How to Convert Traffic to Loyal Customers

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How to Convert Traffic to Loyal Customers

How to Convert Traffic to Loyal Customers

As an online business owner, of course your job is to change the organic traffic into (loyal) buyers. Not only that, but also provides the latest information about the latest products and of course offer them. It might sound a little difficult, but let’s try to discuss on this occasion.

How to Convert Traffic by Simplifying Their Way

Simplifying their path to the title above means to cut the possibility of the traffic leaking to other websites after visiting the Froggy Ads website. Or instead go immediately after entering one of the pages, before you can read any of its contents.

Simplify the road by doing a number of things; for example, providing complete product-related information on just one page so they don’t have to move pages. Or you can also provide many payment options so that potential buyers can make payments in various forms they have. Also can reduce the size of the product photo file so that loading speed is not long which makes them lazy to wait.

Write Product Descriptions Creatively

When it comes to a case: selling products online. Then your job as a seller is not only selling but also as a good narrator. This is because you only have a few minutes or even seconds before potential buyers leave your website. So you need to maintain the interest of prospective buyers and increase their chances of buying additional products, by creating creative product descriptions.

The descriptive narrative that you create is an opportunity to highlight the product you are selling and explain the persona of the brand that you are building. And to achieve this, you need to make customers imagine they are using the product you are selling. Use everyday sentences so that they are easily digested by potential customers. When writing a product description, focus on one thing: changing the features it has into profits. For example how do you have a product that can solve problems encountered by prospective buyers.

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Making Prospective Buyers Feel Important to Buy Immediately

Maybe with a busy work schedule, or being busy taking care of the house, making some people postpone their online purchases. This is what makes you need to make them immediately complete the purchase and payment as soon as possible. Getting them to buy immediately is one way to convert traffic into customers.

Some examples of things that can be done to force them to buy immediately is to display a countdown on the shopping cart page. And add, for example, discount gimmick that will automatically disappear along with the countdown time that runs out. Another example that can be done is to make it look as if the product he wants to buy will soon run out. Or it could also show the number of people who have bought the product you are selling.

Offer Top-notch Customer Support Services

One way to convert website traffic that is proven to work well is to use customer service. Of course the customer service that customers want to communicate with is friendly and informative teams. This is because a customer service is the only genuine human representation available on a website. Not infrequently, prospective buyers feel special, when communicating with customer service.

With customer service, you can immediately provide information and offers that quickly result in conversions. You can offer online chat services on its website, or display the WhatsApp number. From these channels you can also directly convince potential buyers to make a purchase.

Building Exclusive Communities

The desire to be part of a business or product is one of the human characteristics of buyers. For example, buyers feel cared for when the product or service they propose comes true. A typical buyer like this will later become a loyal buyer, even an advocate for the online brand that Froggy Ads develops.

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Exclusive community can be several forms in a business. For example those who are members of a VIP with a bigger discount compared to other buyers. Or those who like to collect points of purchase so they can be exchanged for gifts they want.

Building a community requires time and patience. Or it can be simplified to be ready to eat liver. However, because there are so many benefits that can be developed from a community of loyal buyers. It is better for Froggy Ads to develop in this sector.

Pop-Ups with Bids that Cannot Be Rejected

As an online business website, of course you need a creative way to prevent potential buyers from leaving your site. In addition to the five ways that have been explained before. It can also create a pop-up feature that will automatically appear when potential buyers will leave your website.

This is an effective way to convert traffic to give potential buyers a rethinking feeling. Especially if the Pop-Up that is displayed offers a massive discount for those who first come to your website. Or at least you can provide special discounts that require prospective buyers to provide email addresses. This e-mail address can later be used as a database for remarketing.

Changing Traffic to Believe in Your Website

One of the factors of traffic ultimately making a purchase is because they believe in the website you have. Clear information and good customer service can provide security when they make transactions. Gain their trust and provide security, and automatically convert traffic to loyal customers. Good luck!