How to apply a successful Marketing Mix

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How to apply a successful Marketing Mix

How to apply a successful Marketing Mix

Competitors have sprung up. The demands are increasing. Maintaining the top performance is not easy, and now is the time to change and change the “way of playing” by implementing a marketing mix.

Let’s face it – the marketing mix is ​​complex. Seasonal changes and sales fluctuations. Each new market seems to call for you to evolve a little, its function to take place in your business operations.

To continue to thrive in these circumstances, you will need to change how your goods are placed on the market.

This is where the marketing mix can help you.

Simply put, it is a set of elements that you use to make marketing decisions. The elements of the Marketing mix are called the 4Ps: Product, price, place, and promotion.

Of course, effective marketing is an ongoing process. With the Marketing Mix, you can easily adjust the variables to get the most out of your marketing function. Refer to the 4Ps regularly and assess what is working and what is not in your current strategy. You’ll be better equipped with more efficient ways to achieve them, not only for short-term sales goals but also for long-term profitable success.

Without further ado, here are the 4Ps approach and application to your marketing strategy:


Your product consists of all items that you carry as part of your offer. This includes any tangible features that accompany your item to create a brand for your product.

For example, tangible products such as bags and shoes are included in intangible assets such as the value of a brand and customer service. Likewise, other intangible services such as tourism, the financial industry, and information can come along with anything else, namely packaging that allows your buyers to feel the nuance, smell, and touch of your product.

The two biggest factors that influence a buyer’s decision before they buy your item are:

Function: What do your customers want or need? Does your product meet this need?

Appearance: How will your customers perceive the look and feel of your product? How will they experience it? Take a look at these mature design examples for comparison.

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When you answer these questions, you may have already developed some ideas in your head for improving your current marketing tactics. That’s because your product is the kernel of your marketing strategy, and for that reason, it should be the main focus with which you carry out all your marketing mix activities.


Marketers will never tell you to compete on price alone. Although price is one of the elements in the Marketing Mix that creates sales revenue, you also have to consider how much your customers are willing to pay.

Price adjustments can only be induced by finding how many customers understand the value of the sale. Do extensive research on how consumers perceive all brands that are similar to your product, as there may already be a price range for the particular product you are going to sell.

Do whatever it takes to improve the customer’s perceived rating of your product, even if you have to completely Rebrand your business. The purpose of a price tag is to convey the quality of your product and strengthen the rest of your marketing efforts.

What magazines are most interesting to you? Why does it seem attractive to you? How likely are you to take it, and buy it?

This is the magazine industry’s question, asking readers every day to interact through all the ways they can get consumers’ opinions – things like polls, surveys, and interviews – to understand how they create the best distribution channel layouts for their market segments.

Your priority is to make your goods available to your customers. As the saying goes, things have to be in the right place, at the right time. They have to arrive when and where at the Time of Demand. This is where you design a distribution and managed system to handle operations such as goods transportation and storage.

Society is increasingly divided into specific groups, and you must understand the lifestyle of your audience – what are the ages? What are their interests? What kind of shop do they prefer? Where do they shop regularly? Do they prefer to buy their items in-store or online?

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The more you understand purchasing behavior, the easier it will be to deliver your product, and the better suited your product will be for your market segment. This further differentiates your offering from competitors by implementing a marketing mix.


Ultimately, your marketing logistics will depend on your industry area. This might make the distribution system more convenient, for example, a synthetic leather manufacturer would prefer to sell to wholesalers over retailers, while an independent greeting card designer would prefer to charge a retailer royalty rate or sell their cards directly to customers.

the magazine and newspaper industry is still developing the most effective distribution model for placing their digital products as well as print products. For a competitive industry, diversifying your channels encourages exposure and maximizes your return on income.

However, you should keep a laser focus on your market segment – Last but not least, keep your loyal customers and never confuse them.

It is in this marketing mix that creativity is needed: Promotion of presenting everything about you through creative advertising, efficient sales pitches, strong public relations, and other appearances to show others what you have to offer the market. Even with a minimal budget, you can carry out an effective promotional strategy.

This has to do with your product placement: your promotional material should aim to communicate with your audience about the existence and availability of your product. When done regularly, promotions not only increase sales but also encourage acceptance of your new product due to it’s wider recognition of your brand.

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