How does Propeller Ads pay their publishers?

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One of our most commonly asked questions is how does Propeller Ads pay their publishers?Answer: we use a highly advanced optimization algorithm that’s according to ad focused on providing website owners and webmasters with the highest prices in the industry for their ad stock. In a nutshell, irrespective of the charge model used by our advertisers CPM, CPA/CPL or CPC, your ad inventory units will always generate the finest earnings feasible. As a writer you will obtain 80% profit of all ads displayed on your online page or mobile app. We work with a number of widespread advertisers from around the globe who all implement various price models. Propeller Ads combines all charge models in combination and places them under the “eCPM” umbrella, which is very optimized to providing the best possible payouts according to a few variables.

Let’s start by understanding the different charge models used for our adverts. We deliver advertisers with a number of alternative price model for his or her ads, these include:CPA Cost per action – Works off what the advertiser is inclined to pay per action. An action can be the rest from a sale, publication opt in, impression, click or touch request. For instance, if an advertiser wishes to pay $2 each time an individual opts in to their publication via their advert, the cost per action is $2. CPC Cost per click – Is a pricing model where the advertiser pays for each click their advert gets. The advertiser sets the greatest bid they are willing to pay per click, each time an ad is clicked they are charged.

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For example, in the event that they have set their CPC to $0. 1, they could be charged $0. 1 each time an individual clicks their advert. CPM Cost per thousand impressions, “mile” – Is a standard pricing model utilized by our consumers. An advertiser pays a set amount per every 1000 impressions severed in their ad. An impression is each time the ad is viewed.

Effective cost per mille eCPM – Also referred to as ‘useful cost per thousand’, eCPM is the quantity you’ll earn as a writer per 1000 impressions of our ad units. eCPM combines all price models in combination, regardless of the particular pricing model utilized by the advertiser CPA, CPM, etc, giving you an optimized usual per 1000 impressions. The example above is precisely that – an example. The amount your web page earns per 1,000 impressions will vary dependent on a number of factors. Propeller Ads’s optimization algorithm takes a few days longer for sites with low traffic to optimize your ad units to come up with the maximum possible eCPM rates.

It will test plenty of campaigns and analyze which ads are best suited to your audience. This is to supply each writer with the best consequences while still maintaining an effective adventure for viewers. The more traffic your web page brings the faster the optimization method is accomplished. It may take a week before you notice the maximum effect of our fully optimized eCPM rates.