How to Increase Sales Turnover with Perceived Value Method

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How to Increase Sales Turnover with Perceived Value Method

How to Increase Sales Turnover with Perceived Value Method

All business people want to have an increasing turnover. Increasing turnover can indicate that the business is on the right track. However, increasing sales turnover is not a simple matter, it takes a mature and sustainable strategy.

One way to increase sales turnover is to use the perceived value method – which is to provide a higher price than similar products on the market. This will not be a problem, as long as the product you are selling is of far above average quality, so that your product has its value and place in the minds of consumers. Remember that consumers are willing to pay more for products that meet their expectations.

Then, how? Here are 5 ways to increase sales turnover using the perceived value method.

1. Selling Quality Products

The implementation of the perceived value method is quite simple, you can sell products at a higher price, as long as it is accompanied by good quality. This method is more suitable for exclusive products or products that are not for daily needs.

Consumers will not be concerned about the price of the product even though it is expensive, if the product is of high quality, or the product has a value that other products do not have, for example, the impression of a premium like Apple products compared to Android products.

2. Provide Product Warranty

Guarantee can provide guarantees to consumers if the product they buy has a problem or damage. Besides, the guarantee will also ensure consumers that the product is of high quality, because indirectly you are “willing to bet” that the product will not be damaged for a certain time. The longer the duration of the product warranty, then the product will also be considered to have excellent quality.

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Make sure you have done rigorous testing to be able to provide a warranty following the condition of the product, this is necessary to ensure that you will not experience losses in the future.

3. Show the Strengths of Your Product Over Competing Products

One of the reasons why consumers want to buy your product is because your product has advantages that competitors’ products do not. There are many ways to do this, for example doing live product demos or videos, asking influencers to give reviews of your products, and many more.

Show what the advantages of the product are and show how the product can help solve consumer problems. If you succeed in convincing consumers that your product is the best choice, it will not be difficult for you to increase business turnover.

4. Get Positive Feedback

When you get positive feedback from consumers, you will get the benefit of social proof, where people will tend to follow other people’s actions, especially if the actions are profitable.

In other words, when your customers are satisfied with your product and leave a positive review, other people who have never bought your product will be interested in trying it. It is based on the thought that “if other people liked it, maybe I would like it too”. This is a very effective way to increase the sales turnover of your business.

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