How to form a productive team for your startup

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How to form a productive team for your startup

How to form a productive team for your startup

How to form a productive team for your startup

At present, more and more people are interested in building their own startup company. Just like business in general, to build a good startup company, you must start by building a strong team.

The establishment of a strong, supportive, and effective start-up team that can work together, implement ideas, and flexibly if needed is very fundamental to start and maintain the success of a startup business.

CB Insights analyzes more than 100 startups to learn why so many startups fail to survive. Below are the results they found:

Although not too surprising to see that more than 2/3 of the start-up failed because there was no request for their products or they finally ran out of financing, but the fact that might be surprising was the finding that almost 25% of all start-up failures could be associated with The lack of a strong team.

This data supports the idea that ineffective start-up teams can and often thwart a start-up. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, revealed the same sentiment and acknowledged that in building a business, the most important thing was to build a truly strong team.

So, with whom you work together is very important for the success of your startup. But how, exactly, can you start forming and maintaining a strong and productive start-up team? Here are some ways you can do it.

How do you build a strong team for your startup?

Before the acceptance process

There are two things you have to do before you start looking for people to join your startup:

Determine what position you need

Before starting, you must first determine what position is the startup you need. You can start by looking at what you need to start your business, especially in dealing with problems in online businesses that might arise.

If you need a marketing strategy to stand out from your competition, then of course you need a Marketing Officer. If you need people to help you with consumer questions and about your business, of course, you need a Customer Service Assistant.

This step is important. Don’t let you choose people without knowing what you need. By knowing what and who you need, you will be able to find the right person to join your company.

Determine your startup organization culture

This step should also be done before you start the interview process. In determining your organizational culture, there are three things you should try to figure out; Values, Goals, and Practices. Below are some questions that you can use to determine the three things above:

  • How can everyone in your company explain why you start this company, what is the purpose of this company, and how will the company achieve that goal?

Successful companies and organizations have employees who are committed to achieving the company’s mission and have the same vision regarding the future of their company. Facebook is a good example of this: All employees are accepted based on the idea that the organization aims to make the world more open and connected, which serves to motivate their employees.

  • What skills and information are needed by employees in your company so that they can work successfully? What company structure can help advance your company?

Successful organizations have employees who have a sense of ownership of their work, provide input on organizational decisions, and are empowered to advance in the company. Google is one of the companies often referred to as the best place to work for this reason. The majority of Google employees feel that they have many responsibilities in the organization and autonomy to carry out these responsibilities. Google also has several employee training and the most impressive educational facilities. 94 percent of Google employees felt that they received the training and support needed to advance in their careers.

  • To what extent the organizational structure allows decisions to be made efficiently and so that people operate according to other organizational values ​​and norms?

The best organization is clear about what they stand for, the Topic or what they say “yes” and “no”, and how well they can reach consensus among themselves. Zappos is a good example of this. All employees – and most of the world, in this case – know the value-value of the company. These values ​​effectively have directed employee behavior from the beginning of the company, although it was not used as an ethic code for years later.

  • The extent to which companies focus on external and internal shareholder needs, and whether the organization can quickly adapt to responding to the needs and demands that always change?

High-performance organizations can react effectively to the market and understand what consumers want the most. Apple is famous for its extraordinary ability to anticipate consumer needs, then build products that exceed their highest expectations. To survive, your organization must be able to anticipate, understand, and respond to changes in market conditions. The level at which your employees in harmony in their response to the above questions will help you measure your organizational culture. Their answers will also provide good clues to help you can improve yourself.

These questions can help you to determine your organizational culture that will have a big influence on finding the right people to join your company.

Acceptance process

The employee’s receipt process is a crucial step in building your business. You must be able to ensure that the people you choose to join your company are the right people. How to? Here are some things you can do during the interview process to make the right decision.

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Choose the right person

Lynn Leblanc, CEO, and Founder of Hotlink, a Tech Startup that helps companies make it easier for Hybrid Cloud and IT Management, saying that the first mistake that people often do in starting their business is to focus their attention on their business products and strategies regardless of resources Humans (HR) who joined the team.

One advice that is often given to people who will open their startup is to choose the right person. But, who is the right person?

You can start by working with people you already know. Trust is an important element in a business. If you start directly with people you don’t know at all, it will be difficult to move forward with your plan because you haven’t trusted these people. Does it enter new people with skills and skills you need that can help your business but build trust takes time? You can skip this step by working with people you already know.

Of course in hiring people, you also have to make sure that your acquaintances have the skills and skills you need for your startup. Don’t just hire someone because you have been friends since childhood and the person needs work.

If the people you know don’t have the skills or skills you need, try getting references from people you know. There is nothing wrong with asking people on your network whether they know someone who has the skill or skill you need.

Leblanc also said that in choosing the right person to join, you must ensure that the functional area in your business is done by people you trust. This is important so you can develop a suitable strategy and can start your business activities efficiently.

Perform an interactive interview process

Most startups choose to look for safe steps and do traditional interview processes. In fact, by doing a more interactive interview process, you can learn more about the Interview candidates.

In carrying out an interactive interview process, you can discuss what efforts and strategies that your business has or is doing. See how the response from the Interview Candidate.

User interview is a process of interviews that have been made before. User interviews have been intended to see whether the Interview candidate can match work with company employees. Well, you can make a user interview more interactive again by inviting the Interview candidate to talk directly with some employees and discuss with them. Through this discussion session, you can see if candidates have ideas that can help your startup to develop and see the qualities of candidates that might not be seen if you only ask traditional interview questions. In addition, by allowing candidates to directly interacting with startup employees. You can see if they match your organizational culture.

