Guide SEO Copywriting.

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Guide SEO Copywriting.

Guide SEO Copywriting.

One big challenge always faced by blogger or online marketing media is how to write SEO-friendly content as well as attractive to read and even preferred or distributed to others. Because when you present content online, there are rules and conditions related to the internet that you cannot ignore. This is why this SEO copywriting guide is important for you to look at and try to apply.

Indeed the SEO itself often makes bloggers and online marketing media confused because of the many debates or related information that overlap or even cross-cross. Regarding that, you can search for a more comprehensive explanation of credible SEO.

But this Copywriting SEO will be easier you understand when you catch that website visitors come first before search engine algorithms.

The purpose of SEO copywriting is not just increasing visitor traffic, but fulfilling two kinds of customer needs or visitors themselves. Both needs are getting interesting content and getting the content that helps them solve their problems. Simple, try to remember the two market needs as your reference in making content.

But how can you achieve that goal? How can you get the many visitor traffic while producing good content for visitors? This is why the Copywriting SEO guide is needed. Don’t be confused if you can’t pay an SEO copywriter who is an expert.

You don’t need to spend your money to hire them if you have understood this Copywriting SEO. Or, you can be a teacher for your workers with this guide so that your efforts to produce results.

Seo’s basic knowledge

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means a process or way is done to improve the efficiency of your content for the sorting machine like Google.

When you find out about something on a sorting machine like Google, Google will display the main page of the search results for you. The first page, especially this first line is a website content that is considered Google as the best answer for users. But this process is also related to the algorithm that Google is being used today because Google continues to renew it.

Basic knowledge of copywriting

Copywriting is a combination of art and knowledge in practice. The aim can be to encourage readers to buy products, use services, or change their attitudes to something that can benefit the author. So, it is not excessive if you call a copywriter as a marketing party for your company too. The point is the copywriter plays a big role in moving the mass or target of your market.

A copywriter is someone who knows the need for even the target character of the market and then decides what words or content can attract them not to just read but also act. They are commonly referred to as creative workers.

Regarding SEO, a copywriter who works for online media must be a Copywriter SEO. Because he must adjust the results of writing or its content with the conditions and rules in the online world. Moreover, adjusting also with a sorting tool that is the determinant of the fate whether your company’s content will have a big chance to be accessed by users.

Are you a blogger, freelance writer, or businessman online? You need to keep your creativity and hone your writing skills. Don’t let you get the obstacles like Writer’s Block. Here are some tips that you need to see to become a reliable copywriter:

  • Recognize ourselves as a copywriter

Following the target to be achieved by a copywriter in the previous discussion, the copywriter needs to have basic knowledge of even deep psychology, especially the market or its segmentation. Besides, mass communication theory or media also needs to be owned by a copywriter so that he knows how best or effective in conveying the message is following the communicant.

Be aware that no one or visitors will just care about your business in-depth like finding out history or how hard your efforts are established and develop it.

They are just looking for what they need or want, then try to refine the way you market yourself through your content. Because if viewed in terms of communication psychology, the message delivered with subconscious insertion will be easier to accept by the communicant than the message delivered directly.

Try making sales as if you only sell content to one person or individually. Make them feel closer, more connected personally with you as a writer. With this business, you can reach their trust and comfort so they can even be looking for your writing in the future, stay tuned to communicate with you again.

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Finally, adjust your language style as a copywriter with how they usually speak. Do not let your actual writing or content comprehensively make them reluctant to read it because they feel lazy with rigid and very technical languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat you write.

  • Apply good and correct techniques in copywriting

The technique we recommend for you copywriter is the Aida technique. What is Aida? It stands for several stages that you need to pay attention to in doing copywriting: Attention; Interest, Desire, Action.

Attention means attention. You have to hook the reader’s attention in a short time from the start. Based on research published by Silverpop in 2013, your deadline for capturing the attention of visitors in an online media is 8 maximum seconds.

Then how do you attract their attention only in that way? There are many actual ways. For example the selection of words in the title. You can just make a sensational title, an interesting title reader to click your link, but what you need to make sure of is whether this title is relevant to the contents and does this title not cheating?

Interest means interest. This is the next step after you have managed to attract visitors to click your link. At this stage, you need to keep them interested and see all the content until the content is OK.

Several things can be included in content capable of maintaining their interest in information/facts, statistics, case studies, examples of ideal conditions, and reasons why they need to know or care about the content you share.

