How Marketers And Businesses Use Psychology to Sell Their Products

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Marketers are always looking for new ways to make their products stand out from the competition, and psychology can be a powerful tool in their hands. They use it to understand how people think and behave in order to sell their products. 

This article will explore some of the more common psychological sales tactics marketers use today and how they work on consumers.

1. The decoy effect

Marketers use the decoy effect for pricing. Instead of only offering two options, they sell three or four different choices at slightly different prices to make you feel like you are getting a fantastic deal on one of them. For example, someone might be shopping around for a new car and see a basic model for $20,000. They then look at another version which is more expensive but has better features, such as leather seats or upgraded wheels.

This technique works so well because it makes us think that we are getting something even better than what we originally wanted. However, the truth is that these options are the same car with a few extra features.

2. Music

Songs are another big part of aiding the delivery of a message in marketing. They can make people feel happy, sad, or any other mood you want about your brand. Music is compelling because it taps into our emotions without us realizing that’s what is happening. 
In particular, people who have recently experienced heartbreak are more likely to make decisions based on emotions. According to the table USA heartbreak stats (source site) below, Americans experience heartbreak in large quantities, fairly frequently and have a long period of recovery. This makes music that can invoke these emotions an effective long term marketing strategy. The music can deliver a message about a product by using sad music and images at the end. This technique can be seen in many ads for weight loss products, luxury items, or even cars. Marketers also use this tactic by playing certain songs in shops or at events to make people associate their brand with a specific mood. For example, you will hear happy, easy listening songs in the supermarket.

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3. Color Psychology

Marketers know that different colors have a significant impact on their audience, which is why you will see them using certain hues to sell specific products. They use certain colors when they want us to feel a particular way. For example, dark red is associated with excitement, blood, and danger, making it perfect for promoting fast food or action movies. Meanwhile, marketers often choose green or blue-green if they want their viewers to feel peaceful or relaxed.

Marketers often use these colors sparingly, so they stand out more and grab your attention, but you can usually spot them when they are in big swathes on websites or banners because of the way our brains process color.

4. Supermarket Layout

Supermarkets are one of the most popular places to use psychology tactics. They strategically place their products on shelves to be at eye level, making them more appealing. Marketers also try and make some brands stand out from others by placing them in a different area or making them more colorful than other items around them. Companies might also play on consumers’ emotions by strategically placing items like candy at the checkout line, often considered an unpleasant experience.

Marketers also use other tactics like placing products they want to sell more of next to items that are on sale. This tactic is called decoy pricing, and it often makes consumers think that because the product was placed in a discounted area, there might be something wrong with it, or people did not want to buy it before. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, marketers use it to make you buy something they want you to have.

5. Emotion Marketing

Emotion marketing involves marketers appealing to consumers’ emotions so that they purchase their product. For example, advertisers can use humor or sadness to persuade their audience.

Humor works well because it makes people feel good about themselves and what they are buying. It also helps build a relationship between the consumer and the brand. Sadness appeals to consumers by making them think that everything will be ok eventually if they buy this product. It’s a common tactic used in charities and appeals to people’s better nature. You have probably also heard of fear/scare tactics used to create hard hitting ads and deliver sharp messages.

6. The Scarcity Effect

The scarcity effect happens when something is hard to get, but it seems like you can only have access to it by purchasing a particular item. It makes many people want this harder-to-get option even more than they would have otherwise.

Marketers most often use this psychological tactic to encourage consumers to make quick decisions. The more time you spend thinking about your choice, the less likely you will want it because of how easy it is to change your mind or choose something else instead. If they can get people into this mindset, they will be much more likely to purchase.

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