How to get money by becoming a food blogger

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How to get money by becoming a food blogger

How to get money by becoming a food blogger

In this digital era, there are many ways to get money on the internet, one of them is to become a Food Blogger. If you like traveling for culinary tourism or enjoying everything related to food and like to make self-recipes, this is the right time to convert your hobby to be a profitable income.

But before let’s know first what exactly the right definition of Food Blogger and Food Blogging Activity!

What is Food Blogger?

Food Blogger is a term used for special blog content makers about food, usually a culinary tourist matter or food recipes in an online website. While food blogging refers to one’s activities in producing food-related content and food blogs refer to a website that contains food-related content.

How to become a successful food blogger

To start being a food blogger there are several stages that you have to do. Here is a complete guide!

  • Determine the name of your blog and buy the right domain name

Think about what is the right name for your blog and buy the appropriate domain name. Several things must be considered when you want to determine the name of the blog and the domain.

You need to think about whether the name is related to Food Blog, names like or were certainly more suitable than your name or other term terms that are not laid for the audience.

Besides being related, the right name can also increase the visibility of your website on the Google search engine. Having your domain is also important because this increases your credibility in the eyes of the audience.

If you are still a domain with a free CMS like or, the audience might see you as a newbie who is trying to become a Food Blogger, reference or your review may seem not as good as a big professional.

To buy a domain, usually, the hosting provider sells well apart or a package with monthly/annual web hosting services.

  • Find a professional web hosting according to the budget

Several actual criteria determine whether the hosting a / b is good and right for your needs, such as the provisions of the server upgrade (if later your blog will be a lot of visitors and loading websites must be maintained smoothly even with web visitors booming) or also refund provisions (for example you are disappointed With the provider service and want to cancel the transaction). Previously we had reviewed it on our blog too. Find out how to choose the best hosting so you don’t regret or feel deceived by existing providers.

  • Use WordPress as CMS, Buy Web Theme, Install Plugin
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Preferably, you use a WordPress CMS. This most popular CMS is indeed the easiest modified as needed and has also been widely recommended by existing hosting provider services. After knowing how to create a website with WordPress and start making it, try looking for the Fast Food Blog Template and Install the WordPress plugin which is good for the development of your website.

  • Google Tools Settings

Various Google Tools can help you develop your Food blog later, one of which is Google Analytics. This Google Analytics can show you real-time accurate data about how many of your visitors, the Page of which is accessible to the audience, and others.

  • Create Content Calendar

You can make your blogpost plan first by using the Content Calendar System, where you determine what date you want to post and what themes you want to discuss. Now, this Content Calendar is just one of the many content marketing strategies that you need to know so that you can be a high-income food blogger.

  • Increase content quality with SEO

What is SEO? If you want to be a blogger, you must know the definition of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means your website optimization for a search engine like Google. What is the purpose? For your website to be found more people through a search engine like Google that is widely used by internet users to look for a particular topic/info.

What is the problem is, SEO techniques will continue to change according to the update of the algorithm of Google itself which is up to hundreds of times a year.

  • Interact actively with your readers/audience

Don’t ignore your readers. If they comment or ask, respond well. They can potentially become your loyal audience which means your traffic website or even they can recommend your blog to other people who can improve your traffic website.

  • Create a Google Adsense account

This account from Google Adsense will be able to help you get money from the internet. Well, just how you know how to register AdSense and start functioning your account.

  • Expand network relations, follow the related events

Try doing routine networking with other Food Enthusiasts or Food Bloggers. Usually, there are meeting events or meet and greet related food blogs that you can follow. This is a potentially good event for networking and later it might be able to take you towards profitable cooperation or just get valuable knowledge in the world of food blogging.

  • Make sponsored content

If you have contact with related brands, you can create sponsored and paid content. But our advice, try working with brands that are relevant to your blog and service with the aim of your blog or character of your blog. Don’t also do it so much that your loyal readers are lazy to visit your blog.

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Food blog tips

After knowing what steps you have to pass to start becoming a Food Blogger until success, you might want to read the following additions in the form of additional food blogging tips from us!

  • Categorize content or focus on your specialty

Like a media that needs an element of closeness, your blogger must also show your specialty so that the audience knows where they have to go if you want to look for reviews and good inspiration about certain foods.

This does not only mean you can only discuss one type of food/beverage just a kind of coffee shop review but it can also be categorized according to the area such as Food Blog Jakarta, Food Blog Bandung, Food Blog Surabaya, Food Blog Bali. You can also discuss everything but by creating a clear menu category on your website.

  • Master the Food Photography Technique

It is very important considering people will certainly be tempted to try and not get tired of reading if you display the nice visuals of the food itself. Try reading various interesting references or observing how famous food bloggers show food in front of them to the audience.

  • Be yourself, be honest in making content

You don’t have to just praise food from various restaurants. If indeed you feel the atmosphere of the restaurant is good but the food is not too good, you can just write it on a review on your blog.

However, the audience prefers the honesty of content makers because it can help them in considering whether they want to try it or not.

Although there is circumcised content, try to consistently produce honesty, not excessive reviews on your non-sponsored blog post to gain readers’ trust.


Hopefully, the complete guide to getting money by becoming a food blogger can help you to be a successful food blogger! Don’t forget to Subscribe and read other interesting articles related to business development and website development.

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