How to Improve Branded Traffic Visitor Your Business Website

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How to Improve Branded Traffic Visitor Your Business Website

How to Improve Branded Traffic Visitor Your Business Website 1

If you don’t know what Branded Traffic is, here is a simple explanation: Have you ever entered your own name on a sorting machine like Google?

Most of you might have tried it and for those of you who haven’t, maybe right now you’re trying it too!

What makes someone do it? For us, this phenomenon is because of a curiosity that arises what things related to us on the internet, our branding. Ibulmakan people or a persona as a brand. This also applies to brands from products or services built by a website. This is called Branded Traffic, or Branded Organic Traffic.

What is Branded Traffic?

Branded Traffic is an unlimited search on the search results itself or at the SERP, but also when a search directly to the link he is headed, namely a particular brand website.

Increasing this branded traffic is important because of many things. Next, we will provide a list of benefits that show how important it is for you to increase your branded traffic!

The Importance of Branded Traffic.

Why do you need to increase Branded Traffic? Here’s the reason:

  • Branded Traffic This is what shows a group of people who have known your site or blog, who looks for you, who wants to know about you. Think of them as your friends. These Callon Visitor or seekers can benefit your interests. They can be your buyer or tenant. Or if your blog is a personal website, they can become loyal readers of content or posts that you share.
  • If you are trying search engine optimization or commonly abbreviated as SEO, then you will realize that the brand keyword has a high CTR (Click Through Rate).
  • Google will always give you an additional advantage of your branded keywords, it could be you need to get ready to get a good ranking on the first page of SERP. Isn’t this what you want so far as a website manager? To increase traffic on your website?
  • If you have a conversion setup on your website, then you will find the fact that your brand keyword produces greater than non-brand keywords. If it’s not this fact that you can, then you need to review your Site’s Navigation and Information Architecture.
  • This brand traffic is the digital version of the brand value or the success of your branding on the internet.

Definition of Branded Keyword

For the use of SEM or SEO, keywords themselves are words or phrases typed by users from a search engine like Google to look for what they want to know.

Branded Keywords are words and phrases in search results search engines containing brand names or variations of the brand name.

For example, branded keywords for “Companies A” as below:

  • Company A.

So, the variation of the brand keyword can be in the form of long tail keywords as below:

  • Company Information A.
  • Company Review A.
  • Company Career A.

Related to what we have mentioned earlier in the definition section of the brand traffic, branded keywords are used by searchers who know or have heard your brand or your business. They want to find out more about your brand or your company.

How to Measure Branded Traffic

Before increasing your branded traffic, of course you need to know first, how big is your branded traffic and review what factors affect it. Then, how do you do it? Easy! Use Google Analytics Help.

Next if you have a Google Analytics (GA) that has been set up, immediately click or go to the Advanced Segments section and change your One Segment Settings.

Here you can change certain brand keywords through editing done at the Advanced Segment provided.

Understand the basics of branding

Previously, we have created an article that provides a complete guide to you about how to build a personal brand. But this time, we will provide the basics of more common branding to help you understand what branding is actually itself and what fundamental factors influence it.

Branding is indeed the most important aspect of managing business. Do you do business with a small-scale kind of SME or do business with a large-scale kind of corporate? You all the business people need to do the right branding so that your business is successful.

A brand should be an appointment that you offer to people or prospective customers. This branding makes them have certain expectations of your business and this is also a differentiation of your business offerings.

This brand emerges from your own as his author. How do you want to build it visionaryly? What do you want to look after by customers? Everything you initiate.

How to determine it is based mainly from your niche market. How is the characteristic of the target market you want? Try to innocent carefully. If it’s already, review it more carefully anymore.

The foundation of all your digital branding is your business logo. How your website is displayed, how is the packaging of your products, as well as all forms of promotional material circulating. You must be able to integrate everything so that the company is full capacity to communicate your brand.

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To manage your branding, of course you need a consistent strategy so there is a strong brand equity. Strong Brand Equity in the sense of the results of your overall strategy that can boost the Additional Value of the Product or Services offered by your company for customers, when compared to companies or similar competitors.

What is a successful Brand Equity example? Remember Coca Cola? Among the kind of soda drinks, why did the mention of the name of the beverage of soda directly by mentioning the name Coca Cola even though the product provided by the seller is not from Brand Coca Cola? This happened because of the Branding strategy of Coca Cola Company successfully. They are even able to raise more prices on their products and people still do not switch from consumption of Coca Cola Company products. In essence, what they do is do branding continuously from time to time.

In addition, the question of added value or previously we called the Additional Value earlier, often in the form of quality products or services felt by the customer and also an emotional bond. Take the name Brand Nike. Nike is often associated with various well-known athletes. Through this strategy, Nike tries to build emotional bonds with its customers. They built it by making the athletes as their brand faces in various advertisements and events.

Define your brand

How you define your brand can be taken like looking for identity, in this case seeking your company’s identity. So in doing so you must find a lot of challenges. Then this search also certainly seized your time and attention. So you need to be ready not only financially, but also psychologically.

At least, there are some required questions that you need to answer in defining your brand. Here are some of these questions:

  • What is your company’s vision and mission?
  • What benefits can be obtained by using your company’s products or services?
  • What are your customers or prospective customers think about your brand?
  • Brand quality What do you want to appear as a customer’s perception?

