How to increase product sales for small-scale businesses

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How to increase product sales for small-scale businesses

How to increase product sales for small scale businesses

Talking about how to increase product sales for small-scale businesses, there is one rule that needs to be remembered, namely “test all techniques and don’t expect much.” This is because we never know which strategy is the most successful that you test it.

In essence, testing techniques are the only way to find out what is successful and what is not on your website, and this is the best way to increase sales.

Offer the main product

Do you sell various kinds of products or services on your website? If yes, you should test whether this is the right strategy. Offering fewer products in one place with more detailed explanations for products sold to make the level of sales higher.

It relates to focus, rather than trying to please everyone who visits your web by offering lots of products with makeshift explanations for each item, it’s better if you only offer one product.

You can be very focused on one key profit and answer all questions and doubts that visitors might have about your product. Even so, you don’t need to stop selling other products, you can always offer it to the customer from other web pages or by using a follow-up offer.

Of course, the only way to find out exactly whether this technique is successful by testing it. Create a sales letter for your product and place it on the home page. Then test for one or two weeks and see if it affects the sale.

Promotion with Hover ads

Maybe some of you are familiar with pop-ups. The pop-up in the form of a small browser window contains special offers or other information that sometimes appears when you visit a web.

Like it or not, pop-ups can be very useful and have become online marketing tools for a long time. But, because the percentage of internet users did not like it, Google, AOL, and the pop-up exterminator software blocked it.

Of course, internet users can choose whether they want to see pop-ups. But most software automatically blocks pop-ups, which means that visitors to a site skip useful information that can benefit them.

But now there is a highly impressive technology that makes you free to use applicable ads such as pop-ups, but no pop-ups, so it is not blocked. This technology is called Hover ADS and is worth testing on your web.

When doing testing by adding Hover ADS on your site, sales can increase to 162 percent. This ad is effective because it contains important information such as bidding or promotion at a limited time, right in front of your target visitor.

You can try placing an offer on the Hover ads to see if it increases the number of subscriptions. It could be 86 percent of visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. You can also test how many people click on the special bidding page on your site through Hover Ads compared to ordinary links on the home page.

Show product benefits in the headline section

The headlines you use have a big impact on sales. Often headlines are the first thing visitors see on your site, so it attracts their attention and they read Sales Letter.

A good headline must mention the problem faced by the audience and emphasize the main benefits of your product or service in solving this problem. Let’s look at one example that describes how headlines can change the maximum impact.

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One client uses the following headlines on the site. “Box4Blox, Awesome Lego Storage Box.” The wrong thing from this headline is information about the product but not what the product can do for you. This is not enough to give a reason for visitors to continue reading.

Compare this with, “Finally, now it is found secret so that children who love playing Lego-like to tidy toys.” This headline represents the main benefits of the product and a problem solution. In this case, how a child wants and enjoys cleaning his toys.

Give a problem and solution

In some of the first paragraphs that appear on the home page, you need more details about the problems you present in the headline, this shows the audience if you connect it to them. Only when audiences feel you understand their problems then they will believe if you can solve their problems.

After the problem is expressed, you can further introduce the product or service as a solution to this problem. Appropriately explain how your product or service will solve the reader problem, you are guaranteed to see an increase in product sales.

Increase visitors’ trust

It is important to show your credibility. Thus visitors will believe and feel comfortable buying from you. There are several ways that you can apply effectively and we will only discuss the two the fastest and easier.

One of the best ways to show your credibility is to include customer testimonials in the Sales Letter. This is usually a pass from e-mail or letters from customers who reveal how your product or service helps solve the problems they face.

This last point is important as customer testimonials that state your products are useful for them. This kind of testimony is far more effective than that only says, “Your product is good.”

You can also increase credibility by adding parts stating the experience and information that makes you have qualifications to solve the target audience issue. The goal is none other than convincing readers if you are the best person who offers solutions to their problems.

Focus on visitors, not yourself

Often, business owners ignore this simple rule. Note carefully your sales copy, is it full of “me” and “us” words? Instead of using sentences like, “I designed time management software by considering the busyness of others.”

Try to compare it with, “new time management software, you will free your time for hours for the family.” So now find the word “me” and “us” in your sales copy and replace them with the word “you.”

Create Urgency of Needs

You need to create the urgency of the visitors to make them buy right now. The best place to do this is at the end of the Sales Letter. Here are some of the most effective ways to create urgency:

  • Offer discount prices with limited time so that visitors must buy before a certain date to obtain a discount.
  • Offer a free additional bonus if visitors buy in a certain period.
  • Offer a limited number of products or services.
  • Offer a limited number of bonuses.
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Don’t use the word “buy”

People are usually online on the internet to find free information. When you start sales too early, you will lose visitors. You first need to make them interested in what you say by connecting the problems they face and how you solve them. After you do this, you can start selling products on them.

Here’s an easy way to repair your sales letter tone. Try avoiding the word “buy,” “price,” and “sales” at the top, then compare the results with the copy you are using now. Remember, don’t call anything related to sales or spend money until after your readers are interested in the product and believe to buy from you.

Add picture

Product images make the items you sell are real for visitors and become a powerful sales tool. But sometimes displaying products too early in the sales process can turn off the sale itself. You need to display the benefits of the product and value before you show real products.

Try placing the image near the top of the page, compare it by placing it at the bottom. You can also try to add pictures and compare visitor responses without using images at all. Carefully analyzing sales during each test, you can know exactly where to place product images to get the maximum impact.

Fishing rod readers

Very few visitors to your site will read each word from the sales copy from the beginning to the end. Most will only read fast when they scroll down the page. They only read certain words and phrases that attract attention.

That’s why you need to test the right combination that will attract the attention of people who read quickly. This can be:

  • Use bold or sloping letters to emphasize the important benefits of your offer.
  • Varies of paragraph length so that pages are not like the same text blocked block.
  • Sub-headline ponds that emphasize key messages and invite visitors to read the next paragraph.
  • Organize the text with the right average format, because it is easier to read than the text that flat right-left so that the text meets all pages.
  • Use a list of bullets to emphasize key points.

Do follow up to the customer

Follow up-to customers or subscribers using automatic e-mail so it’s important to produce more sales. An email follow-up to new customers who haven’t bought it from you, you can disclose your offer again. Try immediately sending a follow-up email after the new subscriber registered.

It will be their reason to return to your site on the same day they subscribe. You can test this and compare it by sending a follow-up email after 3 days of customers visiting the site and see which method is successful.

Email follow-up to old customers is also equally important as a way to increase product sales for small-scale businesses. Testing shows 30 percent of customers will buyback if they are given the opportunity.

It helps you develop long-term relationships with them and you can offer products related to initial purchases. The last thing you need to remember, when doing testing on the site, you will only test one technique at one time so that you know the exact one which affects the results.