How to Build a Strong Brand Identity for Your Company

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How to Build a Strong Brand Identity for Your Company

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity for Your Company

We have often heard the brand with choosing a product. In society, the brand is understood as what consumers say about your product. Besides, the term is also associated with a brand identity that is associated with the company logo.

Not only large companies that need a brand, but small companies also need it. Therefore, the role of branding is very important for the sustainability of startup businesses and small and medium businesses. For that, the company must follow up further than just a brand that is brand identity.

Brands and products are two different things. In short, a product is something in the form of goods or services that society needs, or is oriented toward function. While brands are more emotional or something that the audience wants and feels.

Brand identity itself is an element of a brand whose role is to convey the message of identity or character. Besides announcing the commitment and product values ​​at the company, to be understood by consumers through aspects of color, symbols, and typology. Therefore, brand identity is often associated with attractive logo designs.

Every company that wants to gain the trust of consumers needs to create a strong brand identity. To build it, you cannot simply obtain that identity instantly, because this element is closely related to reputation and characteristics that take a long time to build. But when it has been awakened, the risk of a very large reputation decline may occur. Efforts to get a strong brand identity must be done with high commitment and consistency.

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Then how to form a strong brand identity? The following explanation:

1. Plan Strategies and Concepts Mature

You need a plan and strategy to develop your brand identity and design concepts thoroughly before further development. This is needed so that company branding can go in a clear direction as expected. In branding strategies, you also have to set other elements such as brand goals, emotions that want to be created from the brand, and so on.

2. Use Various References

Finding and reading references is an important thing that you must do to get a lot of knowledge to build a brand identity. In creating an identity, you must know how competitors build their brand identity. For example, what colors they choose for logos, symbols, sizes, and so on.

By knowing the brand characteristics of competitors, you can more easily determine the distinguishing factors for your brand.

3. Logo Is Not the Only Element of Brand Identity

A logo does have its role in developing a brand identity that can make consumers easily recognize your business. But logos are not the only important element in developing brand identity. Need another element that is not less important to build an identity. For example, well-known brands like Starbucks use a strategy by greeting customers personally. This is done by writing the customer’s familiar name and then the barista calls the name directly to take the order himself.

So you must provide more value in services and products to strengthen your brand identity. While the logo is an important support in the formation of identity, but not the main foundation.

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4. Show Privileges

The specialty of your brand is an advantage that consumers must know to convince them of your product. In other words, you need to display a unique selling point (USP) that will be the difference between your product and competitors’ products. To find this uniqueness you have to do an in-depth analysis related to the potential of your brand, as well as what your competitors don’t have. You can strategically communicate the distinguishing things through logos and slogans.

That’s the explanation on how to form a strong brand identity for your product or company. Thus, an increase in sales can occur following what you expect.

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