Guide to Starting Online Business for Beginners

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Guide to Starting Online Business for Beginners

Guide to Starting Online Business for Beginners

Facing the new normal, many businesses that do not want to have to adapt to new rules so they can remain competitive, for example by diverting business to digital. Various ways can be done to reach customers digitally, starting from analyzing the market, building marketplaces to understand how to market products.

But beforehand, know what kind of beginner online business you can do, then learn how to do beginners to online business steps that you can apply as a beginner. Check out the following article.

  • Understand the type of online business

Before starting a guide to start this online business, it’s good if you know some types of online businesses that you can do from home. The goal is that you can determine what kind of business you will run.

  • Sell ​​your products

You can do this type if you have adequate capital and equipment for production. After that, your products can be sold through several selling platforms to be discussed here. But, also consider storing and calculating the production material or stock of goods that are ready for sale.

  • Become advertisers through the website

If you don’t bother accommodating the product or because your budget is limited, take advantage of the website. Make cooperation with relevant products or brands, then promote their products in articles that direct the product partner using a special voucher code.

Later, your profits are obtained from how much voucher code is used. This is commonly called affiliate marketing.

  • Sell ​​with a dropship system

Although both do not store products sold, but the dropship system is different from affiliate marketing. Because the dropship system means you interact directly with prospective buyers and suppliers. Later, the product will be sent using your name. It’s like it, you are the one who bridges these two parties.

  • Become a reseller

Not much different from Dropship, being a reseller also deal directly with buyers and suppliers. The difference is, if you become a reseller you have to keep your stock.

You can run this system if you have a lot of capital but don’t have a product so you buy products from suppliers at wholesale prices and sell them back at a higher price.

However, whatever type of business, you must still understand how to market the product digitally so you can start an online business more effectively.

Guide to Starting Online Business for Beginners

At least, there are seven important steps in the starting guide to the online business for beginners, namely:

  • Understand the problems faced by the market
  • Assess what consumers see from competitors
  • Preference analysis or consumer interest
  • Market Research
  • Start developing ideas
  • Business digitalization
  • Maintain business

The following is an explanation of the Starting Online Business Guide for beginners that you can learn:

  • Understand the problems faced by the market

Before determining what product you will offer, you must first understand what is happening now and what the impact on the market. For example, what problems are faced by the market due to a pandemic? How is the market response to this phenomenon? After that, pay attention and learn what the market is then needed.

However, if you already have a product for sale, understand how to develop your product to keep it needed by the market. For example, if you have a snack business, maybe you can slip the #dirumahaja hashtag and provide a delivery service (delivery) your fees don’t need to leave the house.

  • Assess what consumers see from competitors

Furthermore, recognize who is your competitors, which is a similar business with the same product or similar to you. You can start by checking their websites or social media accounts and assess how they put themselves in front of consumers.

Also study the market positioning, which is an image like what consumers display and what the ad message is to be intended for consumers.

After that, know what advantages your competitors offer so that you can also determine what the advantage you can give to the consumer target, aka Unique Selling Point (USP). USP can come from features, value (value), service, and the quality of the ingredients you use. When determining USP, look for special factors from your business that cannot be imitated by competitors.

  • Preference analysis or consumer interest

After understanding the problem experienced by the market and recognizing competitors to determine excellence, it is time to “restore” assessment to consumers. What are the most preferred by consumers of the product or service that you offer?

You can do this preference analysis by asking for testimonials or opinions from people around you related to the product or service you offer. It would be better if you find people with a similar problem with the market experienced.

  • Market Research

After analyzing consumer preferences or interests, the starting guide to the next online business is to conduct market research to find business opportunities.

-Determine market demographics

Determine the factor of an ideal customer, the factor called “demographics” includes fundamental things, such as age, gender, residence or homeland, and work.

If needed, you can also do research SES (Socio-Economic Status) aka the amount of target market income which is divided into several segments, starting from A1, A2, B to Segment E.

The purpose of determining this ideal customer factor, which is that you can determine what price is suitable when viewed from the quality of your product and compared to the socio-economic status of the target market.

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-Recognize consumer target psychography

No less important, psychographic or identification of a person’s interest in something you also need to understand. Psychography can be used to predict prospective consumer actions so that it can affect how effective your ads are running to be able to attract prospective consumers to make a purchase.

Some psychographic factors that can classify your target consumers are beliefs, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. A simple example, if you sell beauty products for the target of 20-45 years old, you will use different advertising media for targets aged 20-30 and 30-45 years, according to what media they often use, right?

  • Start developing ideas

After understanding the problem facing the market to research your target market, now it’s time to explore your creativity in business. There are a few steps you can do to develop ideas for your business.

-Specify what type of product is sold

There are two types of products that you can offer for consumers, namely in the form of goods and services. The type of goods products are also divided into two, namely physical goods or non-physical goods alias digital, such as ebook, application, online class, or software.

On the other hand, service products can be in the form of photographic services, endorsement, adching for brands, or beauty services products such as makeup (makeup), installation of false eyelashes to nail art.

-Make a Persona Buyer

After determining market demographics and psychography, now you can take advanced actions to determine, what kind of ideal consumer you are targeting to buy or use your product.

Through this step, you can also test, whether your product has enough to answer market needs.

In addition to doing market research, there are several other factors that you can specify to make a Persona Buyer, namely:

Find Pain Point

After knowing what the problem faces markets, now the creation of problems or obstacles experienced by prospective consumers to achieve something they want. You can discuss this with your business partner when brainstorming, or analysis of sentiment from social media.

