How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Can Help Web Design and Development WebsiteHosting. com Blog

In 1956, AI pioneer Marvin Minsky gathered together with his colleagues in a Dartmouth College workshop and defined the goals for AI advancement. The group wanted to recreate the human studying manner for machines. The enthusiasm soon spread in the course of the research and development group. There was a widespread belief in the 50s and 60s that AI was going to change everything.

But the challenge of simulating human studying method was more difficult than these early pioneers expected. There were small successes like ELIZA that could talk English sentences or STUDENT that may solve algebra problems. But none of them came close to the imagined utopia of machines considering and reasoning like humans. As a result, AI based research and advancement slowed down. Wix is a cloud based web development platform.

It has a popular drag and drop design software for HTML5 and mobile sites. But with Artificial Design Intelligence ADI, Wix is taking web advancement to the next level. It will ask you about your design and enterprise requirements and create a domain in line with your solutions. The synthetic intelligence will come up with high fine and high acting mixtures to choose from. In CMS programs, templates look an analogous.

But in Wix ADI, the AI based algorithms ensure that your site looks and feels unique.

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