Here Are Some Ways To Create An Online Store That You Can Apply

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Here Are Some Ways To Create An Online Store That You Can Apply

Here Are Some Ways To Create An Online Store That You Can Apply

Here Are Some Ways To Create An Online Store That You Can Apply

Businesses do not always rely on offline stores but must also go online. Because the current era requires business people to cover both. Moreover, technology is growing rapidly. Consumers no longer go to offline stores but simply lie down from home to see various online shops. So, as a businessman, he must also aim in that direction. The first time, you need to know how to set up an online shop.

Not many business people know how to create an online store without the help of other parties. The cost is certainly much cheaper than using a service provider. What you need to convince yourself is the courage to start, have a product to sell, and consistency in managing transactions.

Before stepping into how to create an online store, you need to know what is the difference between an online store, marketplace, and e-commerce. To find out more fully, consider the explanation below.

Online store

When you hear the word online shop, of course, you imagine Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and so on. That’s not wrong. Because they are part of the online store. Likewise with Instagram Shopping or Facebook Shop. It is also part of the online shop. Because online stores use social media or websites for marketing. Then, what’s the difference between e-commerce and marketplaces? Listen next.


One of the reasons customers change transactions from offline to online is the presence of a marketplace. It cannot be denied that the marketplace provides everything. Starting from the ease of payment, various delivery services, to free shipping costs. So, don’t be surprised if Shopee, Tokopedia, or Bukalapak are the favorite shopping places for customers.

Not only the three, Facebook and Instagram are also expanding into online stores. This cannot be separated from their decision to add Instagram Shopping and Facebook Shop features. So, customers don’t have to bother because, with one click, the customer will immediately make a transaction.


If the marketplace can target social media, e-commerce is more about websites. This is because every customer is directed to the website. From the website, customers can see the product catalog that is presented, know the brand more deeply, and you can even create an account. The advantage is that you will enjoy attractive discounts and always be updated on the latest products. Especially if you subscribe to a newsletter.

How to Create an Online Store

How to make an online shop is not difficult. Especially if you make it through social media. The content will be made according to your taste. Besides, the features presented are various. However, it turns out that not everyone is comfortable accessing online stores from social media. Some are more comfortable through the website. Therefore, here will explain how to create an online shop.

Create an Online Shop Website with WordPress and WooCommerce

WordPress and WooCommerce collaborate. You will be using the WordPress plugin WooCommerce. Easy and free customization doesn’t necessarily make online stores simple. Various features in it show the quality that is presented.

You can use a domain that is presented in a hosting service provider. Follow the instructions provided. From choosing a domain name to payment steps. Don’t forget to choose an SSL certificate so that your online store website will get the trust of customers. After that, you can log in, select the WooCommerce plugin, and be ready to start the theme installation.

Installing Themes

There are many themes you can use there. However, in general, business people use the Storefront theme. The most comfortable theme to use. Then, activate immediately and you are ready to add products.

Adding Products

Well, you can start adding products. Usually, the product displayed is the superior product. You are also advised to complete the information including price, size, color, and the like. If so, all you have to do is upload it and customers are ready to see the catalog from your online store website.

This is how to create an online store that you need to apply. To reach a large number of customers, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and gives you many options to market your product.