Desire means desire. At this level, you will make them have the desire related to what you have to offer, what is the idea/product/service. Try to present benefits than features. What is the feature? For example, you only call your product like “Prozac antidepressant drug”. Then ‘Desire’ will not appear enough so that they do the next stage, namely the transaction or action.

Try to sell it like “dizziness with life dramas that haven’t ended? Want to lower your emotions instantly so smoothly communicate with anyone? Try taking antidepressant drugs that don’t affect this one “then insert a picture that is not a product picture but a picture of someone who is a relaxed expression is interacting with his office friends.

Action is the last stage which means transactions or action. If you succeed in the previous stages, visitors or readers will receive your full content both ideas, products or services offered.

Technical knowledge of SEO copywriting

Many technical things actually should not be missed for you to manage in doing SEO copywriting. There is nothing more important or must be prioritized than others. All of them support each other as a unit in the optimization process. Here we will explain various things that can support your copywriting optimization:

  • Fast loading website

There have been many studies stating that the importance of a website or the web page is intact greatly affects your customer or visitors’ actions. They tend to leave your page just like that when they need a long time to access it because of the loading page.

The actual solution is very sure for this to use the best and safe web hosting services. Especially now there has been a lot of web hosting services and reseller web hosting that you can review the quality of both customer reviews and technical explanations of how they work.

One interesting web hosting service is hosting services with cloud technology. The difference between this technology with traditional web hosting is the best cloud hosting using the latest technology that allows your website not to crash or error when there is a visitor’s explosion. Besides, this technology can ensure your loading page speed is maximal.

  • SEO friendly headline

Two types of titles are guaranteed to be favored by a sorting machine like Google, namely the title that contains numbers and titles containing parentheses or positive word attributes such as the following example “10 ways to optimize the best (easy) website”.

Besides, it certainly contains the keywords you are targeting related to search engines is an obligation. If your title is completely not related to the contents that are wanting a Google Search user on the search engine.

  • SEO friendly content
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SEO-friendly content is content that pays for SEO factors. Then you need to pay attention to what words or content the search engine likes. Try Avoiding too many keywords and put your keywords naturally.

Ideally, put your keyword on the main headlines, especially know about heading tags that can help you as a Copywriter SEO to estimate where you should insert your keywords.

Information that is no less important for you to pay attention to is to do with the algorithm that is being used by Google lately so that SEO is on your content on target. But it’s not the only factor so there is just content that is not too short staying at the top of Google search results.

  • Meta Description is right

Before writing your content, publishing it, use Meta Description to help guide the search engine. This meta description will help search engines like Google to understand the topic of your content and how targeted keywords or phrases still appear on the content. This is how companies or SEO experts get a lot of money because they understand this part.

MOZ notes that the description of the meta is an HTML attribute that provides a compact explanation to Google regarding your content. Tags are attached to <head> section </ head> on your web page.

Google uses Meta Description on your page as a snippet when the user searches for a keyword that is relevant to your content or web page. This copy of the footage will determine whether you get a click or not, no matter how high your ranking is in the search results.

For SEO purposes, the ideal meta description must be as many as 150-160 characters.

  • Keyword frequency

Indeed, this factor does not have too much impact on Google search engines since the algorithm continues to be renewed. However, keyword density still has an impact on the organic rating to a certain extent. Then you need to keep entering a number of your keywords and loading it repeatedly to show that the keyword is important.

Don’t overdo it, as we previously conveyed in the ‘SEO friendly content factor, try inserting it naturally.

The only way to find out whether your keyword repetition is right or spamming is by measuring the frequency of the overall length of the content.

Keyword density greater than 5.5% can get you a penalty from Google. You don’t need to go back and forth repeating keywords to optimize your content. If you do it, you may achieve results that are the opposite of what you expect.

Quality link

Google likes content that contains quality links that contain other good content. If you load a lot of quality links, Google will assume you are increasingly credible because of the socialization factor with other websites that are also credible. So don’t hesitate to associate your content with content from other websites. This helps Google in raising your ranking on the search results page.

There are two types of links, namely the external link that you associate to other than your website and one more related or connected to your website named Internal Link. Both types of links can strengthen your domain authority that will affect the ranking of your website.


With this article, you have got at least Medasar’s knowledge about SEO copywriting. You have known how important SEO is for your writing because you cannot avoid the conditions and rules on the Internet if your target is internet users who are looking for reading material or content through a search engine. Besides, you have also received this knowledge gradually starting from the base of the SEO itself, the basis of copywriting to its technicality. Hopefully, this article helps!

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