How do I create an effective marketing influencer strategy?

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How do I create an effective marketing influencer strategy

How do I create an effective marketing influencer strategy?

How do I create an effective marketing influencer strategy

Influencer Marketing is one of the important marketing strategies today. Imagine, is there a process that you usually follow when you want to buy something new for yourself? How did you decide what to buy? Do you probably read different reviews, input from experts, ask friends, family, etc.?

Strangely, not just you make decisions this way, but all your customers too. People not only read online reviews, but 84% trusted personal recommendations as many as online reviews. The question here is how do you build good recommendations so you can affect your customers to buy your product?

Influencers are people who have exact abilities like this. Influencers are experts in certain niche products, which influence customer decisions positively due to persuasive strength and their followers’ base.

71% marketers agree that the traffic of influencer marketing is much higher than other marketing sources. But even though there are so many marketers who adopt this strategy, is it appropriate for your brand to be involved in influencer marketing?

Let’s find out in depth.

Do you need an influencer marketing strategy?

To start, let’s understand whether the influencer marketing strategy is the right strategy for your business.

To determine this, you must map your customer’s trip or Customer Journey Mapping. Only when you understand the process you have a customer when making a decision, you can understand whether the influencer marketing strategy matches your business or not.

Perform Customer Journey Mapping

The buyer’s travel analysis means analyzing the steps that the buyer passed before buying the product.

It requires you to examine how your customers behave, what they like and don’t like, background, reaction, their responses, and ultimately whether they buy products or go (and know what causes this).

This will, in turn, help understand whether this strategy benefits you or not.

To map your customer’s journey, let’s start by identifying consumer behavior at these three main contact points using an example of LMNOP, the brand that sells “I like the city of Jakarta”:

Before the customer makes contact with the brand

Research shows that LMNOP customers are teenagers and young adults who like to follow fashion trends and become popular. They come from Western culture with rich financial backgrounds. They are active in social media and very often share their brand experiences.

The customer characteristics show that prospective LMNOP customers have characteristics that can be accompanied by influencer marketing strategies to increase sales and brand awareness.

When customers are involved with brands

When LMNOP customers see a shirt and hat “I Love DKI”, they ask friends and online forums, questions like:

  • “Hey, is this cool?”
  • “Hey, does this look trendy”
  • “This is a cool art”
  • “Is this fashion today”

And if his friends and family answered positive, they will buy products from LMNOP.

It shows that when customers make contact with brands, they depend and be persuaded by social validation and opinion leaders. This means that LMNOP requires a strategy where people who are persuasive, popular, and trendy can influence purchasing decisions.

After the customer makes a purchase

After LMNOP customers buy “I Love DKI” shirts and hats, they share photos to their friends using related text and tags.

The characteristics of this LMNOP customer psychology tell us that they are always related to people and experts from the community.

Likewise, if your customer’s travel research tells you that customers depend on recommendations and reviews by special experts, congratulations on making the influencer marketing strategy in your business are the right choice.

But now after you know the influencer marketing is suitable for your business, is it more important for you than other marketing strategies?

The Importance of Influencer Marketing Strategy in Business

Now after you determine that your customers tend to respond to the influencer marketing strategy, let’s understand why 91% of marketers consider this important strategy?

Build trust

The internet is filled with hundreds of even thousands of brands that make it difficult for customers to understand who should be trusted and from who should buy.

Often decisions about who must be trusted and who will buy is made based on known recommendations. 92% of customers trust brands based on recommendations from people than traditional advertisements.

Therefore, it is very important for your brand to develop influencer marketing strategies to gain the trust of the target audience.

Increase online visibility

Influencer marketing is not only important as a marketing strategy but also positively influences your online visibility.

Review, suggestions, reactions from influencers often appear in search results every time someone searches for your brand on Google or social media channels.

More content

One component of influencer marketing is to produce large and attractive content in large quantities. Therefore, influencer marketing is important because more content leads to more visibility, awareness, and involvement.


