How Much Does An SEO Consultant Charge In Singapore?

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How Much Does An SEO Consultant Charge In Singapore


Looking for an SEO consultant but not sure how much a SEO consultant in Singapore charges? There are many SEO companies in Singapore, leading to a competitive industry. All SEO consultants charge based on different factors hence, there is no standard or fixed rate as every consultant is different.

Everyone has the business goal of having a greater reach towards their customers and potential prospects such as clients. For every business, when it comes to marketing, targeting the consumer has always been the top priority.

Most consumers are always on the internet surfing the web or purchasing, hence it is essential that every business be it big or small has to build an online platform where they can show their digital existence. Every business in Singapore is looking for the best SEO services as search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and social media marketing are at its peak.

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  • What Is SEO?
  • Types Of SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Different SEO Services Provided In Singapore
  • SEO Trends
  • What To Expect Of The Pricing
  • SEO Cost Summarised
  • SEO Campaign Budget And Pricing
  • Average SEO Pricing
  • Is SEO Worth It?

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What Is SEO ?

In simple terms, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a way of getting online traffic from the Search Engine Results Page in a free and natural way. It is what most websites are doing in order to be visible on search engines sites such as Google by using methods which include keyword research and creation of content.

What Are The Types Of SEO ?

As of now there are two types of SEO which are commonly used. White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. One of the two types is a positive and ethical method while the other leans towards the highly discouraged method.

  • White Hat SEO (Positive)
    It consists of using methods which follow the rules of search engines. It is easy to find out if it is a White Hat SEO just by looking at the SEO services provided by the company. If it includes services such as keyword research, creation of content and optimization of web design, it is highly likely a White Hat SEO and you are on the right track as this is the best type of SEO to be visible on search engines results page without getting banned by the search engine site itself. If you are unsure over whether your vendor or consultant is doing White Hat SEO, simply look at the SEO quotation sent to you. Did the vendor mention “100% White Hat SEO” in their contract or quotation? If they do, good for you! If they don’t, be aware!
  • Black Hat SEO (Negative)
    SEO companies that use this method go past the accepted procedures by search engines websites. Black Hat SEO uses a method that allows it to gain more visibility on search engine results pages without following the regulations and conditions.A way to spot it is through methods such as purchasing links to websites or creating content pages with the exact same content on multiple websites. It works as it increases your visibility however it is not allowed by search engines sites and they could ban you from their site. This could create negative repercussions on your website as well as your business.We highly recommend you to google for ‘BMW SEO Ban’ or ‘JC Penney SEO penalty’ to read more about big companies that got banned or penalised by Google due to the fact that they did not do 100% White Hat SEO.

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Digital Marketing

In Singapore, digital marketing’s strongest means is SEO. Singapore is known for having one of the top numbers of online users. With a growing population of 5.9 million people, around 90% of its people access the internet on a daily basis to get information. With such numbers, it is highly recommended that every business follows the digital marketing trend.

What Are The Different SEO Services Provided In Singapore?

In general, there are two methods to search engine optimization. On-Page and Off-Page. Besides this, SEO comes with a competent keyword analysis and fully reports the campaigns performance in full detail.

  • Keyword
    All SEO service providers are always highly precautious when it comes to keyword research as effective keywords turn into effective SEO campaigns. The strength of SEO professionals can be easily gauged by how effective and reliable the keywords they provide are.
  • On-Page Optimization
    SEO strategies are used directly on your website. A professional will take a look at your website and identify what needs to be changed to create optimal search engine optimization as well as ensuring that the keywords are being used correctly and to its best potential.
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Off page optimization is essential to SEO. It refers to anything that is done outside of a business website to increase its ranking.
  • Methods Of Reports
    SEO companies build trust and ensure their clients’ happiness by providing quality monthly reports. The reports should include key information and possible actions along with insights that are easy for the client to understand. Whether you can drive an increase in the organic traffic, ranking and conversions will be dependent on the consultant.

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What Are The SEO Trends In 2021?

  • Core Web Vitals
  • Google Passage Ranking
  • Visual Search
  • Videos
  • Search Intent

What To Expect for SEO Pricing?

Just like any marketing strategy, SEO is an investment that may cost a significant amount. Doing your research and taking notes of the pros and cons of each service along with the package and the pricing is essential. Search engine optimization is an important part of launching a business as it can help you spread the word in your local market and internationally. Due to having local and international SEO agencies in Singapore the prices will vary. Check out the latest most updated SEO Packages in Singapore here.

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Taking note of the way they charge is important as most companies do it in a form of a package while some charge per service. Do not shy away from asking about the different packages and price quotations for Singapore based and international SEO as it will be useful so that you have the information to make an informed decision.

The reason for search engine optimization is understood, however the cost of implementing methods can vary widely depending on what you are aiming to achieve and the types of methods being used.

Summary Of SEO Cost

The cost of SEO service in Singapore will depend on the company of your choice including of the factors mentioned above. Different packages come at different prices due to the services provided. Here is a list of some basic services you should ensure you are given:

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Audit
  • Optimisation Of Content
  • Building Link

In general, the cost or budget of your SEO campaign will be highly dependent on the following:

  • Quantity of your baskets/groups of keywords
  • Competitiveness of the chosen keywords
  • Website Quality
  • Content availability on the website
  • Frequency of website updates
  • Social Noise

If you are unsure about all these jargons and you would like to read more, we highly recommend you read up about the latest Top 5 SEO trends of 2021 here.

SEO Campaign Budget And Pricing

It is safe to say that SEO packages in Singapore can cost anywhere from $300 to $5,000 per month based on the exact services you require. SEO agencies may recommend you to add additional services to boost your website; however it will cost more. Timeline is an important factor when it comes to SEO, the quicker you want to see results the more you will have to pay. However please note that it will still require some time to get results. The typical period for a SEO company to see good results is anything between 3-6 months of effort.

Average SEO Pricings

  • Freelance SEO Package
    $200 to $500 Per Month
  • Agency SEO Package
    $600 to $2,000 Per Month
  • Advanced SEO Package
    $2,500 and above Per Month

Is SEO Worth It?

SEO has to be seen as an investment, it will take some time for it to deliver results. It will be worth the time and effort as the intention is all about expanding your image and business. The question on how much to spend is completely personal and based on the needs of your business as well as your budget.

I hope your doubts have been clarified about the costs behind SEO consultants in Singapore and how it works. There is no right or wrong choice, make a decision after gathering the information required and choose based on what fits your business and your budget.


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