Here Are Tips for Using Google Trends for Market Research

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Here Are Tips for Using Google Trends for Market Research

Here Are Tips for Using Google Trends for Market Research

Currently, it is undeniable that Google is a necessity for all sectors. Starting from students, students, teachers, lecturers, private workers, civil servants, to business people. They just type in the desired keywords, then all the information is available. However, simply using Google is not enough for businesses. They need to take advantage of the tools available on Google, namely Google Trend.

Why Should Google Trend?

Google Trend is one of Google’s most excellent tools for market research. Now, market research is needed when you start a business. Because you need to know what is being needed by many people today. Once you know the product or service that internet users are looking for, then you must move quickly to act.

Below is a post about tips for using Google Trends for market research. Listen to the explanation carefully.

Tips for Using Google Trends

1. Go to the Google Trends Page

The first thing you need to do is type the keyword Google Trend on the Google page. In a second, a variety of options will appear. Because the keyword Google Trend, usually appears on the first line. You can just click on that line. Then, change it to the language you want to use. Check in the settings located at the top right corner to change the language.

2. Enter keywords

After you open Google Trend, the step you should do is type in keywords. If you say you want to open a fashion business, the keywords you are looking for could be clothes, pants, t-shirts, or shirts. If you want to open a culinary business, you can use keywords like grilled rice, spicy corn, fried fish, or the like. Type in the column provided then press enter.

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3. Graph Analysis

After you type the keyword, the data appears with a graph. On certain keywords, the graph can go up, down, or slope. From there, you can analyze the extent of the developing market trend. To analyze any, you can categorize it into several times. You can look it up in a year, six months, or three months.

Look closely at the graph. If you read the wrong data, it can lead to the wrong way to determine which product should fit the market.

4. Interest Analysis by Region

You have to be careful in looking at interests by region. This is because each region has its uniqueness that cannot be imitated in other regions. For example, you type in the keyword fried rice. Then, you can see which regions are more interested in fried rice. So, you can focus and do business development in the area.

5. Comparison with Other Keywords

For your business to be more focused, you need to compare the keywords that have become a handle with other keywords. For example, you are comparing fried rice with chicken noodles. Which one is more sought after by internet users. The chart will appear with two lines colored blue and red.

When it turns out that chicken noodles are better than fried rice, then you better follow the advice from Google Trend. Because this is for the smooth running of your business. So, when you understand the use of Google Trend, you are ready to grow your business.

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