How to Increase Traffic On the Website in 2020

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How to Increase Traffic On the Website in 2020

How to Increase Traffic On the Website in 2020 1

You must know, when this variety of blog is mushrooming everywhere? Then how do you ensure that your blog will be successful in 2020?

Okay, just consider some tips so that your website get the traffic that explosive in the 2020’s

1. Important for SEO Optimization

You need to make sure that your site has been optimized for SEO. Why? Because the core is actually not on link building. Everything is competitive if it has been talked about Google and ranking.

So, if you’re less successful in such a case, then the result will not be optimal. Of the speed of the page itself, can ensure the use of the right Titles, description Tags, Meta and XML sitemap, everything is important! But, How do you get Google ranking you high?

There are a lot of all the way, one of them is You can open the site Ubersuggest and then type the URL you. Then, open the Site Audit in the navigation on the left, choose a love site audit. You can see the various information about the website you know you how to fix errors and you know what should be prioritized so that your blog can be SEO friendly technical for Google.

2. Target keywords that Invite High Conversion

Everyone was targeting the head term, but if viewed based on data from the Jumpshot, Precisely more and more people are not clicking on anything. In fact, half of the Google search does not generate clicks on any part.

Because Google is answer questions that people ask. So, there is a Longtail certain that people type to open certain websites. This strong relation to the update algorithm, where Google wants to display the most relevant results on the top because Google now not only see the keyword, but look at all the parts.

You can go to Ubersuggest and type some of the main keyword you want to target. Then open the report Keyword Idea. See reply of the question, see the report of comparison, preposisinya. This can give you more suggestions for phrases you can target that though as not too many but the super high intent. So, if people are typing phrases and words such as this, they will land on your website. This will make you get the conversion of the real and the click to your website.

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3. Optimization for Mobile

Nowadays, more and More people looking for information on Google through a mobile device than a desktop device of them. Google has the framework AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and markup AMP that is able to make your website be more mobile-friendly and can be loaded in a time of super fast, even in a matter of 1 second.

In other things, you also want a responsive design. So with that, people can view your website on any device, can be in tablet or smartphone in a clear and pleasing. The appearance of the website can make them determine If the website you’re good, Whether they like the message you convey in your website.

If it is not compatible with cellular, they can go back to the previous page, click on the button back (back) then go to the next site. It will make ranking you down because it increases the bounce rate you and reduce user metrics.

Well, If you want to find out if your website compatible for mobile, you can use the tool from Google that Mobile Friendly Testing. So you just googling it google’s mobile friendly testing tool and type in the URL of you there and it will appear the writing is your website friendly to mobile devices or not.

4. Optimize For Voice Search

Based on data from Comscore, more than 50% of search is voice search. So, if you don’t optimize to the Google Home or Alexa, you will feel difficulty because at this time already many people who switch to it (Voice Search).

For example : When I’m driving, those who want a information, easily talk with his smartphone and then the results of the direct search can be immediately obtained.

It also makes you can make sure that your website is friendly to mobile, because it will also help inform what you see, with voice search from mobile devices. You need to apply structured markup that will help you with voice search and make you enter into the Rich Snippets.

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5. Focus on the audience

If you focus on on audiensmu, you have done the best thing. This can be done by making sure that you answer their questions. Do you really help resolve their problems?

When someone visits on your site, Whether you solve their problems? If not, you’re in trouble!

You definitely want to add to the value of your readers isn’t it? You can see what the people and see what was popular based on the social share. You should focus on those things because that’s what want to be seen by your readers.

6. Use Google Analytics

From all the Tips described previous, you then need to use Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website. Do You track goals and conversions? Do You know what type of content is converted better than others? Do You know the type of the page what causes the bounce rate? Do You know what type of content is what makes people linger on the site? Do You know the pages such as what makes people out versus making them in?

All this data will help You fine-tune marketing You in the future. Don’t until You create more content, more pages, and make more marketing campaign which no one cares. Google Analytics will tell which part you should focus on, namely things you want to see a lot of people!

You can also use the tracking UTM Google Analytics. This will help You determine whether the campaign your marketing is successful or not

In conclusion, You need to develop it to be better again for the next few years. It can be more deepened about the Traffict Search and Traffict Social, Although the Algorithm of SEO for the future capricious and increasingly difficult.