How to Increase Organic Click-Through-Rate

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How to Increase Organic Click Through Rate

How to Increase Organic Click-Through-Rate

How to Increase Organic Click Through Rate

When we talk about Click-Through Rate (CTR), we mean also talking about how many people click on the link compared to the number of people who have the opportunity to click on the site. In other words, what percentage of people see your website link and visit it.

Your Organic Click Rate is the number of people who click on the link to your website from organic search results. Some web pages might have high organic CTR while others may still have difficulty attracting attention.

It’s better to catch a few impressions but has a higher CTR than having a lot of impressions on the search engine results page but only has a little click-through.

According to the Google Cheat Sheet owned by, Google expects CTR to be in a certain range – for example, for branded keywords, Google will expect CTR for first-ranking search results has a CTR of 50 percent, where for keywords not branded, they will get a rate of 33 percent.

If the CTR is a page far below or exceeding the range, Google will re-rank for the website page.

Most people who hear the term Click-Through Rates will immediately think of PPC Ads or paid searches. It’s not surprising because CTR is a metric key associated with the PPC Ads optimization, and it’s mostly under your control.

Many testing goes into making advertisements that are following searchers, advertisements, and many more which ultimately aim to increase prospects and sales.

Now, when people think of clicks on the results of organic searches, or levels where the user clicks on the results of organic searches, they think this is only a by-product from the current ranking position.

CTR can not only be optimized and enhanced organically but can produce extra-large clicks if it is properly optimized. By increasing Click-through Rate, you also increase website traffic while increasing the conversion rates of your business.

How to increase organic CTR

There are several ways to increase the organic CTR website. Here’s the complete:

Check your current click-through website

The first thing you should do is to check the Click-Through Rates your website right now. To do this, you can use Google Analytics.

In Google Analytics itself, there are two places where you can see this information.

First, select Acquisition> Search Console> Queries. This step is done to view any keywords or keywords that refer to your website.

This report will show you the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, and the average position on the search results page. These are all important data to be seen and stored and analyzed regularly.

After that, you can check your landing pages in the same menu.

This report displays detailed information about the number of clicks, Impressions, Reach, etc. which is owned by a link. Besides, you can also see Bounce Rates, Sessions, Conversions, and various other important data in the same report.

With these two reports, you can see which pages get a good number of clicks and which ones don’t.

Create a unique title tag and contain keywords

Every page of your site must have a unique title tag that tells people at a glance about the page content. Tag Tags are still one of the most important on-page SEO elements because they tell readers and search engines about your website.

The title tag that you provided on the page is seen in three main places: in the browser, on the search results page, and on external sites, especially social media sites that display links to your article.

To follow the best practices to write the title tag, try to include the following:

  • Complete keywords and target keywords for each page as close as possible with the initial part of the title tag
  • Use the unique target keywords for each page, so you don’t have a few pages that you want to rank for the same keyword target.
  • Make sure that your Tag Title does not exceed 65 characters, so they are not cut on the search results page.
  • Try to use words that are suitable for what people are looking for because the right words will appear in bold and prominent letters from the other list on the search results page.
  • Make your tag titles relevant to the content that people will find on your website page
  • Write your tag with the same sound and style as you use for your branding
  • Consider how you can use emotive text to get emotional responses, such as curiosity or curiosity

Create a clear meta tag description

Apart from Title Tags, the thing to note is Meta Tags. Meta tags descriptions are short paragraphs under your title when your website appears on the search results page.

The function of Meta Tags is to notify the website visitors of what they can expect from clicking the link.

If you do not write your Description tag, Search Engines will display sentences related to the keywords sought to sign that your website has the information sought.

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If you use WordPress, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to enter Meta Description and see the preview page.

Use Schema Mark-up on your web page

Schema Markup is an important element that helps rich and interactive content to appear on the first page of Google search results.

For example, if you are looking for “Superhero Movies 2017”, Google will display their best superhero films with a Carousel structure.

If you choose one movie, usually Google will display info related to the film. If you are looking for a review of a movie, you will also get a summary of the review of the film from various websites.

This interactive InfoBox often appears above all search results if you have the right scheme that Google algorithm is sought.

This is a sign that the Schema mark-up is the thing you have to master for the future because Google sees the search presented in this way as the following steps.

The more often we see infobox increases to the top of the search results, the more often we see that this affects organic outcomes.

Using Schema Mark-up to ensure that your website appears on the first page of Google search results and has a high ranking will greatly help your business to be easily found and attract the attention of many people.

Without a website that has a good structure, your website will be invisible on the internet.

To start, you can learn the Schema Markup guide from Google.

‘Breadcrumbs’ on the search results page

Remember how Hansel and Gretel first used breadcrumbs to help them find their way through the forest? Well, breadcrumbs on the website is a way to show the route you’ve taken through navigation to get to the page you are visiting.

It is very helpful on large e-commerce websites to ensure you can retrace the previous pages if needed.

