How to build personal branding

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How to build personal branding

How to build personal branding

Branding is what people say about you when you are not in that room. Everyone has a personal brand, whether you deliberately build it or not because there are times when people will talk about you.

Personal branding can help you to develop yourself while strengthening your position as a leader in your field and industry. Personal Branding can also help you improve career success and allow you to achieve your goals.

In building your brand, you should not compose stories and build your brand based on the essay. The story you show must be original and original. If you fake yourself, you will not be able to have a connection with your audience and your brand will not last long.

The way personal branding can be done

Here are some strategies that you can do as a way to build Personal Branding:

Start by telling your story

There are many ways of personal branding, but this first step is a step that you cannot pass. Without a story, there will be no brand.

One brand that has a good brand story is Toms. The narrative of this shoe company is centered on improving the quality of life. Their tagline ‘one for one can also be found on their social media account.

In compiling your personal brand story, there are two questions that you must answer, namely:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your passion?
  • What is your best personality you want to highlight?
  • What do you most appreciate?
  • What do you want to achieve and what is the reason?
  • What is your Mission Statement?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What relics do you want to leave?
  • What words do you want to hear when your name is called?

The success or absence of your brand all depends on how honest you answer the questions above.

After you have your story, try bringing your story to a 2-3 sentences elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is a persuasive pitch that explains who you are and what you do briefly.

In addition to words, visuals can also help convey your personal brand story. A study found that the brand that uses Visual Storytelling which focuses on one of the characters from the brand has increased customer involvement on Facebook.

For personal branding ways, you are advised to have a consistent branding element. These include websites, logos and blog headers, your social media content, your business card, and other things related to your brand.

It is to ensure that people will recognize your brand when they see the social media logo or your website. A study found that 85 percent of companies that apply Brand Consistency experienced 10-20 percent of the growth in their business.

Build your profile

There are many platforms that you can use as a way of personal branding and building your profile. One of the most powerful platforms you should have is a website.

Use your website as a prime place for you to share information or IDEA. Make sure that the name you will use for your profile has not been used by someone else.

Namechk and Knowem are two tools that you can use to review whether the name you want to use has been taken by someone else on various social media sites.

Then, you can use Social Media as a supplement for your website. Take advantage of Social Media as a way to communicate and interact directly with your audience.

You must already know that there are very many social media sites. The first thing you have to do is choose the right social media channel. It will be difficult for you if you force using all social media and make content for each social media.

If you are more interested in using videos as one of your marketing strategies, use YouTube. If you are more interested in writing your content, maybe you can create a blog.

Your online marketing strategy will be very influential in this case so it is important to develop the strategy before you start. Marketing content strategies will also be discussed further below.

After you build your profile, you have to find your audience. What blogs are they reading? Social media What do they often access and use? From there you can find and understand your community.

After that, you can also make content that matches what your audience wants and needs.

After finding your audience, the next step is to make your audience still enjoy your content. Make sure that what you offer to them makes them feel involved and helped. Think of content like what they are most interested in and make this content for them.

One thing to remember is that your website and social media will be the first place where people know you.

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Make sure that the message you want to convey is following the audience you are targeting. Show that you care about your audience and your website is not just a place for you to show off your skills.

Set the Content Marketing Strategy

Content is one of the ways of personal branding that must not be missed. In the online world, content is the most important thing.

The intended content is not limited to just a blog post, but it can also be in the form of videos, podcasts, or even posts on your social media account. The most important thing here is in every post you have to have value for your audience.

To make good content, you have to start with objectives. What do you want to convey to your audience? What do you want to take from your content? Content You must be able to offer something to your audience.

The content you offer doesn’t have to always have an original topic. There is nothing wrong with making content about a topic that has often been discussed but deliver it with your voice and opinion. This step can help you to achieve a new audience.

As mentioned earlier, besides the content itself, you also have to choose the content distribution channel. If you want to make a video, do you want to upload the video to YouTube or Dailymotion? What blog platform is more suitable for you; WordPress or blogger?

By selecting the right distribution channel for you will certainly make it easier for you to organize the strategy and later apply the Content Marketing strategy.

Build connections

In any business, the connection is an important element. Likewise to build your Brand.

Your website and social media account can indeed be the center for people to get to know you easily. But it will be difficult to build your brand just by relying on these two platforms.

To build your brand and achieve your professional goals, you need to find the target audience and get their attention. One of the strategies you can do is do outreach.

Outreach itself is an activity where you offer value to people who already have an audience that is also your target audience.

