How COVID pushes mobility innovations Intertraffic

Another example of the promoting of cycling is finished by the London Cycling Campaign, a registered charity. They have introduced a chatbot on Facebook Messenger who will provide advice for people who need additional help or tips about cycling. The chat can help you with basic cycle skills, locking and parking bikes, safe route planning, where to buy bikes and accessories, and tips on safety in traffic. This initiative was taken on the speculation that the number of people selecting bikes over other transport modes will augment due to coronavirus crisis. Of course, the organization advices to remain at home where feasible, but for a must have and short trips, cycling is the best way to do it.

Voi Technology is a Swedish company which offers around 4 million e scooters over a lot of European cities. Voi collaborated with local restaurants in Stockholm and Oslo by offering them a hygienic, safe and sustainable solution for home deliveries. Moreover, the company collaborated with Ally. Ally is a company which employs doctors who offer safe and reliable healthcare service at home. With crowded hospitals and a high risk of infection while being outside, the demand for at home treatment is increasing.

Ally offers safe healthcare carrier for non related COVID 19 cases. These medical doctors can now use Voi’s electric scooters to travel safely and permits them to maintain offering this extraordinary carrier.