How to get the first ranking on Google

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How to get the first ranking on Google

How to get the first ranking on Google

Getting the first rank on a sorting machine like Google is the most important determinant for the success of your business online. You can be just a blogger that works individually or you manage a company, whatever it is, you have a website need to achieve this target for the success of your website.

Almost everyone who knows the importance of SEO is very obsessed with raising their website page rank on Google. Everyone is busy looking for the best and fastest way to achieve it. Why? Because as we mentioned in our article about SEO. The point is how to increase your website traffic.

A study conducted by Infront WebWorks shows that the website on the first page of Google search results received 95% of the website of Traffic, while the next page received only 5% traffic websites.

When you are on the main page of the search results for a sorting machine like Google, your website is likely visited and reviewed becomes very large. Because the possibility of someone accessing the website on the first page of the search results is very large.

People will see what products and services you offer, or see the works you have made. Starting from there, you will get a bigger opportunity to buy or rent products and services, or be discussed or promoted his works. It looks one step below your position towards success or popularity if you expect it.

Yes, indeed the results you can’t get in an instant. If there are safe ways for that, we will certainly give it to you. However, with the following complete guide, we will give stage after step, you will be able to immediately start to be at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Steps get the first ranking on Google

Here are the steps you need to travel for ways to raise websites on Google and get one rank. You need to deny it one by one so that your goals are achieved.

Know the Page Rank Determinant Algorithm

Google continues to improve itself so that the ongoing machine can produce more accurate searches. According to data put forward by MOZ, there are 500-600 updates or changes made by Google each year.

This disaster engine algorithm determines whether your website is deserved to be recommended on the first page of Google search results. This algorithm is the determinant of the fate of your website. Then you need to know how this system works and what it means on your website.

More importantly, what needs to be done and avoided so that your website is in Google’s first ranking?

There is no completely detailed or clear answer related to what you must do with Google’s change. Google always informs the updates what he is doing, but how the details of the way this new algorithm works a little mysterious even for an SEO expert.

The opinions of an expert trying to guide you, actually only in the form of speculation. So, it is very reasonable if experts say that 40% of their obstacles come from changing algorithm factors.

But the logic, if everyone knows for sure how to be sure and instant towards the top of the search page, Google will certainly be able to determine which websites or pages can be declared as the most accurate search results. So what can you do? Monitor continues info related to the update of Google algorithms.

But don’t worry, the next steps we provide are steps that have an impact on the success of your website to achieve the first ranking on Google. More important things are these steps 100% safe, you will not be subject to a penalty.

Evaluate your page rank

To improve your website rank in SERP, you need to review it before the progress is on your website so far. This also applies to your website that has just been built or has a small number of posts.

There is a tool that can help you review your website progress regarding search results rankings namely SERPs. If you want to target a specific keyword in the Content on your page, use this tool.

You just enter a specific keyword and then enter your website domain, choose your area, then click Go! The results will appear directly on your screen. Here are some items that will appear on the Result Page Keyword Rank Checker!

  • Rank your website on SERP
  • The first page on your site appears on a search-related topic
  • The number of searches related to your content
  • The cost per click on the keyword when using Google Product Paid is AdWords
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In addition to using Tools for your website ranking services in SERP, you also need to make sure your page loading page. Why? Because the speed of loading page has been officially announced by Google as one of the ranking factors.

If your website slowly displays intact performance on the screen, your chance to get the Conversion rate will also run aground. Especially according to the survey, no one was patiently waiting for the page they were akes loading for a long time.

Visitor from Google certainly doesn’t want to waste time for the page that doesn’t give a solution or reference quickly. They will come out of your website and go to other suggested websites by Google.

Note, if this happens, no matter how a maximum SEO business, meta description, or title tag your website will be hit by a Google penalty. Google gives a penalty for the page that is too much abandoned by visitors (less than seconds, visitors come out of your page website).

This is why it is very important to first test the speed of your loading page. There are several interesting and free tools to directly test the speed of loading your website. Here are the tools!

  • Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
  • WebPagetest.
  • Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test

All the tools above are very easy to use, you just enter your domain in each column available and get the results page immediately.

If the results of your page show that your loading speed is bad, try taking further actions.

Prioritize Organic Traffic

The term organic traffic is used to refer to visitors or web visitors located on your site as a result of unpaid searches (organic). Organic traffic is the opposite of paid traffic. Visitors who are considered organic are those who find your site after using a sorting machine like Google. These visitors do not come based on references from other sites.

The easiest way to increase Organic Traffic for your website is to publish quality content on your blog regularly and sustainably.

