Guide to using Adobe Dreamweaver to create a website

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Guide to using Adobe Dreamweaver to create a website

Guide to using Adobe Dreamweaver to create a website

Adobe Dreamweaver can be one of your answers to you who want to create a website. But how to make a website with Adobe Dreamweaver? What should be done and is there a guide in using Adobe Dreamweaver?

Take it easy, all the questions are answered in the guide using Adobe Dreamweaver to create the website below. Happy reading!

Have Adobe Dreamweaver

Of course, the first step to do is to have Adobe Dreamweaver software. For now, the latest version of Dreamweaver is version 21.1 which was released in January 2021.

But don’t worry, the previous version of Dreamweaver is still feasible to use to create a website. Use the most suitable for your own laptop / PC specifications.

Create New.

The next step is to create a New Project in Adobe Dreamweaver. Yes, by making the New Project, then you can make a website more smoothly.

Enter the desired website name

After creating a New Project, it’s time for you to choose the name of the website that is best suited for you. For professional websites, it is better to determine earlier before creating a website in Adobe Dreamweaver because basically, the website name will be a representation of the page you created itself.

For the name that is only used as a funny ingredient or a joke, it should be avoided because it instead gives an unprofessional impression. Select the name of the website that you can account for and have a clear and in-depth meaning for yourself.

By doing that, the website made from Dreamweaver will be born well and feasible to be seen by the wider community of internet users.

Don’t forget to Save Project

After choosing a name, you don’t forget to periodically save projects. Why is that? So that your latest website project is not lost or even not stored because you forget to do one of the most important steps in creating a website project.

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Remember, rather than regret it’s better busy at the beginning.

Make tables

Before proceeding to the next step with Adobe Dreamweaver, we need to create a table first. You can search the Insert menu. In the Insert menu, there is a table option. And you have to fill in Rows = 1 and Columns = 1. Don’t forget to fill the table width = 100%.

After the table is already on your computer screen, you can enter the table and create the second table. The usefulness of the second table is to make a website layout that you will have. You also have to do the same thing as the first table. Enter Rows = 4 and Columns = 2. For table width = 900 pixels.

After these two tables have been completed, then your website layout has been created. Now it’s time to deal with the first page, header, background, menu, and the other.

Create a new page in Adobe Dreamweaver

Already Save Project and creating a table with Adobe Dreamweaver? This means now it’s time to create the first page of your website.

To create this first page, try to think of the design first you want to use. You can check some references on the Internet. Can be from articles that discuss website design to reference from websites that you like.

You can also enter some graphic designs on your website’s main page so that it provides a deep impression for those who see it directly when the website has become and launched in cyberspace.

Create a background website

After creating the first-page using Adobe Dreamweaver, surely you need to have a background website. For this website background, it is better to have the same design for all pages so you don’t have to bother to set it up and can provide the same theme for your website.

Create a website menu

If the background of the website is finished, now enter the website menu. The website menu in Adobe Dreamweaver is a very important part of the success of a website so that visitors can be accepted.

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Before you make a menu, you should first determine what means you want to enter in it so you don’t need to be confused anymore to determine which one is the most appropriate and can be a good offering for your website visitors later.

To do this, select the Insert menu again and click SPRY. After that, there is a menu spry bar menu. You can adjust it like wanting a menu with a horizontal form (horizontal) or vertical (decreases). If you look at most websites, more use the horizontal form menu.

Adjust to your wishes

Now it’s a turn to make various important ornaments such as entering copywriting to images that can support the beauty of your website.

In Adobe Dreamweaver itself, there are several additional applications that you can maximize such as extract (change website design from Photoshop to Web Code), Full Support HTML5 (for HTML use such as video, audio, and the other), CSS Designer (Visual Editing to beautify the website ) And Live View (for the addition of more diverse menus).

By maximizing the use of Adobe Dreamweaver and its features, you will get the best website, one of which is for your online store. Moreover, you can adjust the design of the website with the items you sell. With the same theme, the more suitable for your own business.

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