Because influencers are people who have popular followers and trusted followers, followers may talk about more brands through comments, chat, questions, mention of stories, etc.

People tend to talk more and survive about seven times longer when an influencer talks about brands than other advertising media.

Economical costs

The influencer marketing strategy is very important for newly launched brands and a brand with a lower budget.

Such businesses may not be able to buy and invest in market marketing and paid advertising channels. On average, every $ 1 spent on influencer marketing, generating revenues worth $ 6.50. If you compare this with a pay-per-click system, every $ 1.60 produces $ 3.

Therefore, investment returns (ROI) influencer marketing are much higher and profitable comparable to the money spent on strategy.

Better involvement

Engagement has become a big part of marketing and advertising. If your marketing strategy can make a target audience you want to get involved with your brand, you will successfully achieve your value goals. Influencer marketing builds 3.5 times more involvement than involvement of traditional advertising.

Increase customer range

Influencer marketing is important because it helps your business to reach every corner of your target audience. Conversations about brands are known to increase from three times to ten times when a influencer talks about a brand.

The best way to understand this is to take the example of the Lord & Taylor brand. Lord & Taylor partnered with 50 influencers and all 50, posted images on Instagram on the same day wearing their new dress.

After this, the dress sold out in less than a week. The main conclusion here is that important influencer marketing is not only to build trust but also reach your customers to change their beliefs into sales.

How to develop an influencer marketing strategy?

Influencer marketing becomes increasingly important today, but how do you actually build a strategy for influencer marketing? This section comprehensively describes the steps to develop strategies and create an influencer marketing plan.

Step 1 – Determine your goals

The first step to developing your influencer marketing strategy is to determine your goals.

Do you intend to focus on increasing involvement or reducing work with minimal churn rates or reaching a higher conversion rate?

Determining your goals at the beginning will provide a consistent structure on your strategy. The two most commonly used goals for influencer marketing strategies are:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales

But instead of setting a broad goal, it will be useful to narrow your goals into what you really have to achieve from your strategy. Some goals for you to start, like example:

  • Increase your customer base between your target market
  • Increase sales of 30% over the next year
  • Manage your online reputation positively
  • Get a 40% increase in followers on your social media account
  • Get authorities over the product category in the market

Step 2 – Determine how to use your audience target

After you determine your goal, the question arises about how to achieve this goal to utilize your target audience.

One way to strategically utilize the minds of your customers to influence them is to follow the Awareness-Interests-Desire-Action (AIDA) model or awareness, interest, desire and action, which is also called the purchase funnel.


Awareness is when you want to reach more people to recognize and know your brand. At this stage people don’t know about your product, so you need to make sure how your influencers will make more people find out. Is it through cues in photos, videos, blog posts, etc.?


The interest stage is when customers find out the offer (and its competitors) but develop different messages for your brand.

This is often achieved by provoking customer interest, educating them, and make it want more.

For example, Oneplus often sends gifts to famous influencers and asks them to review brand phones and other offers, unboxing, and arouse interest between the target audience before the offer is completely launched.


Your customers might like your product, but don’t buy it. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of your target audience, make what type of content you want to use to ensure that interest remains to turn into desire.

For example, Daniel Wellington was able to change the $ 15,000 business they became a $ 220 million business in just 4 years following the influencer marketing strategy that triggered Keingian. Through interesting visuals, beautiful colors, influencers make customers want to visit their website and buy watches.


Now after customers are interested and want to buy, he will move to buy the offer. Your influencer marketing strategy at this stage must focus on how to facilitate this action.

Utilizing your target audience is very important because this determines what type of content must be made by your influencer. Tones, nuances, and types of content made through influencer marketing strategies must be suitable for the audience you are targeting.

Step 3 – Set the budget

After you formulate your goals and target audience, you must create a budget structure for your influencer marketing strategy. When setting a budget, you must consider:


The target is an important determinant of your budgeting strategy because it is based on what you want, you plan what you want to spend to achieve that goal.

