How can I speed up the loading time of my website?

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How can I speed up the loading time of my website

How can I speed up the loading time of my website?

How can I speed up the loading time of my website

How quickly your website can be accessed by your website visitors is one of the most determining factors in your success in the online world. A website/site that is slow (the time it takes to load the pages of your website is very long) will greatly affect online sales transactions, consume your hosting server resources, damage your website’s SEO ranking, and will make website visitors You are frustrated.

Often, when a website feels slow and requires a large page load time, the website owner or website administrator contacts the hosting support team and asks why their hosting server is slow. The performance of the hosting server can indeed be one of the reasons why the website feels slow loading, but often this is not the main cause. What is more common when a website is slow to access, is because of the website itself and how the settings/configurations for the website are.

The good news is, there are the following things you can do to optimize the page load time of your website:

How can I speed up my website?

We can think of your website as a car. For us to optimize the performance of a car, we need to do a tune-up, cleaning, testing, periodic servicing, and upgrading. We also need to do the same thing for our website. Hosting services will always continue to provide the best services and hardware, however the software that is backing up any and every website also requires a lot of attention and long-term care to ensure optimal performance.

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Here are some tips so that your website can perform optimally:

  • Remove and remove unused software. This includes plugins that are no longer used, themes that are out of date, add-ons that are no longer used, and other additional features that are not used. Often this kind of software (script) accumulates and hinders the performance of your website. If you don’t use it, just delete it!
  • Upload and use image files with a resolution suitable for the web. Image files are one of the main factors that make your website’s page load time very high (access time). Limit the number of images used on your website pages. Make sure the image size that you display on your website is the same as the image file size that you upload, not bigger. As much as possible you should use well-compressed image files without sacrificing image quality.
  • Enable Cloudflare (read the method here). Cloudflare is a great caching tool, which in essence will speed up the loading times of your website. Some of your website files will be collected on Cloudflare servers around the world (caching), and your website files will be provided to your website visitors from the nearest Cloudflare server location – so your website loading time is in front of visitors. your website will feel faster.

The things mentioned above are just a few tips on how we can speed up the loading time of our website. You can measure how fast your website loads by using GTMetrix or similar. These kinds of services sometimes even give us advanced tips/tricks on how we can speed up our website loading time!

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If our website is truly optimal, the CPU and RAM performance on our hosting server will no longer be burdened with the processing of our website itself, and in the end, can serve more traffic to our website visitors. Always try to keep our website “light” and optimal, then you will have more success in your online endeavors.

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