Guide to Promoting Notification Ads in 2020

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Guide to Promoting Notification Ads in 2020

Guide to Promoting Notification Ads in 2020

Push notifications are popular in 2019 if you do CPA affiliate marketing. The ad format is very affiliate friendly and can also be very profitable.

I mean, I can’t blame them. This is one of the most popular ad formats for affiliates this year, so there is a lot of money generated.

What is Push Notification Ad?

Push notification advertising is a premium native ad format based on 100% permission. They are a non-intrusive, user-friendly, and very attractive way for advertisers to expand their audience.

Ads are sent from the browser instead of the application, on desktop and mobile devices. The only limitation is that they do not currently work on iOS mobile devices because they are not yet supported.

They can be very effective for almost all types of ad campaigns because they have a very small bot percentage, high international reach, and higher clickthrough and conversion rates than traditional ad formats.

What’s the Difference Between Web Push Notification and Push Application Notification?

Both web push notifications (push advertisements) and application push notifications look the same on the surface, but the way they are sent is what distinguishes them.

Application push notifications require users to install applications on their mobile to receive notifications. If they don’t have an application, they can’t get application push notifications.

Web push notifications, on the other hand, do not require users to have applications, because notifications are sent from a web browser.

Many popular web browsers are supported for push web notification ads, including the Android Browser, Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Browser, Yandex Browser, and Opera Browser.

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Depending on the browser and OS the customer is subscribed to, the notification might look a little different. Check this page to see what they look like on various devices / OS.

Push ads usually consist of a headline, a short description, a small image and are dependent on the device / OS, as well as a larger image.

How Can Publishers Monetize Their Site with Push Notification Subscriptions?

Publishers, or website owners, can monetize their websites with push advertisements as they do with other ad networks: by installing a small code on their website.

After the code is installed on their website, visitors will be asked to allow notifications. If they click allow, they will then receive advertisements to their device, sent on behalf of the push network.

This proves to be a great way to monetize your website, even if you don’t have high volume of traffic.

The reason is that after users subscribe, they don’t have to be on your website to receive advertisements.

Website owners are usually paid in one of two payment models: CPA (fixed price per subscription) or rev part (% of revenue generated from displaying push advertisements to users over time).

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There are pros and cons to both models, so it might be worth testing both to see which works best for your website.

Publishers who place code on their sites are one way for push notification ad networks to get the traffic they sell to advertisers.

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Affiliates can also take advantage of how easy it is to implement push notifications on your website to use paid traffic to generate customers.

Then, they have their own customers they can send offers to! Their own source of traffic?!?

Promoting Notification Ads in 2020

How Do Users Stop Pushing Notification Ads?

Push ads are relatively easy to stop on desktop and mobile devices.

To stop browser push notifications, users must enter their browser settings, navigate to site settings, and then allow or disable notifications from there.

Because notifications are very easy to delete if enough users have, it makes the ad format very user friendly, and for the most part, ensures quality traffic.

Why is 2020 considered a “push year“?

Many affiliates call 2020 “the year of push“, but why?

Push notifications are by far the fastest-growing source of traffic used by affiliates this year. It was there with Facebook in terms of the most widely used traffic sources to promote affiliate offers.

This is a relatively new source of traffic and the gold rush is still strong! New push ads and not saturate like other traffic sources, like pop-ups.

However, you see a decrease in performance that compares results from now to just one year ago. That’s not a bad thing, because you can still have a very profitable campaign.

What Works with Push Traffic?

Most of the offers that work on the show up will also work on encouragement, but that is not always the case. Here are some things that currently work with push ad traffic:

• Offering health COD

• Get money quotes

• Desktop utility software (cleaning)

• Casino / gambling deals

• Dating

• Sweepstakes

• Financial offers

• Generation of leaders

• Electronic commerce

For the most part, a higher payment offer seems to perform better, but your mileage might be different.