Imagine your destination including – doubling your sales from last year. Now, doubling sales is an ambitious goal. If you want an ambitious goal, you must spend money ambitious and smart.

If your target includes – increasing followers by 20% during the next quarter, you may have a lower budget than someone who wants to multiply their sales.

Therefore, first, compare the proportion of resources that will be needed to achieve your goals. Using that comparison formulates the budget.

To make it easier for you to formulate a budget, you must make good books so that the entire financial process is optimally monitored. As a first step, you can try using accounting software such as Accurate Online that has the most complete bookkeeping feature, including budgeting.

Type of influencer
  • The second important aspect when making a budget plan is the type of influencer that you want to attend. 5 main influencers that you can choose are:
  • Mega-influencer: Mega-influencer includes celebrities, online experts, or opinion leaders who have more than 1 million followers in at least one of their social media platforms.
  • Macro Influencer: This includes opinion leaders, experts, and famous figures who have followers of the range of 500,000 and 1 million in at least one of their social media platforms.
  • Middle-level influencers: This is a niche niche expert or famous figure with followers ranging from 50,000 and 500,000.
  • Micro-influencer: These are ordinary people who are famous for their knowledge of a niche or for some special reasons. Micro-influencers have followers ranging from 10,000 – 50,000 on one of their social media accounts.
  • Nano Influencer: This influencer has fewer number of followers (1,000 – 10,000) but has very high involvement with them because they are considered experts in their fields.

Deciding the type of influencer you want will determine how much budget you have to allocate for your influencer marketing strategy.

Do you want Mega Influencer with thousands of followers and big followers? Do you want to start with Mega Influencer and then shift to focus on macro and micro? Or do you want to start with nano-influencer and continue to grow?

Step 4: How to Find Influencer

The first three steps set the basis for your influencer marketing strategy. After this foundation is set, we turn to search for influencers.

It is important to note that you do not want to just look for influencers – you want to find influencers that fit your goals and budgets. The appropriate influencers are people who are in harmony with your brand identity, mission, and vision.

What makes the influencer good?

To understand whether a candidate is the right influencer for you, you must pay attention to the quality of the following influencers:


Trust like skin from a successful influencer. An influencer who is confident will ensure that a brand is described as a strong, authoritative, and influential brand.

High involvement ratio

Influencers are not all about followers. Followers can be upgraded through an inorganic method by anyone. But an organic and original influencer will have likes, share, and comments, comparable to the number of followers they have. This proportion is called the involvement ratio.

3 R of an influencer – Relevance, Resonance, and Reach (Reach)

Make sure the social personalities of the influence are relevant to what you are looking for for your brand. If your influencer truly believes and is in harmony with your brand’s purpose, he can also make followers you believe.

Third, influencers must have a good range and truly affect people. The number of followers who did not make everyone become influencers.

An influencer must be able to reach customers, influence their purchasing decisions in a positive way for you.

For example, if you are a brand owner who makes a nutritious snack for people who practice yoga and meditation. One influencer on your list is someone who likes to laze, rest, sleep, snack Junk Food, and watch Netflix excessively throughout the day.

But he has the highest number of followers compared to others. Will it be a good strategy to work with him?

The answer: No !! This is because:

  • The social personality is not relevant to the meaning of your brand
  • His profile doesn’t seem to be in harmony with your brand products
  • People who are interested in him are people who like to relax, take leave, and spend the day watching a party. The range is not in accordance with your target audience.


A good influencer must be excited about this work. Passion means thirsty influencers will be more involvement, more trust, and more sales.

Influencers must follow all the trends of social media and put them with their strategies. Vibrant influencers can be relied upon because passion strengthens the partnership between brands with influencers.

Authenticity or originality

Authenticity is another key quality that must be searched. If your influencer is original, followers will believe that your brand is something that needs to be considered, talked about, and checked. Practices are not authentic including copying profile aspects such as photos, descriptions, posters, posters structures, etc.