If you can offer something to these people and they like you, instead, you can get the opportunity to sell to the audience they have.

Then how do you meet these people?

  • Meet these people through local events in your area

Indeed, for now, Social Media can help you meet and get acquainted with people in your industry, but direct interaction certainly has a greater influence, especially in terms of building your professionals.

You can use Google and enter ‘business events in your [your city]’ to the search column. Later Google will issue a lot of related events and you can choose which event you want to go to.

There are various types of events that you can go to. There are more casual events where you can mingle with professionals. There are also events using speakers and question-answer sessions. Choose events that are more suitable for your niche and industry.

You may also try to go to various events. Learn what other people do to improve their professional life.

  • Take advantage of Social Media

As mentioned above, social media is a good personal branding method because it can help to meet and get acquainted with many people. Building a connection through social media can also help find opportunities in your career.

You can build connections with people who have the potential to become bosses, employees, business partners, clients, and so on. But it is necessary to note that not all social media is suitable for building professional relationships.

Twitter is one of the good social media to build connections with many people. Twitter’s reply and retweet features make communication and interaction between users very easy.

There is one strategy that you can do to get a response to your tweet on Twitter. You can start by seeing what famous people are in the industry you write on Twitter.

See their timeline and note tweets like what gets many responses and interactions of their followers. This can be a clue for content like what the audience you want.

After that, you can use such an update type to increase interaction with your follower. Same with relationships in the real world, an ordinary relationship begins with a common interest or the same interest in something. This also applies to social media.

You can retweet a piece of news and give your own opinion. People who have the same opinion will interact with you.

  • Take advantage of the forum to find people with the same hobbies and interests
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Find a thread that suits your field. Then you can join the existing friction by writing your opinion. You can also help answer the questions they have. From here, you can build a connection.

  • Write a guest blog post for websites that match your niche and field

Start by searching for a website that receives a guest blog post. Choose some websites that you think are famous in the niche and your field and then see if they accept contributors.

You can send them emails to tell the website that you are interested in writing for them. Don’t be afraid to send your writing to them.

Besides Guest posts, you can also be a guest in a podcast or even interviewed by other blogs in your field. These two things will also help to introduce your name and business in your industry.

  • Find a mentor

In life, surely you have someone you consider to be a mentor. You might be wondering why having a mentor be one of the good personal branding methods?

A mentor is someone who listens to you, gives you input, and encourages you if needed.

It’s important to help you avoid many mistakes that can prevent you. In building personal brands, having a close relationship with someone influential will be very helpful.

The mentor referred to here does not have to be someone you know closely and have a personal relationship. Someone you think of as a mentor can be someone you think inspires. Read their content, listen to their speech, and follow the advice that you think can help you and your career.

The mentor here is people who can help you to achieve your goals.

What kind of mentor should you look for?

  • Have experience in your industry
  • Willingness to share their knowledge without hesitation
  • Not afraid to tell you the truth
  • Success
  • Influence in your industry

You may also have more than one mentor and your mentor doesn’t have to be a much older person. The mentor is not someone who has an answer about everything. Therefore, you can have some mentors who have advantages in different fields.

Get media coverage

Getting media coverage can help strengthen you to become an authority in your industry. If you are famous in your field, you will get more audience that might work with you.

It is not easy to get media coverage when you just alone but there is a way you can do to start building your brand through the media.

One way you can do this is to contact local media. Contact a journalist and offer your skills for them to cover.

In addition to local media, one of the websites that can help is Haro, which is a website where you can register as a resource for a reporter.

Your brand monitor

Getting media coverage is important as one way of Personal Branding. But it should also be remembered that poor coverage can affect your brand. People won’t want to work with you if you have a bad image, so it’s important to pay attention to what information is out there.

Here are some tools that can help you monitor your brand:

  • Google Alerts.

Google Alerts gives you a notification every time your name is called on the Internet and found by GoogleBot.

  • Radian6.

Monitoring software that helps you to track your names and other keywords on many websites and social media accounts.

  • Talkwalker

In addition to monitoring your name, you can also monitor relevant topics. In addition, you can also get updates about new news in your industry. This tool can also help you to see trends in your industry.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a tool for managing your social media. You can see trends and statistics related to your social media. Besides that, you can send updates and responses to your account through these tools.

Seeing all the ways Personal Branding above, it can be seen that building a personal brand does require time and energy but personal brands can greatly help you to achieve your career goals.

Personal Brand will continue to be the quality sought. This can help to introduce you to people in the industry, show the skills you have, and show what makes you different from others.

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