How do you make a team delegation and management to succeed?

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How do you make a team delegation and management to succeed?

How do you make a team delegation and management to succeed

One of the many tasks of managers or business owners is to ensure that their team has resources and the ability to achieve company goals. A good business owner knows that having the right person to do every task is a valuable resource and a good team management is the bridge connecting.

Maximizing available resources often involves the delegation of certain tasks to certain team members to complete the project on time, according to the budget, and with high-quality results.

In this article, we will discuss how to manage teams successfully, focusing on delegates in effective team management.

What is meant by delegation in team management?

Delegating means giving tasks to others to distribute evenly and place tasks with people whose strength is in accordance with task requirements.

Delegation is mostly a time management tool that allows you to focus your efforts on the overall project strategy while the details are done by others. One of the most important things to remember when delegating is the focus on what actions that have the most impact on the success of the project.

Usually, this action involves project planning, risk management, quality assurance and team motivation. The right delegation can ensure that your time is used wisely in the scope of a broader project and motivates your team to utilize their greatest strength and continue to develop their skills and thus, their confidence.

Team management more than just control, and delegation is a tool to help you release the control of it without fear of failure, assuming you have learned to delegate the right task to the right person, the hope that is clearly communicated is related to the task and can provide support Enough to your employees as needed.

How to delegate effectively?

Follow this guide to practice effective delegation strategies:

1. Communicate the final destination of the project to your team

Knowing where and when they are expected to arrive will help your team set their process and manage their time effectively.

2. Set the project parameters

This will lead to the discussion of the scope of everyone’s role in completing the project, during that time you want to clearly identify achievements, deadlines, and how your team can contact you to get support.

3. Track the progress of the project as a team

Setting and communicating schedules will help everyone know what should be addressed, but you must regularly follow up to discuss progress and identify any obstacles that can inhibit the overall project progress. Maintain your focus on results, not how they are resolved.

4. Get to know the work done well

Giving recognition is one of the most substantial motivators that you can provide for your team. Feeling achieved and recognized encourages them to continue to improve and produce the best results.

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When delegating the task to each member of your team, remember the following factors:

Get to know your people

You have to pair tasks with expertise, so you want to know the superiority of each team member, environment or work style what is best suited for them, and where they can benefit from extra development. In addition, you must ensure that the training or resources needed by your team are available to help them complete the project section successfully.

Project Ratio

Pareto’s principle states that someone should not delegate 20% of tasks that depend on 80% of the results. This means delegating from the bottom up; Low risk tasks and not too sensitive can be delegated to someone with the skills to handle it, free your time to focus on project general reviews.

Tim workload

Adding tasks to an extraordinary workload basically makes your employees fail. Delegate fairly to ensure the project is finished on time and your employees remain motivated and confident.

Effective delegation allows your team to focus their strongest skills in suitable project parts, which lead to a more productive team and more quality results.

Tips for Making a Successful Team Management

Successful managers found that they had mutual trust and respect with their team which made workplaces high and very productive. These managers practice certain methodologies in their leadership and companies, as well as employees, enjoy the results of a pleasant collaborative work environment, sustainable professional development, and continuous growth of each individual with the company. Follow these tips to become the best manager.

1. Hire wisely

Get to know your employees begin even before they are employed. Talk to them, learn about strength, interests, and team members like they later. This will help you put the right person in the right role; In the scope of the company as a whole, hiring the right people can increase team productivity, both qualitatively and quantitatively. In addition, it will be clearer whether the role or company is suitable for prospective employees and helps them decide whether they want to continue.

2. Set clear goals and can be achieved

Your team should have no problems explaining project objectives, time schedules, and specifically the role of every person in it. Set clear project goals as a team and meet each one on one member to provide clarity about individual tasks. You can consider using a tracking device, such as Gantt Chart or a cloud-based task line / tool that can be updated by anyone on the team and is always the latest.

3. Communicate effectively

Open communication is very important for the success of the team. Using several communication methods can help your team still find out the deadline, task, and collaboration in the task. In addition, creating a receptive atmosphere will encourage employees to share ideas, voicing opinions, and feel comfortable in disagreeing with respect, if needed. This will help progress your project smoothly and on time.

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4. Give useful feedback

Providing honest and constructive feedback serves to help your team learn and develop and provide motivation and job satisfaction. Give them honest feedback in individual settings and team settings and allow feedback to be given by the team too. When your feedback helps them develop, their feedback will do the same for you.

Providing a forum for feedback or open feedbax also encourages exchanging new ideas between teams, which are beneficial for team members, managers and companies.

5. Resolve conflicts quickly and fairly

Team members sometimes do not agree and ensure the problem is solved quickly is your task. When the situation allows, it is involved in finding a solution to end disagreement before increasing and harming the team.

To do this successfully, talk to each individual involved in conflict personally to get their problem version, and then sit with all involved in group meetings to do open discussions where everyone has the opportunity to share their views. not distrubed. The key is to keep the conversation remain polite, respectful, and conducive to achieve resolution.


That is a complete discussion on how to manage teams well that might be useful for your business. By conducting good delegation, of course the team’s management process will be more optimal and create an efficient organizational culture.

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