Here are the 4 most effective ways to promote your Instagram

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Here are the 4 most effective ways to promote your Instagram

Here are the 4 most effective ways to promote your Instagram

Now is the time for you to rethink how to promote your Instagram account. Why now? Due to the evolution and rapid growth of this platform, the ways that worked in the past may not produce the same results today.

Based on recent Instagram statistics, the visual space on Instagram has become very, very crowded with brands trying desperately to get more consumers. In effect, you may need to prepare lots of different strategies to promote your Instagram account to your target audience.

The following are the 4 most effective ways to promote your Instagram account:

1. Increase Your Content Production

To find out which content gets a positive response from your audience, an experiment is very important to do, namely by increasing the production of your content and posting more often than usual.

Post to Instagram at least once a day, as this is considered the best practice so far. However, big brands like TopShop and H&M can post up to three times a day, or even more.

When you post more content, it’s important to pay attention to when that content is posted. Because, you might be able to generate higher engagement if you post at the right time.

2. Human-Oriented Content

Even though Instagram is a potential place to make sales, never forget that Instagram is still the top choice for many people to share their experiences.

Selfies are a very popular type of photo on Instagram, as are photos of consumers and photos of people using a product in their daily lives. One of the attractions that Instagram has is, a brand can advertise more humanely without having to bombard your audience with CTAs that are too harsh like “Buy it Now!”

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This is why user-generated content, such as photos when products are used, is like a gold mine for brands. People are attracted to your brand not only when you promote it, but also thanks to other consumer-generated content.

3. Experiment with Industrial and Branded Hashtags

Big and small brands must create hashtags to reach a wider audience based on the same interests. For example, Ernie Ball featured the hashtags #iplayslinky and #colorsofrocknroll prominently in their Instagram bio. These hashtags are used to promote their posts and are also used by their loyal customers to promote the brand organically.

In addition to your hashtags, you should also try to use hashtags that are more generic for your industry, such as # 6string for music, or #unicornhair for beauty. Adding hashtags will make your posts reach more people and easier for those who are interested in the topic to find them.

According to Sproutsocial, engagement rates usually increase when using nine hashtags. Of course, however, you can use fewer or more hashtags than recommended.

4. Hold a Competition

Brands that hold competitions on their Instagram accounts can grow their number of followers 70% faster than those that don’t.

You may also have seen that there is a lot of competition from brands that generate very high engagement rates, and this is not a coincidence. If done right, competitions on Instagram can significantly increase the number of followers, and also get high engagement from bounty hunters on this platform.

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