How to get money through a fashion blog

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How to get money through a fashion blog

How to get money through a fashion blog

In this article, we will provide practical fundamental steps for those of you who want to become a successful fashion blogger. Just read to find out how to get money from fashion blogs, here are the following!

Buy your domain, find a nice and unique domain

We advise you not to start your blog on Tumblr or Blogger. This is not how to get good money if you want your blog to produce. The two cms are promotional tools for your blog or main website.

If you want to develop a brand and run a business from your blog, you need to buy your cheap domain and hosting. Start with CMS WordPress. Most fashion bloggers do it this way.

Then how do I determine the domain? Read various articles Tips for choosing a domain name to get to know what domain and how to choose the best domain for your fashion blog.

Besides that, how do you buy it and choose the right hosting provider for your website? Not always expensive hosting is good for your needs. There are many factors that you must consider including storage and how to move / migration hosting from your free WordPress later. So, try reading various articles on how to choose the best hosting.

Find out what good you are as a fashion blogger icon

You need to find out what makes you different from millions of other fashion bloggers. How do you know your uniqueness and strength? Here are some things you can!

Show yourself as a brand

You will be the face of your blog. It certainly makes you have to pay attention to how you want to be displayed and whether it will be interesting to follow people. However, our advice, be yourself. Every type of artwork must have connoisseurs, as soon as the leading artists said. So, try not to focus on the market desire.

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Tell me your story

You can try telling why you wrote this blog, why do people have to read them, and tell your other story even though it’s very long though.

People like to be heavy fans and follow a figure if you feel connected/related. This is the actual human psychic side you need to know related to Content Marketing.

Try doing a strong and different branding

Your brand is not just your logo – this is all you do, your identity. It will be everything about you. Make sure your name, logo, design, and style are all connected and everything can work together / synchronous to make your blog look unique.


Dare to take risks

You need to take risks related to your content. Talk about things that are important to you – don’t just try to be like everyone else. As we have said before, try to be yourself.

Create content by paying attention to SEO

After your website is set up and has begun to run, don’t rush to type / write and immediately publish. Successful fashion bloggers, of course, need hard work, creativity, and accuracy in content until they are finally ready to be posted to the public. Blog experts and famous bloggers even early it took 6-8 hours to produce 1000-2000 words in one of their posts.

Besides that, you certainly want to have a lot of readers? Well, it’s not possible to go directly to your website. Usually, internet users search on Google with certain keywords. This is where Search Engine Optimization plays a role.

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Usually abbreviated as SEO, bloggers must know the most updated complete SEO guide. Why? Because Google renewed its algorithm hundreds of times a year, you must always update anything that will affect the page ranking your website on Google so that people can easier find your fashion blog content.

Expand your social network, Manage your social media

Try to get acquainted with your readers, whoever they are, and make friends with other bloggers that are far greater than you. These people might help you reach the peak of success.

This also means you are developing a network and that means you also need to be active in places like Google+ and various other social media that you have.

Well, for the development of social media, you must know the basics of social media marketing. You certainly want your social media to be optimal to help direct millions of followers to your fashion blog.


Those are the few steps you can do and some inspiration to become a successful blogger fashion. Hopefully, this article helps you in developing your business!

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