You also have to sell the story and vision of the company

In carrying out the interview process, you should ensure that this interview process is two-way communication. Not only do candidates have to promote themselves to your startup, but also you as the owner of the startup.

If you are sure of the quality of candidates, promote your company to candidates. Convey to candidates how the beginning of your company was established and your company’s vision and mission. This will help in convincing candidates to join your company.

When candidates ask for things related to the company, listen and answer clearly and honestly. For example, if a candidate asks about the company’s growth, you can explain the steps you have taken and how your next plan to guarantee the growth of the company.

After the acceptance process

After you receive the candidates as permanent employees, here are some of the things you need to pay attention to and you can do to guarantee that your team will remain strong.

Apply the autonomy system

Until now there are still many companies that use traditional ways where Upper-Level Employees continue to pay attention and give instructions to lower-level employees and ensure that low-level employees work on all their duties. This method is known as Micro-Management.

Micro-Management has been known as a strategy that increases efficiency, prevents decreasing productivity, and makes workers more responsible. However, micro-management is considered not suitable for startup companies.

Startup companies should use a system that makes the workers motivated to work well. One system that can be used is the autonomy system.

According to Joan Cheverie through his studies, autonomy is antithesis from micromanagement. You should not focus your attention on small details, but focus on your goals and objectively for every worker in your company. Let them take care of their small details to achieve objectives or goals. If you can use this system, you will see that these details will be taken care of by your employees without you having to worry about it.

For the performance and satisfaction of your employees to continue to increase, you can provide autonomy in 4 things below:

  • Time – time they work

Let your employees choose their work time. Everyone has a different way of working. There are more productive people in the morning and there are more productive people at night. Let employees choose their own work time can make them more productive and certainly will affect both the work. Of course, there will be a time when the workers must be ready to attend meetings, conferences, and come to the office. But if you don’t give a little flexibility in this matter, of course, their work performance will not be maximal.

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You can also permit your workers to work from home, or known by working remotely, on certain days. One study from Stanford University found that employees who work from home usually rarely take rest time and work more efficiently. Let workers work from home can also help ease the burden of the company’s operating costs.

Buffer, a company engaged in software applications to help organize social media accounts, is one of the companies where the entire team works remotely and manages to become a successful company. In implementing this work system, buffers use several tools that help the team stay connected to each other.

  • Technique – the way they work

Of course, determining Goals and Deadlines for your employees are very important, but don’t force them to work by following your way.

You can certainly open with your employees regarding limitations in time, money, or energy. But try as much as possible not to limit the way they work. For example, you may give your team a budget and time, but let them choose your ingredients they will use to complete their assignments.

If you limit the way they work, the motivation of workers will be low and they will not be able to work optimally. Most people who have skills do not want to be given a worklist at a step-by-step. They want to be able to use their abilities to complete their assignments.

  • Team – who wants them to be to collaborate

If possible, give your employees freedom in choosing who they want to invite to work together. It must be admitted that this step is quite difficult to do, especially if your startup company has just begun.

  • Task – What they do

You can give time for workers in your office to work on their projects. One success story is Google Google’s 20% Policy program where every Google employee is given the freedom to use 20% of the work time every week to work on their projects other than their official assignments. Some Google’s programs such as Gmail and AdSense first started being made through this initiative.

Apply the mantra ‘Hire Slow, Fire Fast

One of the “regulations” that is often recommended is to apply the mantra ‘Hire Slow, Fire Fast. What does it mean?

You are advised to take the time in the employee’s receipt process. Don’t rush in choosing workers to join your team. Make sure that the people you choose not only have the skills and expertise needed by your company but also match the organizational culture and your company’s vision. Of course, these workers are expected to join your company for a long time. It’s important to be able to accept workers that you can trust and certainly can work well with you and other workers.

If any of the people you have received show that they don’t match your organizational culture, don’t waste your time by leaving it. Of course, there is no point in forcing yourself to hold the worker if he does not match the situation and work environment in your office. Most likely, they will not do their work optimally and they will continue to make mistakes. If this happens, you will waste your time and energy correcting the mistakes they do. So, don’t be afraid to let go of the people you see are not suitable to continue his career in your office.

Be an example for your employees

As a CEO of a Startup, you will ask people to believe you and help you achieve your goals. Of course, you can’t expect your member team to trust and follow you if you don’t show the character you want to see on workers in your office. Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops were very loyal to him because he was very active and intervened to join his troops in every war. This is an example that the lead with an example is one of the qualities that a CEO must-have.

Your attitude as the founder of the company will affect the attitude of your employees. Therefore, it is important for you to always remember that you must be careful in thinking, working, and talking in your work environment because this will greatly affect their enthusiasm, dedication, and confidence in the work environment.

Hold Team Building Activities

Team Building activities have been very rare by many companies. An analysis found that of 103 studies conducted from 1950 to 2007, there was strong evidence that team building could have a positive effect on the working performance of the team, especially in terms of trust, coordination, and communication.

One of the important things in preparing an effective team-building activity plan is to avoid non-natural situations and sounds too planned. You should hold a team building in a normal and familiar environment. Activities such as eating or volunteer work are two examples of team-building activities that can help your workers to interact and build closer relationships.