Identification of goals.

If Pain Point is useful for finding market problems when you start an online business, Goals serves to determine what solutions need to be done. GOALS or this goal can be in the form of positive actions carried out by consumers to handle their Pain Points.

The role of your brand

The answer to Pain points and Goals has been obtained, this is the time for Your brand to take the role to help consumers meet the goals they want. Learn what you can be given by your brand to be useful for prospective consumers.

You can add names, age, residence, or even marriage status if needed.

  • Business digitalization

After determining the product to find out the digital sales platform, now bring your business to a further level. Considering now all contactless, in the end, the pandemic helps force the business to switch to digital so that it can still compete. Therefore, you need to learn the steps of the beginner’s online business from the following list.

-Determine the sales platform

There are three digital platforms that you need to know because it is quite effective in use as a business way for beginners, namely:


Applications or websites that are media sales for your products, such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and the like.

-Social media

Some beginner online business owners often sell their products on social media. Besides, some brands also use this platform to build a brand image and interact directly with the audience.


This is the most profitable platform that you can use because it looks more professional and credible. Given the website offers professionalism, you can use it to build a brand image. Besides, the website is also suitable to be used as an e-commerce so that buyers can directly make a purchase.

-Create a website

Your business identity will not be complete without a website that is one of the most effective online business platforms. Called the most effective, because you can take advantage of websites for various things, such as:

-Make Landing Page.

According to Natasha Virginia (Chief Marketing Officer in PincSpace) on one of the webinars, when creating a brand image for a business, at least a website with one landing page is enough. But the challenge, you must be able to take a look in such a way that visitors understand your business identity.

-Make an online catalog

You can also take advantage of your business website to display an online catalog that can also direct them to purchase so that your visitors can make direct purchases from existing information.

-Make the store more flexible

When starting an online business, don’t make a location and time as your rehearsal. Yes, your room is no longer limited by working hours, because now visitors can make a purchase any time of your website. Besides, it will be more profitable if you can send up to abroad.

-Make a professional email

Email What is meant is an email with the end of your domain name, for example, if you have a website with the domain name “”, you can create an email “[email protected]”.

Besides looking more professional, you can also create a newsletter email to inform new promos or products from your shop.

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-Create a brand image

If social media limits the appearance of your brand image, it is different from the website. But, you also need to be careful, according to, 38% of internet users will stop interacting with websites that have unattractive layout designs (or content). So, make your website as attractive as possible for your brand, huh!

-Make a blog

One way you can count on to increase your business website rank is to create a blog. Because, create a blog with relevant topics and use keywords that match your business can make Google increasingly understand what the business of business brand online, this is the purpose of SEO.

-Market your business globally

There are more than 100 billion searches on Google every month and by having a website, your online business has a chance to appear on Google Search and is known globally. Make sure your website is optimized in an SEO on-page and off-page too (see the explanation below).

  • Use media advertise online

If you do have excessive capital, you can use digital advertising services, although you can learn how to advertise yourself. There are several online advertising media that you can learn to be used as a medium to advertise business, namely Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook Ads.

  • Learn Seo.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to optimize websites to reach high rankings in the ranks of search results in search engines (search engines), especially Google. Make a blog is one step effective to maximize SEO so that your website can be read by search engines. However, there are several requirements that you must fulfill, both in terms of on-page and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO is the way it is done to increase SEO rankings directly from the blog management page or article called CMS (Content Management System), such as keyword use, meta-description, number of words, image use, and so on.

You can use the Yoast plugin to help you optimize the SEO on-page. However, keep in mind that when you write a blog, make a blog that is easy to read by Google as well as useful for your wear.

On the other hand, there is also off-page SEO, namely how to optimize SEO outside the on-page page, for example making backlinks, speeding up the website, or designing as desired. Therefore, when creating a website design, make sure the results are interesting with a responsive menu so that Google can increase the rank of your website so that it can be glimpsed by more visitors, which means the traffic increase!

Maintain business

Last but not least, this is a guide to start a beginner online business you need to do. So that your business can continue. Of course, you must understand how to “maintain” or maintain a business. Here we have summarized several easy ways you can do to keep your business in the digital era.

  • Create Business Innovation

Innovation is a way that you must do to maintain the existence of your business. Besides, this step can also challenge you and the business team that you lead to develop in a more positive direction. Innovation is also important so that your business can always be up-to-date while increasing business productivity.

  • Manage Website

If you manage your business website, there are some things you can maintain, such as website speed, SEO blog, consistent upload blogs or articles with relevant topics, button responsiveness or panel on the website, and continue to learn how to create an interesting website, both from Display until its features.

  • Develop Visual Display

Creative and interesting visual displays can show from various media that you manage to promote products and build a brand image. One example is a website. The same research from found that 46% of website visitors assess the credibility of websites based on visual and aesthetic aspects.

Besides, there is also Instagram. When you upload images on Instagram, you can create a display on each photo, for example dividing one photo into three, six to nine parts, or use colors with the same tone in each image on the upload of Instagram like the following example.


The guide to starting a beginner’s online business above does look easy to read, but in reality, you need more effort (effort) to run your business. The key is consistent and continues to innovate to find ways to do business for beginners who fit you and are liked by customers.

Although currently inevitably various businesses experience trials, but make this a test that will bring your business to the next level.

However, if you are still a beginner in the world of business and your business has a considerable negative impact due to a pandemic, hopefully the guide to getting up to the guide to starting an online business above can help you. Remember, failure is not the end, failure is not the end.

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