HilltopAds Ad Network Review 2020

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HilltopAds Ad Network Review 2020

HilltopAds Ad Network Review 2020

HilltopAds Ad Network Review 2020

On this occasion, I will try to give a little review about HilltopAds, which is a digital advertising network with many features as one of its advantages.

About HilltopAds

HilltopAds is a global advertising network company with digital systems based in London. HilltopAds is an Adsense alternative that is equally interesting and is a complete solution for both advertisers and publishers who already have a real-time offer and self service platform.

What is meant by a platform capable of serving oneself is being able to help advertisers to advertise and manage campaigns in accordance with their own desires. With the real-time bidding system, the profits of advertisers and publishers are more certain.

The real-time bidding system will certainly provide the best ad space. You will also get high rates for inventory because advertisers also offer ad space for you, and also allow placing ads on the best publisher websites.

Many have proven that HilltopAds is a complete solution with various ad format offers. With a variety of ad formats, it will definitely give you the freedom to “join” with several ad networks for various ad units. So, even if you are a publisher or advertiser, you will still get several ad formats to monetize and advertise.

Advantages of HilltopAds

Besides the varied ad formats, there are many other reasons that make HilltopAds really popular. In fact, this one AdSense alternative has been proven to have advantages like the following:


1. HilltopAds comes by offering various fish models such as CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPS and PPI.

2. Payment methods are very diverse, so Publishers and advertisers will be more flexible in choosing and making transactions easier.

  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer
  • Paxum
  • ePayments
  • Bitcoin
  • ePayService

3. There are no niche restrictions, all types of websites can be accepted by HilltopAds.

4. Will not make a loss, because every transaction you make at no cost, aka 0% transaction fees for all partners.

5. Has a retargeting option.

6. Has advanced targeting options for advertisers.

7. Has received international support and guaranteed anti-blocking advertising solutions.

8. Has ad network rotation and real-time optimization.

By joining HilltopAds, each publisher is able to monetize their web and mobile traffic, so don’t worry about your traffic when you join HilltopAds. And because HilltopAds itself is a global advertising network, all bloggers around the world are easily able to monetize their respective traffic.

Register and Agreement

HilltopAds is suitable for developing and professional websites, in essence, covering all circles of websites. So, every publisher is eligible to apply to join here.

At HilltopAds also does not install hard rules for all publishers who want to register, so it will not be difficult and the registration process is relatively fast. Thus, all Publishers are safe, easily and quickly to join.

To register at HilltopAds, you only need to fill in the registration form available on the official HilltopAds page, then submit. After the sending process is complete, you will immediately receive an Activation link in the email account that you have registered, then click the link to activate your HilltopAds account. After your account is active, you can immediately log-in to your account and immediately send the Website that you have to advertise with.

In this process, it might take a little time. And after your website is approved, then you can immediately create an ad tag and start displaying the ad to your own website.

Ad Format

HilltopAds itself has been categorized as a complete solution for publishers, so, it will also take a number of ad formats for its publishers. Ad formats offered are banners, direct links, in-video, pop-under, mobile and diamond messages, all of which are convenient for Publishers to use and will not interfere with your website visitors.


Statistics Reporting System

for reporting statistics, HilltopAds offers a detailed reporting system to show statistical reports in real-time. So, you also get various filters that you are able to use to bring up your report so that it’s easy to analyze.

This detailed reporting system really shows everything in detail. Starting from total revenue, impressions, CTR, date, clicks, RPM, and so on. In fact, HilltopAds also provides charts that will bring up statistics on the last 15 hearts. In fact, HilltopAds’ statistical reporting system also provides options to export your reports to CSV format.

Minimum Payout

Not as much as Google Adsense’s minimum payout, HilltopAds only charges a minimum payout rate of $ 50.

Payment Options

As I have written above, HilltopAds provides various payment options at the same time to publishers. Including PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, Wire Transfers, ePayments, Bitcoin and ePayService.

Referral Program

HilltopAds is very complete with offers in the form of a referall commission program of 5% to each user, this will certainly add to your profits beyond the official payment of impressions and ad clicks.

So that’s a brief review of Hilltopads that I can share on this occasion, hopefully this information can be useful for those of you who want to monetize your blog or website traffic to add dollar coffers to your account. So that’s a brief review of Hilltopads that I can share on this occasion, hopefully this information can be useful for you.