How much does AdSense pay?

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I reached in total 1300 visits 1055 AdSense page impressions and I amassed from AdSense $28. 62 from 24 ads clicked. The lowest amount I got for a click was about $0. 09 and the highest one was $3.

25. I try to augment the amount of site visitors to my web page, but I am not remarkable at that. I uploaded some photos from a trip on Pinterest, I got just two visitors. Put some quotes on Twitter, got no guests. Building visitors for a new site is pretty hard. I need to build better content and concentrate less on AdSense income – the $12 per 30 days is barely peanuts, but I am overly concentrated on these income – it’s a pretty nice feeling to awaken in the morning and see a few more cents into my account 🙂 But if there are two or three days with out any income, I am getting depressed 🙂On the other side, I am quite ashamed of how my site looks like and how featureless it is.

Besides, my articles are quite poor, I read a lot of things on the forums which are much more positive than my content material. The bounce rate is not that bad at 62%. I purchased internet hosting and I should try to move it to WordPress or similar. I am thinking if buying some links to websites with high PR may be a good option, I am not sure yet. Thank you for the object.

I’m glad to give you some numbers. My web page is about 15 years old, before penguin and other animals started to do a little tricks, it attracted up to about 2 million unique guests per year, the income was about $35 per thousand, those were the best times. Now after all the google changes, unique guests are down to below 1,000,000, but income per thousand has dropped even more dramatically and income is now ridiculously low, about $0. 95 per thousand!Maybe I should contact Adsense aid but I have been brooding about even if their numbers are still honest or what are they doing?Or should I change ad community…. How on the earth can you have such a low income per thousand?Are you using Google Analytics to examine if that’s the genuine variety of guests?A friend said he gets like 50 100 visits per day, according to his counter. But after he put in Google Analytics, the real number displayed was around 5 per day – doubtless google knows how to put off bots and crawlers and all other similar creatures.

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If you assert that 1000 ad clicks come up with $0. 95, it really is an equal of 0. 09 cents!My lowest adsense click was 9 cents, that is like 100 times larger. Something is fishy – if somebody desires to advertise, they pay customarily at the least 50 cents, that means you should definitely have acquire around 30 cents per ad click.