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In our company, we do ongoing research with our target audience. This includes 30 45 minute phone interviews. It was difficult to conduct the interview, really listen, and ask good follow up questions while trying to capture it all in thorough hand written notes. One of our writers suggested using Guru to find someone to transcribe these interviews.

The person I hired is the one I’ve stuck with for nearly two years now – she is fast, accurate, and affordable. I’d never have found her on my own, given that I live in Utah and she lives in South Africa. I could never have arranged such an effective solution to my on going need for transcripts without Guru. It’s been a life saver. As the CEO of , I looked all over the world for someone I could trust to handle our servers and databases. Nix Solutions Ltd.

has delivered support for all our servers in the cloud for several years now and they are amazing. As I talked to other service providers who wanted to charge me 10X more I was stunned and pleasantly surprised to discover Nix Solutions Ltd at their low prices. They have continuously provided outstanding service 24/7 which I am forever grateful. These guys do it all and I would advise any CEO that Nix Solutions Ltd. will exceed their expectations.

Also, I should add we discovered Nix Solutions Ltd. only through Guru. com which makes me very happy with your organization, too. Thank you for facilitating the connection.

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