How to compare push ad networks? Choose the best push traffic source!

Before we talk about site visitors exceptional, we want to be mindful where does push site visitors comes from. Whenever someone clicks the ‘Allow’ button on the ‘Show notifications’ dialog box, a new push subscriber is born. In theory, this ensures a top quality of traffic, as a result of this person has already proved their interest in receiving offers by performing an action. But among ‘theory’ and ‘reality’ there is a big gap full of loads of tricks that push ad networks like to use to fool advertisers.

Following the old expression that asserts that make sure you strike the iron while it’s still hot, you should definitely latest your offers to guests just after they have subscribed. The statistic says it all: the click through rate of push creatives is ready 7 times higher among freshly subscribed recipients and up to thrice higher among people who’s been subscribed for a few days, in comparison to people who have been receiving web push ads for over a week. Another red hot topic is ad fraud. To be more specific, the legions of click bots. All push ad networks on earth will inform you in unison that they have got superior mechanisms that may filter them out. Automatic solutions are good, but they work best in tandem with a good compliance team.

Such team can manually verify publishers and react to proceedings. Ask if your community has a compliance team and how they go about high-quality coverage. A good account supervisor is worth their weight in gold. This person can provide you tips and whitelists of top class selected stock. When you start talking to a given push ad community, you will be in a position to sense if there is a certain chemistry in the air.

Read other people’s memories on forums. Usually, a low level of customer support is not tied to a single case, but it is very visible as a pattern. Testing is a part of the affiliate game. Go with an ad network that means that you can upload diverse creatives and split test them. The typical scenario goes like this: you upload as many creatives as possible and, in the beginning, all of them obtain an identical amount of site visitors. After a while, you pause the unprofitable ones and keep adding new ones.

After a few rounds of tests, you will declare the winner and pause the rest.