Therefore, when you are looking for influencers, don’t just recruit based on the number of followers or costs. Dig deeper to find quality that will help you build a strong influencer marketing strategy.

Find a influencer

To search for influencers, you can follow two ways:

Search manually

When doing a manual search, you can use the following tools:

  • Google or other search engines – Browse phrases such as’ top shampoo ‘influencers’,’ influencer candy top ‘,’ best beauty pinfluencer ‘, etc.
  • Instagram or other social media applications – Search for trends related to your topic, such as – Bestshampoo, Clearskin, TopGame, Comfortableairline, etc.

After finding people who check the right quality and according to your budget, you can compile a list of details of their contacts on the spreadsheet. Make sure this spreadsheet includes:

  • Name
  • All Social Media Profile Links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Number of followers
  • The involvement ratio
  • What value they bring to your brand
  • What value does they bring / what needs to be done
  • The cost they wear
  • Previous brands that partner with them / brand today are their partners

Search through online tools

Buzzstream Discovery.

Free search engines to find influencers. By using this, you can easily search for keywords or any phrase and the database will compile a list of results with all influencers related to the topic.


Buzzumo is a paid search engine to find influencers, content, competitors, etc. By using Buzzumo, you can not only find influencer contacts but also the number of Twitter followers they have, the average retweet number they receive, the ratio of their replies, etc.

In addition, a feature called ‘shared search content’ also displays all content that has been shared related to relevant topics. It helps you understand how many people make relevant content for you and how they can become a potential influence for you.


Upfluence is a free influencer database. Similar to Deep Social, you can narrow your search at Upfluence using categories such as location, number of followers, etc.

Upfluence also offers chrome plugins, which help you analyze influencer profiles from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Blogs. directly from your browser.

Step 5: Create a Management Strategy

Finally, you must ensure that you manage a strategy for your best profit. The successful influencer marketing strategy will include the following as part of the management plan:

Set the main performance metrics or KPI

Some basic main performance metrics for influencer marketing include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Little
  • Produce more prospects
  • Sale
  • Click on the affiliate link

Influencer Content Strategy

After you set the KPI, specify the type of content strategy to use your influencer. Effective content and can win your belief audience includes:

Product placement

The key placement of influencer products is not the impression of advertising directly, but reasonable suitability in a scenario.

Brand integration

Brand integration will be more direct, with the product as a focus in a scenario.

Content made influencers

This is the content made by influencers for marketing. This might include creating a blog and write a review.

Takeover influencer

Influencer Takeover is when you let your influencer handle your brand account for a certain time like a few hours or one full day where they share customized content based on the direction provided for your product.

Make a clear contract

Influencer Marketing greatly affects your brand image. If you set a confusing and unclear term, it can have a negative impact on your brand’s reputation. When making a contract with influencer, some of the things you have to consider are:

  • The duration of influencer will work.
  • The level of autonomy owned by influencer of the brand image.
  • Monetary exchange provisions.
  • If you provide free merchandise to influencer, set the terms and conditions for it at the beginning.
  • Make sure the influencer agrees to never harm or does not respect the image, vision and identity image.
  • Clarify whether influencers can partner with other brands during their term with your brand.
  • Set the average level of involvement expected for daily, weekly, two weeks, etc.
  • Ask for guarantees for the following aspects – authenticity, transparency, honesty, and creativity.

Build friendly relationships with influencers

Finally, keep in mind that influencers are humans too. To protect marketing, imagery, and courtesy of your brand, you must make sure to be friendly with your influence.

Make sure you don’t burden them with excessive work. The aim of having a friendly relationship is that the influence felt to feel connected with a brand because such relationships will work positively for your brand image.


That is in-depth discussion of the strategy of influencer marketing and the stages that you can do so that your strategy goes optimally.

When the use of social media and the internet is growing, influencer marketing is one of the best marketing methods with high ROI today. But like other marketing methods, you need mature planning so that your marketing campaign process can be successful.

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