Here are 5 features that an e-commerce website must have

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Here are 5 features that an e-commerce website must have

Each website has its uniqueness. Many e-commerce website trends have recently become increasingly popular, such as animations, 360-degree images, highly detailed filters, and dynamic product search features.

Unfortunately, trends don’t guarantee conversion rates or a pleasant user experience. There are certain elements that an e-commerce website must have to stay relevant and competitive.

Here are the 5 features in question, which at the same time can attract online shoppers.

Reviews from Buyers

About 95% of consumers read reviews from other people before they make a purchase. Meanwhile, 57% of consumers will only buy products that have 4 stars or more.

You might think that having negative reviews will hurt the reputation of your product, but that’s not always the case.

Negative reviews can also have a positive impact. Products that have no negative reviews are considered suspicious by some skeptics. They might think that the review is fake.

Ecommerce websites can use review plugins from leading platforms like Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook.

Special Offers

Most e-commerce websites provide special offers through their standard marketing channels such as email and social media. Meanwhile, advanced e-commerce offers specials right in their header.

Offers via email or social media do not mean that they are ineffective, these methods are very effective if done by prioritizing personalization.

When your audience sees the offer in your website header, they will be motivated to explore your website, and in the end, they will buy more.

Providing a dedicated page for offers will not only drive more sales but also improve the SEO of your website.

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Wish List

What’s better than having a wish-list of consumers who are likely to buy in the future? This is a truly lucrative, an easy target of any remarketing campaign.

According to Brendan Witcher on his website, wish lists can generate an open rate of up to 80% and are 5x-10x more likely to make a purchase.

Make sure your customers can share their wish list with others, as this can generate quality traffic to your website.

Related Items

Simply looking at the phrase “you might like this” / “you might like this” can release the hormone serotonin, which signifies curiosity and excitement.

Feature related items on the e-commerce website keeps consumers engaged and on your website.

The cycle is like this:

When you add products to your shopping cart or have completed your payment, a chart will appear with the products related to the product you just purchased.

Related items can also be similar products or other stores selling similar products.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateways allow you to accept payments from various banks and various methods, from credit/debit cards, bank transfers, virtual accounts, to retail outlets.

As your online business grows, you will have to serve a variety of customers. Managing transactions, both sending and receiving money manually isn’t a simple task. Integrate your online store website with a payment gateway so you can receive payments automatically.

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