki You like to have conversations with customers.

Keep promises

Following up on your promise to help show the transparency of your business, while building confidence and independence with your audience.

Customer expectations to ensure realistic goals can be fulfilled. Still consistent, customers will know what they need to expect from you in the future.

Customers are always true

Whatever the conditions, customers are always right. These are the rules of interaction with customers who can guide your business, starting from customer service to user experience. To maximize this point, create a service policy to show to their customers is always true.

Set this policy into 3 parts:

  • Use the company phrase so that it makes customers happy. Personal consistency and touch need to go hand in hand.
  • Don’t let customers forget about your business by doing effective follow-up. Choose a personal way with follow-up events that are special and consistently write a follow-up note.
  • Explain how to deal with unsatisfied customers to ensure there is a comprehensive process for all customers to solve their problems.

Thank-you note

Always thank you. 3 of 4 customers say they spend more time with a company because of a history of positive experiences. Goodness and gratitude so inevitable ways to attract their attention for the long term.

Make a thank you specifically for customers, relevance to the key. As much as possible to be appreciative to customers who have spent time following the process of resolving their problems. In the end, continue with a thank you.


Hearing and listening are two fatalities. Most businesses do not interact with good customers, making customers disappointed by not listening to what they want.

Here’s an example, a customer comes to the hairdresser and says, “I want my hair to become small curly, not straight.” After finishing it turns out the customer’s hair is made straight. The hairdresser said, “Is this good enough for you?”

Customers certainly feel disappointed, the hairdresser does not pay attention to what the customer says and this makes the customer switch to another hairdresser. Customers become angry when you don’t pay attention and do our best to meet their requests.

Distribution of responsibility

One way of interaction with customers is by sharing responsibilities so that a job is carried out correctly. Most of us certainly don’t like to hear the reason, “my computer was broken,” “It’s not my department,” “I just started working here,” or “I don’t know what to do.” All of these sayings that we hear from employees certainly make us annoyed.

It has become the responsibility of every company to hire and train and equip employees with the tools and answers they need to satisfy customers.

If your employee has ever said one of the sentences above to the customer, it can be ascertained that customers become angry and disappointed. Passes feel disappointed when they have spent time and there is no answer they need.

Watch employee performance

Do you know how do your employees interact with customers and represent your company? There are many large companies, there are thousands of employees they have, and each employee represents the company every day.

Maybe you have never met a big company president but surely you often meet with their representatives. Opinions formed about a large company are based on the performance of their employees.

For example, a client uses the services of a company to move his belongings. It takes around 2 days to move the goods and put them in a transport vehicle.

On the first day, the team who worked in neat, very organized, and polite. But what happens the next day is the opposite.

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The team working on the first day was sent to another place and was replaced by two people who arrived a few hours late. They are dressed not feasible and maybe they don’t know if they are working for transportation services.

They immediately threw items into the truck because they were running out of time and had to finish all to go home.

Of course, service users are wondering, does this company know the type of person who represents their names? Customers become disappointed when employees work as if they do not represent the company where they work.

Use intellectual abilities

When was the last time you heard people say, “work using the brain.” This is indeed a cliche but it is very reasonable in the business world. Using intellectual means you use the brain and think. Customers only want an easy answer to their problems and they want you to give that answer as soon as possible.

Even better if you can use this intellectual ability and save the customer money. Most employees have saved the training program and learned the basics but when the application in a real situation, they failed. And customers become angry when employees cannot be their problem solvers.

Be nice

This is a simple word in a way of interaction with customers who make customers come back. If there is something you want to describe your employees, this word is very appropriate.

Good employees do not embarrass customers. They satisfy customers and have never been selfish. They don’t raise voices, they understand, smile and know-how to build relationships by being nice.

Which employee do you consider good? Consumers certainly feel disappointed when employees behave are not good and then they stop coming to you. Some of the following tips will make your customers come back:

What are the client’s wishes?

You need to know what customers want from you. If you need clarification, then ask them. Communication is the key. Continue to ask until you know what they want. They will appreciate your attitude that tries to meet their needs.

  • Fulfill Deadline

If you promise something on a certain date, make sure to fulfill it. This makes clients feel they are important. If something exceeds what you can do, be sure to communicate it.

  • Marketing by word of mouth

Marketing from word of mouth is the best ad. If the client likes you they will continue to talk about you.

  • Get to know your client

You don’t have to be their best friend but show interest in themselves. Know what passes and their motivation.

  • Love what you do

We all must experience stress in life, but if you love what you do, this will radiate in you. This behavior will be reflected in your work routine. The client will hear a smile on your voice when you answer their phone.

  • Do your best, and always try to do more

Ask yourself what you can do to make something better. Ask your client whether they are satisfied? Consider yourself as a writer who is not only silent but always comes to the guest table and asks, “What can I get?” or “Please let me know if you need something.”

Clients who feel appreciated and handled properly by you will not think of turning away from you because they have fallen in love with your business. So do your best. When your customers feel happy, meaning you have won the competition.

Those are some tips for making customers fall in love with your business through good interactions. I hope this helps! For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.