What many people don’t realize is applying breadcrumbs to your search list is something that can be done. If you are looking for ‘breadcrumbs in SERPs and, it might not be surprising, found that two of the top five articles have applied breadcrumbs techniques to their pages.

Instead, there is a long URL under the title tag, we can see where the page we will visit falls in the structure of the website. This information can help seekers to measure how relevant the article is to their search.

Take advantage of Google’s US Fetch features on Google Search Console

Whenever you modify tags on your website, you are advised to always click on the ‘Fetch Google’ option on your Google Search Console. After being on this screen, you can click on Google Fetch to make Google recruit the entire website or one URL for the page that has been changed and all direct links.

Fetch and rendering options show you what the URL is seen on a desktop or cellular device.

After you invite Google to recall and index your website, you will see new data in about a week. From here, you can return to Dash Traffic> Search Analytics to see if the changes you do influence your CTR.

If your average CTR per page is lost, there are more works needed. But if your average CTR has gone up, your hard work has paid off.

Enter image in your post

It’s no secret that Image helps attract attention. Especially in content, both on the website and in social media. Make sure that the visual you entered in your content is the original image and relevant to the contents of your content.

URL Optimization

You must already know that your URL is one of the important elements in your SEO strategy. Likewise in increasing CTR.

URL is one of the things that can attract attention so that people click on the link to your website page.

Long, trail, and URL categories can also affect search results. When you publish a blog post or a web page, categorize and enter the page into a sub-category is also very important. This can help add opportunities to use keywords and increase visibility in search engines.

It can also help show consumers that they only see one product among the many choices.

URL format that can help increase CTR is as follows:

For those of you who use WordPress, you can change this in the Settings section> Permalink.

Locate your content

In the past five years, Google realizes that there are changes in which more people use mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). This is because the number of searches through smartphones or tablets has increased since 2011.

In using Mobile Device to look for something, one of the factors that affect what we are looking for is the location where we are.

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Google Algorithm understands and calculates this.

Based on the study by Moz recently, the distance became increasingly important in determining the ranking in the search page from 2015 to 2017.

If you want to increase your Click Through Rates, Looking at your content will be very helpful. For example, if someone who lives in West Jakarta is looking for a restaurant near the house, he might include “restaurants in West Jakarta” or “nearby restaurants”. You must make sure that you will appear on both search results.

To be easier, you can register your business to Google My Business. So if someone looks for keywords related to your business, Google will display, your location (along with Google Map that shows the location of your business), website, opening hours, route to your place, and telephone number.

Of course, this is a more efficient way so that consumers can immediately find you quickly and precisely.

You can learn more about the ways to register and manage your Google My Business through a local SEO guide we have ever released before.

Use the list in your article

It’s no secret that people like lists in an article. The register referred to here are lists like “10 ways to increase website traffic” or “20 best smartphone applications to increase productivity” which are often referred to as listicles.

Articles that contain a list like this themselves are more popular for topics related to career and pop culture. But basically, people will be more interested in reading articles that have ranked like this for any industry.

Think of Content Listicles What you can make related to your business and niche.

Maybe articles about the 10 products or services you offer or 20 advantages of using your services.

You can also create content containing step-by-step guides because they are also counted as Listicles.

Take advantage of Yoast Preview

If you use WordPress, we suggest you use the Yoast SEO plugin. Plugins help you to ensure that your website page already has all-important SEO elements so the results are satisfactory.

When you write content, you will get an option to see a preview like what the post will be seen on the Google search results page.

Yoast also helps you see what keywords are truncated on the search results page or there are unreasonable sentences. Some features tell you if you have passed the character limit for title and meta tag description when you type.

Besides, Yoast can also show how search results appear on desktop and mobile devices. You also don’t need to worry because this plugin will continue to active every time you make new content.

Make sure that your website loading time is not slow

Click will not count if your page is not loading at the same time. The speed of your website is very important to increase the clicks you can as well as User Experience visitor websites.

If your website is slow, people will usually prefer to leave your website. This makes optimizing the speed of your website must be a priority so that your CTR is maintained.

Pingdom Speed ​​Test Tool is one of several tools to check the speed of loading a website. By using this tool, you can see directly and complete how your webpage works.

If you want to speed up loading time while increasing the Conversion rate, you need to do the following:

  • Minimalize HTTP Requests.
  • Reduce server response time
  • Allow compression.
  • Image and CSS optimization of your delivery
  • Allow browser caching.
  • Prioritize Content Above-The-Fold. What is meant by Content Above-The-Fold is the part of a website that appears in the browser after someone opens the web page. The only looks if we scroll called Below-The-Fold.


Organic Search Traffic is one of the important elements in Digital Marketing. They are people who come to look at your business, brand, product, and service.

The only way to get this traffic is to get a lot of clicks from Google as well as other search engines. The above strategies can help you to optimize your website so that your webpage will appear on the first page of search results and certainly increase the number of clicks you get.

By increasing Click-Through Rates, you will also increase organic traffic and conversion rates which of course is the purpose of every business. For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.