How Programmatic Powers Interstitial And Rewarded Video Ads

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With interstitial video ads, the video ad plays as a full screen overlay, overlaying the page’s editorial content material. The ads are designed to seem at herbal transition points on the page, such as when a user enters a new site or is among levels of a game. The upside to media owners is that interstitial ads can be run against anything else from digital games, to audio players, quizzes, image galleries, and across devices. For advertisers, interstitial ads are highly positive as they provide maximum viewability, appearing at once on the user interface and masking any competing content. Interstitial ads also command 100 percent of voice: ads are not only seen but heard.

Rewarded video are opt in ads that customarily range between 15 30 seconds, are non skippable, and give rewards to users who watch a video to crowning glory. Popular in the gaming world, rewards are often an alternative to in app purchases IAP, akin to extra lives, coins, or unlocking higher game levels. Rewarded video doesn’t disturb the user adventure as they don’t pop up, and audiences choose to view them. Consequently, the format has very high finishing touch rates. Users also are prone to favor them over other ad codecs: 75 % of consumers prefer rewarded video ads.

Marketers also obtain value from the non skippable function of this format: users see all of the video ad. On the writer side, rewarded videos can augment retention rates and supply ongoing app interplay. With the precision and scale of programmatic advertisements, video ad buyers can obtain more accurate viewers targeting and wider crusade distribution simultaneously. The size tools, tailored deal types, and video aid provided by partners similar to Rubicon Project further enable agents to trace functionality and bid on the most applicable audiences at the most timely moments. It’s no surprise then that to maximise efficiency and ROI of electronic video, more video ad budgets are moving programmatically: this year, US sellers will spend $27. 23 billion on programmatic video, accounting for 47.

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5 % of all US programmatic electronic exhibit ad spending.