Grubster has become the newest advertiser through adMooH in Brazil.

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Grubster has found a new way to advertise its brand in the course of the adMooH online ad booking platform. Now it is possible to advertise or get hold of ads online on MOOH displays. adMooH is completely free for MOOH networks of displays, and works as an ad booking system, bringing in advertisers for these shows. Grubster is preparing to stir up its first ad campaign in MOOH using adMooH.

It can spread the crusade over all shows already registered without having to contact many MOOH businesses or obtain many video standards, many media kits, many company models, or many reviews. adMooH unifies every little thing in one place !“It’s much easier for us to use adMooH. We spend the budget we need, on just the displays we need, on just the days of the week we’d like. We can stop any time we want, pausing the ad crusade. It’s clever.

We will place our first ad campaign next April 6th. We’ve been segmenting our crusade, and the shows we most are looking to reach are national shows from restaurants and bakeries for, at most, 3 cents of a dollar per a 15 second ad. For now it’s just our first test using adMooH. com; as long as we can degree the returns, we’ll increase our budget for MOOH in adMooH to arrive a good larger audience,” says Pedro de Conti, Marketing Director of Grubster. “This carrier is the primary on earth to do online DMOOH Booking with programmatic media for MOOH market. Our beachhead market is Brazil, however we’ve been discussing partnerships with agencies in other countries.

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After presenting adMooH last year as a startup at Web Summit 2015 in Ireland, lets validate the idea, as the reception for our task was the absolute best. We’ve just began it after a beta test period, and we are proud to have around 600 shows already. We are transforming into very effortlessly as new MOOH agencies hear about this and keep in mind that there is no reason to . It’s a win win business model,” says Christian Pinheiro, CEO of adMooH. com.