How to find out and hide the IP address

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How to find out and hide the IP address

How to find out and hide the IP address

This article will explain what IP address and how to find out the address at once at the same time to hide the IP address. This article is a complete but short guide. Let’s read more!

What is IP Address?

The IP address is the Internet Protocol address whose function connects your computer or network router with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) used. How does it work? Every time you become a Web Visitor a website or another server on the internet, this IP address is what will be included in the log file or stored on the server. So, you certainly leave traces of access to your internet activity with the IP address.

Then, how do you find out what your IP address is? Try to follow the following guidelines!

How to find out the IP address on all devices

Command Prompt for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

You can go to the Start menu on your windows and click Run. After that, you type cmd / k ipconfig / all. Your IP address will later appear in a window after a few seconds.

Command for Linux

If you are a Linux user, you can search for IP addresses by typing ifconfig as a root user. There is an alternative, you can type / sbin / ifconfig on console as a usual user.

How to Find Public IP Address

The easiest way so you can see your public IP address is to open WhatIxyip. Then, what is the next step? You just click on the link to be able to see your public IP Address.

Well if you try on another website and the results are different, you don’t need to be confused. Some websites can indeed display different IP addresses. The IPConfig command sometimes also displays a different IP address from what appears on a whattimyip website. If this case happens, there are two possibilities. First, you don’t check the interface network properly, or maybe you might be detected to have an IP address more than one. How come? Yes, this happens as possible from the modem connection or Wi-Fi that you use in accessing the internet. Use Command ipconfig / all so you can display all of the network interfaces.

It should be noted that whattimyip can only see your router’s internet address, while ipconfig can only see your computer’s address.

How to Hide IP Address

If you hide your IP address, the server or website will not be able to track your location and your identity. Why? Because it has been hidden from the internet network.

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You certainly know if the internet world is full of a scammer, spammers, and hackers. These cybercrime perpetrators can easily track any of your online activities and steal your data by breaking through system security on your device.

In addition, the Internet Service Provider or ISP (Internet Service Provider) can also track and supervise the online activities you do, monitor, and also keep everything. What do they do it? Of course for their interests, whose purpose is certainly commercial.

The following are some methods that you can do to hide your address IP. Check out the explanation!

Ways to hide the IP address on Windows PC

Web-based proxy server

Web proxies can be the best and easiest solution so you can hide your IP address. Many actual proxy websites can be used. You just go to the website, then do whatever search you want as usual. Through Web Proxy, you can hide your original IP address and you are free to surf on the internet via their server. There are many web proxy-based sites namely Hidemyass, KProxy, Proxify, Anonymous, and many others. You can try it yourself and determine which one you like for routine is used. Use VPN & Similar Software Extensions

VPN (Virtual Private Network) This is another method so you can hide your IP address. For example, you are in an office or campus, you can create a new VPN like an ultra surf. This is the best VPN extension that you can use in the Mozilla browser or also in Chrome. How do you use it? Just install the extension in your browser then the tool can already hide the IP address or change your location so you can surf anonymously on the internet. This one method can also help you to open websites blocked by your office or campus. Use Hide IP Address Software

The other simple way is to use the IP Address Hide Software. You can search on Google. There are lots of good software on the internet that can help you to hide your IP address. This software can hide your IP address automatically. So, you don’t need to get complicated here and there, just download it and install it on a PC / laptop. Next, you can immediately safely surf anonymously on the web. This software can hide the IP address of the web and no one can track your location or watch over you when it’s online. Change your IP Address manually

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Well, finally, you can also change your IP address manually in your browser and browse the Internet anonymously. Many actual websites provide proxies with the latest updates, you just select one of them and change the settings of your browser.

How to Change IP Address in Mozilla Firefox

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox as usual
  • Click Tools, then click Options
  • Click New Tab Then click Advanced then click Network then click Settings
  • Click Manually Proxy Configuration and go to HTTP Proxy and Port
  • The word “use this proxy for all protocols” must be checked.
  • Finally, click OK and your proxy will be able to work directly.

How to Change IP Address on Google Chrome

  • Open your Google Chrome as usual
  • At the upper right corner, try click the Settings button, then click settings
  • You can see the New Window, point the cursor down, and click the “SHOW Advanced Settings”
  • In the Network Search section that reads “Change Proxy Settings”
  • Then you will see the window with the title “Internet Properties”, then try clicking the Connections tab.
  • After the steps above now, you can see the setting options for dial-up connections and other settings, namely LAN
  • If you use a dial-up connection, try clicking the Settings option on the right side. However, if you use a LAN connection, click on LAN Settings
  • In the proxy server section >> check “Use this proxy for LAN / Dial-Up Connection”
  • Add your proxy and port address
  • Check on “Bypass Proxy Server for Local Addresses”
  • Finally, click the Save button then your proxy can be used


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