How to Get Companies to Purchase Advertising Space on Your Blog

Pricing is an alternate area that you will should deal with. Are you going to charge on a CPM model where ads is bought based on effect – Example: 250 x 250 ad @ $5CPM for a site with 200,000 impressions a month = $1,000. Or will you utilize a Period Purchase Model where ads are purchased on a set price point?Example: 250 x 250 ad for $200 for 30 days. Once you’ve decided on a model, you’ll should figure out how much to charge.

A good way to do that is to find other blogs in your niche and notice what they are charging for ad space. Of course, you’ll should be in a position to process payments, which are easily done via a platform like PayPal. Another way find means advertisers is to search for companies which are advertisements on sites which are comparable to yours. You also can do a Google search for your key phrases and click on the backed links on the tip and bottom on the quest outcomes page. These are businesses that are paying Google for pay per click PPC commercials, and there’s a good chance they’ll want to advertise with you too. Instagram is an alternative good spot to look for means advertisers; add the hashtag ad to the search bar and browse images of folks who are already working with brands.

If they’re paying others to work with them, there’s a great opportunity they will pay you too!Holly Reisem Hanna is the publisher and founding father of The Work at Home Woman, which has been aiding people find remote careers and businesses that feed their souls since 2009. Through her unconventional career path of maintaining over 30 jobs and acquiring two school levels, she’s been able to figure out how find a career path that you simply’re truly passionate about. Holly’s had the exhilaration of sharing her advantage on sites like CNN, MSN Money, Huffington Post, Woman’s Day Magazine, as well as being identified by Forbes as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career. ” Holly is living in Austin, Texas, along with her husband and daughter and enjoys reading, touring, and yoga.

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