How to Get Rank First on Google by 2020

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How to Get Rank First on Google by 2020

How to Get Rank First on Google by 2020 1

Got the first rank in the search engines sort Google is actually the most important determining for the success of Your business online. You could be the only blogger working individual or You manage a company, whatever it is, You which have a website need to achieve this goal for the success of Your website.

Almost all people know the importance of SEO is very obsessed to raise the page rank of their website in Google. Everyone is busy looking for the best way and the fastest to grab it.

When You are on the main page of the search results search engines sort Google, the chances Your website is visited and reviewed to be very large. Because the possibility of someone accessing the website on the first page of search results is large.

People will see what products and services You offer, or see the works that You have created. Start from there, You will have more opportunity to purchased or rented products and services, or talked about or promoted his work. Looks are one more position You towards success or the popularity, if You indeed wish it.

Yes, indeed the result can’t be You can with a single glance. If there is a way-a safe way for it, we will certainly give it to You. However, with a complete guide below which will be given stage by stage, You will be able to instantly start it to be on the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The steps Got the First Rank in Google

Here are the steps that You need to travel in order to get rank one on Google. You need to review them one by one so that Your goal is achieved.

Get To Know The Algorithm Determining Page Rank

Google continues to improve himself in order that the machine penelusurnya can produce a more accurate search. According to a data presented by Moz, there are 500-600 updates or changes made by Google every year.

The algorithm of search engines this is what determines whether Your website is worthy recommended on the first page of Google search results. This algorithm is thus a determinant of the fate of Your website. Then You need to know how this system works and what impact it has on Your website.

More importantly, what needs to be done and avoided in order for Your website to be in the first rank of Google?

No answers are really detailed or clearly linked to what You must do to changes that made Google. But Google is not always inform you of the update what he is doing, but how the details of how this new algorithm works a little mysterious even for an expert on SEO though. As for the opinions of experts who strive to provide the guide to You, is actually just a form of speculation.

So, it makes sense if the experts say that 40% of their obstacles come from the change factors of the algorithm.

But logically, if all people know for sure how that is definitely and instant towards the peak of the search page, Google certainly will be able to determine website pages which can be expressed as the search results are the most accurate.

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So what can You do? Continue to monitor information related to the update algorithm of Google. In addition, You also need to experiment or do trial and error. But don’t worry, the next steps that we provide is the steps that affect the success of Your website in order to achieve the first rank in Google. More important things are the steps this 100% safe, You will not be charged a penalty accordingly.

Evaluate The Page Rank You

To improve Your website ranking in SERP, You need to review in advance the extent to which the progress there on Your website for this. This also applies for the website You just built or have a little amount of post.

There are various tools online that can help You review the progress of Your website-related ranking of the search results one of which is the SERPs. If You want to target a keyword that is specific in the content on the page, use one of these tools this.

You just enter specific keywords and then enter also the domain of Your website, choose Your area, then click Go! The result will instantly appear on Your screen. Here are some of the items that will appear on the result page of the Keyword Rank Checker!

  • The ranking of Your website on SERP
  • The first page in Your site that appears on search-related topics
  • The average number of search related to Your content
  • Cost-per-click on keyword when using Google product that is paid namely AdWords

In addition to using tools to ealuasi the ranking of Your website in SERP, You also need to make sure the loading speed of page. Why? Because the loading speed of this page has been officially announced Google as one of the ranking factor.

If Your website is slow display performance intact on the screen, Your chance to get the conversion rate also will run aground. Moreover, according to the survey, no one is patiently waiting for the page that they access loading in a long time.

Visitor from Google certainly don’t want to waste time for a page that doesn’t provide a solution or reference quickly. They will get out of Your website and go to the website suggested by Google.

Note, if this happens, no matter how maximum business SEO, the meta description or title tag of Your website You will be exposed to a Google penalty. Google gives penalty for the page that too much is being left behind by the visitors (less than a matter of seconds, the visitor out of the website page).

Prioritize Organic Traffic

The term organic traffic is used to refer to the visitors or the web visitor that is on Your site as a result of a search that are not paid (organic). Organic traffic is the opposite of the traffic is paid. Visitors who considered organic is that find Your site after using search engines sort Google. This visitor does not come based on a referral from another site.

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The easiest way to increase traffic organic for Your web site is by publishing quality content on Your blog regularly and sustainable.

How the criteria of quality content?

First, You need to pay attention to the relevance of Your writing with the topic or niche that You indeed want to discuss. It also deals with a niche market such as what You want to target. In addition, there is also a relation to the keyword what is fitting with a niche market You so that Your content can be right on target and invite a lot of visitors.

Second, the appearance of the website or page You is also very important. You need to make a display of his writing is easily seen. Don’t get the type, size and color of Your font to make the reader distracted and out of the page so that Your. In addition, the overall design is also important, make the interface design is interesting but not complicated or too crowded.

Third, multimedia content needs to be added. How can readers stay interested in reading Your content until the end. Add lots of charts, pictures, and possible video in Your content. Most readers will be saturated when reading a long text and boring narration (usually the language is too rigid and too many technical terms or academic).

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Based on official data from Google, more than 50% of the number of searches on Google now come from a mobile device. Parties Google also stated clearly that the website is not mobile friendly will not be ranked in the top SERP.

How to know whether Your website is already mobile friendly or not? Try Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. This Tool You can access online and for free. You just enter Your website address in the search field. After that, You can instantly see the results. The result will be very easy to understand because only a yes or no answer. This way You can know whether Your website still need to be repaired or has been running smooth.

Do Keyword Research

Do a research thoroughly on the keyword You should be the primary step before You actually build the content. You need to know the keywords are what are sought after and used daily by a niche market.

Build the Link Correctly

There are basically two kinds of links that You can wake up in Your website, namely internal links and external links. Try to enter the second link is with the placement of natural.

Internal link is a link leading to the page from within Your own website. While the external link is a link to the page from other websites.

We recommend at least 3 the amount of internal or external link You link to the text in Your content. The more, the better. This can help Google know that Your content is comprehensive, because the associated internal link, this indicates the strong domain authority to You.

You can also make the target keyword as anchor text but to do so safely in order to avoid a Google penalty, try to combine it with the generic keyword.