The rest, you can do your own research. Learn the needs, behavior, and desire of your target market or customers who have been there. Don’t assume when you already have a customer, ask directly about their opinion. You must really know what they think.

The things we convey this also show that developing your branding strategy is a very complex thing. Try considering the services of experts or experts in the field of Branding Management. Maybe you need to rent agency services so that your branding is well managed.

Then, after you succeed in defining the brand and determine your branding strategy, how other ways to be known by people. Here we provide several simple ways that have been tested can improve your brand:

  • Make a logo for your company brand. Create a logo that can most reply your brand. Install this logo in all communication media or publication channels that your company uses.
  • Write your brand messages clearly and hit. What are the Key Messages to be delivered by your brand to people? Every business employee must understand every attribute and message brand delivered by your company.
  • Integrate your brand in all aspects of the company. Branding is a thing that must have an effect on every aspect of your business. In fact, how you talk to customers on the phone or e-mail signature are also included. How is your company uniform? All things until the smallest things can represent or describe your brand.
  • Try making “sounds” that can reflect on your brand. This sound must be applied to all your brand communication materials both in writing and visually, both online and offline. Does your brand are environmentally friendly brands aka go-green? Or your brand has passion on social things? How is the sound of your brand?
  • Develop your company tagline. Make a short tagline, easy to remember, and have meaning. This tagline must be able to show the essence of your brand.
  • Create Design Templates and Brand Standards for Your Marketing Material. Use a consistent color, appearance, feel and logo theme. Your brand doesn’t need to look beautiful, the most important thing is consistency. This can build customer trust.
  • Be what you introduce as your brand. Customers will switch from your brand if you can never convey the promises that you offer to your customers.
  • Consistent. Consistent is also mentioned in this article. Consistent it is necessary. If you are inconsistent in doing your branding, all your efforts are in vain.

Increase Branded Traffic on-Page

Regarding how to increase branded traffic on-page, each page that is on your website must be optimized to fit the Best Practice SEO. Embed this to your thoughts, practice always to use consistent and clear branded design, including giving branded messages in each page or your content. This can be a change in title, heading tags, logos, color layouts and of course the post content itself. So, give more attention to these aspects because you need to balance your SEO, CTR and branding!

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Improve Branded Traffic Off-Page

After discussing how to increase branded traffic on-page, we suggest you also read the off-page strategy that we will provide the following! Below, we provide an important list that you can combine yourself to reach a successful campaign.

  • Make ads

Making AD Banner is the most measurable and influential way to influence people about the popularity of a website or your website. We strongly advise you to make it, especially when you want to release a new product or service offer. The most crucial thing that needs to be considered is once again, consistency will be a whole to make it more interactive and attractive.

  • Campaign for branding search

It is important for you to manage Paid Search Campaign with high focus and brand awareness. It includes any keyword-keyword carefully for any search network and related websites for content networks. The goal is that the keyword target falls on the right Research Phase. It is also done to maximize the Good Impressions of the users who search your brand on a search engine.

  • Campaign for social media

You need to make management that is consistent with your social media. At present almost the entire internet user uses social media, so it’s important for you to manage your Brand Social Media. Regular post, create quality and interesting content. The campaign on social media you must also be adjusted to the theme of your brand and other channel-channels.

  • Link Building.

This is related to attracting traffic to your website. Because, for a search engine like Google, the links that you build on your website are inter-page connectors that show how strong your domain authority is. It is also one of the Google Rank determinants where your website will be determined whether it is on the first page of Google search results or not.

  • Online reviews

Make sure you give a place for your customers to provide their reviews, their inputs about the product or service that your company offers. This in addition to being able to strengthen engangement, can also increase your branded traffic effectively. For example, when someone finds a lot of good reviews for your product or service, it will tend to believe you as a manufacturer.

  • Blogging

Try managing your relationship with other bloggers influencers and invite them to make a review of your product or service, or directly refer your website to their loyal followers or readers. Instead, you also need to provide good reciprocity to them so that relationships are maintained for the sake of mutual benefit.

  • Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a good way to perform the Public Relations (PR) function that will create a positive publicity and a warm image of your company for ordinary people. Sponsorships either from websites and mobile applications can associate brands with specific content that provoke Branded Traffic and of course backlinks.

Integrate branding online and offline

Both of them, both branding you do online and branding that you do offline, need to be executed with a strategy that is able to integrate it. Think about this in earnest, the integration of the two types of branding must be followed by delivering a consistent message through any media.

Then, the target further is how you harmonize the media that have been targeted with any devices. For example, the QR code on the brochure paper that you share, is directed at the Special Offer or Promo in a specific landing page. So, once again, integrate your branding and offline branding, both desktop or mobile too.


Through the article How to Improve Branded Traffic, We have provided a completely complete guide for you about Branded Traffic. We started by showing some importantly increasing branded traffic. Then we turn to the explanation that there are many factors that affect Branded Traffic and how to measure your branded traffic. Until finally we provide tips for increasing Branded Traffic both on-page or off-page. Hopefully this article helps yes, good luck!

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