How to build your own private smart home with a Raspberry Pi and Mozilla’s Things Gateway Mozilla Hacks the Web developer blog

Tried to get this working on Raspberry Pi 3 B+When I tried to download the 0. 3 code from mozilla. iot. org – Link broke, tried FF,Chrome and IE.

So I downloaded the zip file and flashed to SD card, booted and attached to “Mozilla IoT Gateway” and tried going to gateway. local – 404, configured wifi manually and was in a position to attach pc browser to IP address and got the “Choose a safe web tackle for your gateway” page, entered the advice and clicked Create and the processing text is shown and nothing occurs/dead link. When I click skip I get “TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch aid. ”I am a retired programmer and hobbyest and would like to get this to work and get involved. 1. The hardware based root of trust: Does each device have a unique identity it is inseparable from the hardware?2.

Small depended on computing base: Is a lot of the device’s program external its depended on computing base?3. Defense in depth: Does your device program have varied layers of coverage inbuilt?4. Compartmentalization: Are you using hardware enforced obstacles to forestall mess ups from propagating to other components?5. Certificates based authentication: Do your devices use certificates vs. passwords?6. Renewable security: Can the device’s software be up-to-date instantly to a safer state?7.

Failure reporting: Do you’ve got an answer in place to report application disasters to the manufacturer?”It’s crucial to understand that the belief of the Web of Things is not to compete with latest protocols like ZigBee, Z Wave, Bluetooth, HomeKit and Weave but rather to provide a unified application layer which runs on top of them. Web technologies like HTTP, REST, JSON, SSL and OAuth are already a de facto fundamental for commercial IoT cloud services and gateways, they’re just utilized in just a little different incompatible ways. We are operating with the builders of lots of these existing systems and contributing to work on a standard data model and API to enable ad hoc interoperability and expand best practices around privacy and safety.