How Can Influencers Increase Your Marketing ROI?

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How Can Influencers Increase Your Marketing ROI 1

How Can Influencers Increase Your Marketing ROI?

How Can Influencers Increase Your Marketing ROI 1

Lately, competition between companies to attract the attention of the target audience and make them loyal customers is getting tougher. To be able to attract new customers and increase ROI (return on investment), many companies collaborate with influencers.

Companies are more interested in influencers than celebrities. They are aware of the fact that influencers are very authentic, and can bridge the gap between the target audience and the company itself.

Influencer marketing has become a popular strategy used to increase brand awareness and engagement from the audience. Based on the Linqia study, 86% of marketers have used influencer marketing since 2017.

One of the strengths that influencers have is that they have a loyal base of followers and a higher level of engagement. This condition can provide more than one advantage for the brand. It not only increases brand visibility, but also has great potential to produce conversions. Not to mention if executed properly, influencer marketing can produce high ROI.

However, even though many brands have implemented this strategy, many of them have failed to maximize their potential well. To be able to maximize the results of your collaboration with influencers, you need a mature and measurable strategy. There are many stages that you need to go through, from starting to set your targets, and collaboration with the right influencers. Here’s the full explanation:

1. Determine Targets (Goals)

Influencers that you invite collaboration and the content you create must be tailored to the final target you want to achieve. So, you need to have parameters to measure how effective this strategy is in achieving your targets.

Start thinking about what targets you want to achieve. Do you want to talk about your brand a lot of people? Or do you want to increase sales and generate high ROI? Answering some of these questions can be the basis for an influencer marketing strategy that you will run.

2. Determine the Right Influencer

The influencer you choose will have a tremendous impact on your success.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is they have the same interest or niche as your brand. This will guarantee that your product or service will be more relevant for their followers.

Make sure the content of the influencer is still relevant and does not conflict with your brand. Contradictions between brands and the content that influencers bring can make the content of your collaboration and influencers look fake or unnatural.

Finally, look at how broad the range of influencers are, and what types of content generate the most engagement.

3. Focus on content

Quality content is the key to any successful influencer marketing strategy.

Regardless of the popularity of an influencer, without quality content, you might fail to make a good impression in the eyes of the audience. Your priority is to create interesting content and offer value to your audience.

You are also advised to give full freedom to influencers to be creative because they understand what type of content is most suitable for followers. That way, the content of your collaboration will have a more natural and not forced impression.

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