Holistic marketing: understanding, excellence, and how to apply it

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Holistic marketing understanding excellence and how to apply it

Holistic marketing: understanding, excellence, and how to apply it

Holistic marketing understanding excellence and how to apply it

As we already know together that marketing is the spearhead in a company. The marketing strategy itself generally has many types. One is a holistic marketing concept.

As a businessman, you should have understood the concept of holistic marketing that you might use to grow your business.

For this reason, on this occasion, let’s discuss completely this holistic marketing concept.

Understanding of holistic marketing

The marketing concept is an idea, philosophy, and also the way used by a business to be able to identify and also meet the needs of each customer, which can benefit its customers, and also the seller company.

The method is quite simple, the marketing concept is something that is made or designed before carrying out sales activities. So, the concept of marketing is vital in terms of determining the success of sales in a product or service.

While the understanding of holistic marketing is a way of marketing that unites development, design, implementation, and a series of marketing activities in general.

Another understanding of the concept of holistic marketing is a marketing concept that can consider business more thoroughly, not as an entity with different parts.

So, we can conclude that holistic marketing is a marketing strategy created by using all business elements in a company. Things that distinguish the concept of holistic marketing from other marketing concepts are in terms of its approach.

In the concept of holistic marketing, the approach used is based on how to overcome very complex marketing problems.

In principle, marketing and sales activities in a company will be interrelated. All marketing strategies, including holistic marketing concepts, have goals in increasing product sales or services offered by the company to buyers.

An example of marketing that is very easy to find is Anlene milk that invites every community to run as many as 10 thousand steps while marketing the product.

Another holistic marketing example is the aqua drinking water company that donates Rp. 10 for every 1 liter of water products they have sold, in which the donation will be given to the village that has difficulty obtaining clean water.

Finally, there is a Blue Bird taxi company that gives awards to the driver who has worked for over five years.

Holistic marketing pillars

There are at least four pillars which are the main components in holistic marketing, namely:

  • Relationship Marketing (Marketing Relationship)

The purpose of the holistic marketing concept is to develop long-term and in-depth relations that are mutually satisfying with the main constituents, to obtain and maintain their business.

  • Integrated Marketing (Integrated Marketing)

Good integration will occur when companies make an activity and develop marketing programs to be created, communicate and also provide value for consumers.

Because it combines all marketing elements, the value that will be given to consumers will also be bigger and also more interesting.

  • Internal Marketing (Internal Marketing)

Internal components have the task of the train, recruit, and motivate so that every employee can provide good service to consumers. Companies must focus more on the company because competent resources are very valuable company assets.

  • Performance Marketing (Marketing Performance)

Marketing performance on marketing can not only be measured from income but also can check the marketing scorecard and conclude what is happening.

The performance assessed in it includes market share, customer satisfaction, product quality, and social law, ethics, and the environment of a marketing activity carried out by the company.

Holistic Marketing Advantages

The concept of holistic marketing is one of the most commonly used for companies because in it has various advantages, including:

1. Align the product with the market

Holistic marketing will be very useful for making products and markets running in hand. The product marketed certainly must be following the market needs at that time to be able to increase the chances of sales success.

Whether it uses a direct or indirect marketing strategy, a product that has been in harmony with the market will be easier and accepted by consumers.

2. The holistic marketing concept can explore the product value

The purpose of this point is holistic marketing will be able to exploit product value more thoroughly. These exploitation activities include online systems, advertising, public relations, etc.

The purpose of the existence of exploration of this product value is to be able to build the same mindset on the profile or product character that will be marketed.

3. Have an ideal duration

Marketing in this case has more ideal properties. That is, the duration of its application can be easily modified. There are at least two types of duration contained in this marketing, namely temporary and permanent duration.

By paying attention to anyone who will be addressed, then the application of this marketing will be easier to be arranged, even in a single process can reach more consumers at once.

It will get better if in the duration it does not forget and discuss the inner side of the business that is being carried out. Businessmen must be able to ensure employees are satisfied with the working conditions that are run so far.

4. Involve management relations with the community

Marketing this community is done so that it can create a business product that is following the lives of society. Later it is expected to create products that can support the daily life of the community, such as environmentally friendly products.

This advantage will be broadly felt by the community. We will notice the news on the media around you. For this reason, good business people are those who can live in people’s lives. Like by being packaged in the form of social responsibility.

5. It is a long-term investment

Applying holistic marketing must think of the long term. Another important thing is related to investment. For this reason, try to build good and routine relations relationships, so that it will be a permanent customer who will help the effort you have.

The investment must be based on the level of trust and must be able to survive for a long period. In holistic marketing, the advantages are the result of marketing relationships.

Relationship marketing is about how to establish good relationships or long-term cooperation and target marketing to those who have a high importance level. This is done to add references to marketers.

How to apply holistic marketing

Some ways that can be done to apply holistic marketing are as follows:

1. Form a marketing team

Form the marketing team consisting of several individuals. This marketing team must be filled with those who have good communication skills because they are the spearhead of the company. They must also be able to support other divisions, why? Because in the process of implementing they will be interconnected.

2. Formulate a holistic marketing concept

The next step is to compile activities or marketing programs that will be done. The program must be made in more detail so that it is clear and there is no misinterpretation to avoid a misunderstanding that will later occur.

3. Conduct a need for needs

After the program has been determined, then you must review what you need. This assessment must be done in detail, such as displaying prices, units, sources of goods, etc.

The aim is that its implementation does not confuse. This assessment also includes internal conditions, such as training and awards for outstanding employees. So, the assessment must be done more thoroughly and deeply.

4. Identify environmental involvement

Next, you must be able to identify environmental involvement in the program created. By doing this, marketing activities will be able to provide more effective results. You can hold a social activity, donate equipment, make visits to the surrounding community, etc.

5. Supervise and evaluate the course of marketing

The final stage is to supervise and also evaluate the marketing path. Try to find out what is lacking and also must be corrected from the marketing activities carried out. Perform this evaluation to make better holistic marketing in the future.


As a businessman, it’s a good idea to understand the concept of this holistic marketing so that it can be applied in your business activities.

Apart from the marketing side, to help your business be more developed, then your business finance must be managed better.

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