Here are 4 Mistakes in Online Business that are Often Made

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Here are 4 Mistakes in Online Business that are Often Made 1

Here are 4 Mistakes in Online Business that are Often Made

Here are 4 Mistakes in Online Business that are Often Made 1

Online business is a business model that can be said to be easier to run than conventional businesses, because almost all of its activities are carried out via smartphones or laptops. Apart from its simplicity, online business also does not require large capital, even you can start an online business with almost no capital.

This factor is what ultimately makes many people interested in starting an online business even though they don’t have the proper preparation. As a result, many of them made fatal mistakes such as the examples below.

1. Waiting Too Long to Launch a Product / Service

When you start blogging or creating a podcast to build an audience base, you may find yourself stuck in the “hamster wheel” for months or even years without a clear direction and purpose, such as offering something to sell. There are several reasons why this could happen.

Some people feel the need to wait until the number of audiences reaches a certain number, for example, “10,000 audiences” or whatever number is desired.

Some people don’t have enough time to manage blogs, podcasts, videos, and produce products at the same time. Admittedly, this is indeed difficult.

Some other people just walk in place because of their fears, for example, fear that no one will buy their products later, or fear of failure after spending a lot of time and effort creating content.

Whatever the reason, this is a fatal condition. If you want to build an online business, you also have to be prepared for the risks that may be faced. One of the biggest risks you will face is that no one is willing to buy the product/service you are creating.

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2. Resolving Non-Important Problems

Many businesses fail because they are trying to solve a problem that nobody cares about. In contrast, if the problem you are solving is quite an important problem, you may not need to bother looking for customers. They are the ones who will come to you. For example, you have found a cure for cancer.

If you have marketed a product but no one else is buying it, try to find the more important problem, rather than finding a larger audience. In other words, if the main problem is not resolved, no matter how big your audience is, your product will still not sell.

3. Not Listening to Consumers

How do you know if the problem you have solved is significant? Listen to your customers. Listen to their feedback.

However, don’t just listen to those who are already your customers. Listen to those who bought your product and filed a return, or those who bought but didn’t use your product. Apart from that, you also need to hear from those who are unwilling to buy your product, and find out why.

The phrase “the buyer is king” is appropriate to describe this condition, because, without customers, your business will not be able to run.

4. Has no distinction

It is undeniable that you will face a business competition. Your target audience may have many product options to choose from, and it is possible to switch from one brand to another. So you need to give your target audience a compelling reason to choose your product over the competitors’ products.

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Instead of just getting better, you must have certain characteristics so that consumers can easily differentiate your product from competitors’ products. You also need to remember that “better products than competitors” will not necessarily result in greater profits, because “better” is something subjective in the minds of consumers.

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