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The Hall of the Abencerrajes Sala de los Abencerrajes is found in front of the Hall of the Two Sisters Sala de Dos Hermanas. It is so called because it is declared that the Abencerrajes knights were there beheaded, though the specialists can not decide who was the king who ordered it. In fact, there is a rust stain protecting part of the marble fountain in the middle of the hall, which is said to be a bloodstain from the Abencerrajes knights. The front to the hall is marked by two arches separated by a hall, that is connected with the high floor on the left and with the long-established entrance’s hall on the proper.

The hall’s principal square has bedchambers on its sides, with arches exquisitely embellished, blue capitals and painted ceilings. The walls have plasterwork covers and a tile skirting board from the 16th century, of Renaissance style. A miraculous dome of mocarabes rests on eight pendentives of mocarabes. The following inscription is written on the pendentives: «There is no other help than the help that comes from God, the clement and merciful One». The windows which are where the dome starts let a faint light filter through and remove darkness from the mocarabes growing a magic ambience.

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