How are the criteria for quality content?

First, you need to pay attention to the relevance of your writing with the topic or niche that you want to discuss. It is also related to the niche market like what you want to earth. Besides, there are also connections to what keywords are right with your niche market so that your content can be on target and invite many visitors.


Second, your website or page appearance is also very important. You need to make the display of the writing easy to see. Do not let the type, size, and color of your font make the reader disturbed and exit your page just like that. Besides, the overall design is also important, makes an interesting interface design but not complicated or too crowded.

Third, multimedia content needs to be added. How to make readers stay interested in reading your content until the end. Add many graphics, images, and maybe videos to your content. Most readers will be saturated when reading a long and boring text of the narrative (usually the language is too rigid and too many technical or academic terms).

Ensure Your Website Mobile Friendly

Based on official data from Google, Leboh of 50% of the number of searches on Google is now from Mobile Device. Google also states clearly that a website that is not mobile-friendly guaranteed will not be ranked on the SERP.

Then how do you know if your website has been mobile-friendly or not? Try Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. This tool can be accessed online and free. You just enter your website address in the search column. After that, you can immediately see the results. The results will be very easy to understand because it is only the answer or not. In this way, you can find out if your website is still repaired or has run smoothly.

If your website is declared not mobile-friendly, we suggest the following things that can help you fix it!

  • You can fix it immediately via mobile, widower mobile, or mobilized
  • If your website is built in a popular CMS platform, you can use a mobile plugin like WPTouch for WordPress. Besides WordPress, there is a theme key for Drupal or Responsivizer for Joomla.

Try again to make sure if your website already uses responsive web design (RWD). This RWD can help you to ensure that the appearance of your website runs optimally or perfectly on all types of devices. Add meta viewport tags on the head in each page to tell the browser if the page will adjust or be adaptive on each device.

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<Meta Name = “Viewport” Content = “Width = Device-Width, Initial-Scale = 1.0”>

Do Keyword Research

Doing comprehensive research on your keywords should be the main step before you build content. You need to know what keywords are searched for and used every day by your niche market.

To be effective, you can use useful and even free tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Through this Google Keyword Planner, you can get to know more about your Audi or segmentation and how to manage your keywords related to your niche market.

Build link correctly

There are two kinds of links that you can build on your website, namely internal links and external links. Try to include these two links with natural placements.

Internal links are links that lead to pages from your website. While external links are links that lead to pages from other websites.

We recommend a minimum of 3 internal numbers or external links that you link to the text in your content. More and more, the better. It can help Google know that your content is comprehensive because it is related to internal links, this indicates the strong domain of your authority.

You can also make your keyword target as anchor text but to do it safely to avoid Google’s penalty, try to combine it with generic keywords.

For example, your primary keyword is “the best DSLR review”, then make a natural link like the phrase “… a good review for DSLR”.

Finally, try reviewing your previous contents or posts and remove the toxic link.

Toxic Link What is meant is a bad link for your website. Poor links Examples are non-natural links, links that deceive visitors, links related to the Page that are irrelevant or of poor quality.

Again, it is very important to know which link is dangerous for your site so you can delete it. Google Penguin 2.0 makes it easier to identify a low-quality link into a clear category. Here are the criteria!

  • Related to PR-n or PR0 sites
  • Most are sitewide links
  • Related to sites that have low traffic websites
  • Related to the same IP address
  • Related to web pages that have many external links

There are many free tools to help you identify unhealthily or previously links we call TOXIC LINK. The two tools we will recommend to you to manage your link are the backlinks and liquidator monitors. Here’s how to check unhealthy links with LinkQuidator!

You only need very simple actions, namely entering your URL in the available column then click “Search”. Page Result will appear immediately on your screen. This tool is provided for free.

When you find a link containing spam or in the form of a toxic link that leads to your web page, don’t rush to delete the post itself. It is a link that you have to delete so that the search algorithm does not provide a penalty to you. So, not a post or deleted content but the existing links need to be removed from your content.


Through this article, we have guided you step by step so that your website can reach the first position on the Google search engine. Who doesn’t want his website to be ranked first on the SERP? Of course, you also want it because, in this way, your website or page can be accessed by many users or visitors.

This effort is very closely related to the SEO process. As we always convey in our previous SEO articles, the results you expect will not succeed overnight.

You need to be a website manager that is a lot of sense, dedicated, and creative. This is influenced by changes or renewal that are continuously carried out by Google regarding its search algorithm.

Indeed there is no instant way to be in the first position of Google Page but you can start it from now on. Good luck, good luck!

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