How to Get a Google Penalty Using Affiliate Links And How to Recover Niche Pursuits


Spencer Haws is the founding father of NichePursuits. com. After getting a level in Business Finance from BYU 2002 and an MBA from ASU 2007 he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank. While consulting with other small business owners as a company banker, Spencer ultimately had the need to begin his own business. He effectively built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and affiliate marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011.

Since then he’s been concerned in dozens of online business ventures including: developing and exiting Long Tail Pro, working an Amazon FBA company for over 3 years and selling that business, founding LinkWhisper. com, and co founding MotionInvest. com. You can learn more about Spencer here. This makes your link “invisible” for search engines since you are linking nowhere namely to “”.

However your target url is still there in the data href characteristic. Now the only thing left is to use the info href value once an individual clicks on those links. We try this with the help of some javascript. If you’ve jQuery embeded to your theme that you can add the following code at the tip of your main template before the ultimate tag:I figured that’s what came about. Had a similar problem on a couple of off my Amazon sites. I’m going with option 4 on my existing site.

I have a nice assessment chart on the homepage directory all the specs for ten distinct items with a link to the internal review article which has the affiliate links. I also added a brief 200 word review of each product on the homepage simply to add more content and LSI words. These overviews also have a link to the internal review article. Then I have added a blog part to the location with advice articles about the niche that don’t have any affiliate links. Hope this one sticks:Lucky guy I must say!: Spencer, I’m glad you find out what was the challenge and really fast!I was thinking that perhaps onsite duplicated content is hitting you, like a person mentioned in comments.

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I began browsing at my websites to envision for onsite duplication, and located that every one of them have it. I still don’t bear in mind how to fix this and is it really bad. my SIte is sitting on the second one and third pages for a few key phrases. And the day past I found out that I’m score 24 for some really aggressive key phrase, so maybe there’s not anything to worry about duplicated content material on site. Best!If I were you, I would go with Option 3 Option 4 being an alternative good choice :– Keep 1 aff. link per product; just make it clear, like a “Buy now button”.

I think the share of individuals looking to click on the image can be negligeable if you have a clear call to action. – Have among 40 and 50 knifes for your table, thus retaining you number of aff. links to 40 50. You also needs to solve the paradox of choice challenge see the jam study: the more decisions you’ve got, the fewer likely your readers could be able to decide which knife to buy. However, you do need a good amount of knifes since your readers can be filtering in line with qualities so you want a large enough database to make filtering worth it. “…The rank of a document may change over time due, for example, to changes in the document itself, the links pointing to the document, or documents with links to the doc once in a while called “linking files”.

These adjustments could be the result of authentic adjustments or rank editing spamming. The rank of the doc before the adjustments may be known as the “old rank” and the rank of the document after the adjustments may be referred to as the “target rank. ” The rank transition characteristic may generate a “transition rank” that’s interposed among the old rank and the target rank. The transition rank may cause a time based delay reaction, a bad reaction, a random response, and/or an sudden response to occur in the course of the transition from the old rank to the target rank…” from latest Google anti spam patent, Aug14th, 2012.

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