How to Defend Your Android Phone From Annoying Mobile Ads PCWorld

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If you browse the Android Market, you’ll see a number of apps that promise to block all ads on your Android device, but the vast majority of these apps such as the well regarded AdAway, NetSpector Sniffer/Ad Blocker, or AdFree Android are available only for rooted phones. The reason these apps work exclusively on rooted phones is because they often make changes to the hosts file, something that’s allowed only on rooted devices. If you’ve rooted your Android phone, you can try any of these apps and see if they work for you. For this article, I did not test any ad blocking tools that required a rooted phone.

Other developers aren’t quite as lax, though. Scrolling through online forums where users are looking for advice on blocking ads, you’ll often find angry replies from developers who are worried that these users are disseminating tips that will deplete their income. Some Android users even take offense at the use of ad blockers, but more are offended by what they perceive as the obnoxious nature of the ads themselves. Most Android fans agree that those developers who go overboard stuffing ads in every nook and cranny, interfering with the navigation of the app, and even affecting the use of the phone ruin things for everyone else.

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